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12 Designer Kurtis for Women to look Best in all Avatars

12 Designer Kurtis for Women to look Best in all Avatars

12 Designer Kurtis for Women to look Best in all Avatars

By now, we have talked enough about how Kurtas and designer Kurtis for women make some of the best outfits for several reasons. But let’s reiterate. Kurtas and Kurtis are known to the masses as the staple garment of India, and the Indian subcontinent at large. The designer long Kurtis worn in India may be slightly different from the designer long Kurtis worn in Pakistan or Afghanistan, but they also have stark similarities that leave us in awe of them.

Some factors that determine how comfortable your designer long Kurti is are fabric and its fitting. Fabrics like cotton and rayon are extremely comfortable for the summer season but alternatively, can also be worn in the monsoon and winter seasons. Similarly, Chanderi is a fabric that is most widely used to make festive wear designer Kurtis for women. The silhouette of the Kurta or Kurti has a major role to play. For instance, Kurtas with a straight silhouette are suitable for women with rectangular and hourglass-shaped bodies. Whereas, regular fit Kurtas suit better on women with pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped bodies. The key is to find your fit by trying different designer Kurtis for women and choosing what suits you best.


Designer Kurtis for Women: Lookbook on Designer Long Kurtis for Summer

1st Designer Kurti for Women: Rich Olive-Green Kurta

Captured gracefully, the earthiness revitalizes your senses in these serene designer-long Kurtis. Bring home a stylish Kurta this summer. A decorated midriff with a cute tassel design is what makes this piece unique.

This designer-long Kurti flaunts an olive-green shade in combination with gold. This color combination has a premium look and is fit for all occasions - festive, formal, and casual. The straight silhouette of this Kurta is easy to style and can be paired with different kinds of bottom wear options like leggings, trousers, cigarette pants and even palazzos and shararas.


2nd Designer Kurti for Women: Black and Teal Printed Kurta

This summer season, rock this notorious combination of black with teal in this printed Kurta. The Kurta portrays a zig-zag pattern in the middle and concentric circles at the hem. The geometric shapes in the print give this designer long Kurta a very artistic look.

This designer long Kurta has a straight silhouette, which means that this garment can be paired with any kind of bottom wear. So, choose the bottom that brings out the best in your designer long kurta and ultimately, you.


3rd Designer Kurti for Women: Ornamental Print Kurtas

Spread the joy with a beautiful ornamental printed Kurta this season. Ornamental printed Kurtas look absolutely amazing and festive. They are suitable for all major occasions. An ornamental printed designer Kurti is an Indian woman’s best outfit.

Like what you see?

Well, this pink ornamental Kurta portrays a very shiny rose gold hue with golden floral motifs. The round neckline has a very noticeable V-cut. The straight silhouette of this Kurta falls beautifully over your bosom, making you look like an epitome of grace. To make the most out of your outfit, pair this Kurta with golden or brown-colored bottom wear. You can also drape a matching dupatta or scarf if you wish.


4th Designer Kurti for Women: Solid Red Kurta

A designer-long Kurta in red sounds merry. According to color psychology, the hues of red are symbolic of passion, excitement, and energy. Letting all these elements into a single outfit is only sheer diligence on your part. This solid red Kurta is going to be your favorite everyday wear outfit for the summer.

This designer long Kurta is made with high-quality poly silk fabric that does not fade even after several washes. This plain red Kurta has minimal ornamentation in the form of a fine lace and shell tassel design on the midriff. Pair this Kurta with matching bottom wear and throw on some accessories to steal the spotlight wherever you go.


5th Designer Kurti for Women: Printed Designer Long Kurtas

An attractive designer long Kurta, adorned with breathtaking floral motifs is just what the summer demands. Undoubtedly, floral motifs are representative of the warm spring-summer that reverberates of joy and symbolizes growth.

Made with high-quality cotton fabric, this Kurta is apt for hot summer days. This is a simple Kurta that will meet all your outfit needs from flaunting your style at college to being an ideal work outfit. This Kurta has a plunging round neckline that attenuates your collarbones. This designer long Kurta can be paired with matching bottom wear in light colors like white, off-white, or pastel shades. Throw on some amazing accessories with this Kurta and you are set to seize the day.


6th Designer Kurti for Women: Printed Designer Long Kurtas

A designer-long Kurta in vivid and scintillating hues of sky and powder blues is just what you need to freshen up your look for summer. This beautiful Kurta is printed with geometric shapes all over its base, which looks summery yet aesthetic.

This pretty Kurta has an A-line silhouette, which falls beautifully over the body of the women who cherish it. The Kurta has a very flary look, allowing it to be worn like an ethnic dress. This means that our designers' long Kurtas have the potential to be styled in any way you want.


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7th Designer Kurti for Women: Batik Print Kurtas

Bid adieu to bad outfit days with Shree’s exclusive collection in designer long Kurtas. Portraying the goodness of Indonesia’s rich ‘Batik’ print, this Kurta speaks of divine craftsmanship. Shown meticulously in this piece is the technique of block printing in gold over a royal blue base.

This Kurta can be worn on numerous occasions like wedding functions, a puja at home, formal outings like a dinner date, festivals, and whatnot. To make the most out of this Kurta, pair it with golden-colored bottom wear like leggings, trousers, or cigarette pants. You can also drape a golden dupatta with this designer-long Kurti if you wish.


8th Designer Kurti for Women: Brown Color Kurtas for Women

Who thought that a brown Kurta could look extremely stylish if given a chance? Very often as Indian women, we avoid wearing dark colors precisely brown, black, and grey in our ethnic wear items. But it is just a matter of trying different options and choosing what suits us best.

A designer long Kurta in brown could rock any occasion if it is as beautiful as the one we are offering you. Adorned with a classic ornamental print in gold, this Kurta is suitable for all kinds of occasions - casual or formal. The print in gold looks premium on the rare brown base of the Kurta. Having a straight silhouette, this Kurta is suitable for women of all ages, who have different body types. Bring this Kurta home and steal the spotlight wherever you go.


9th Designer Kurti for Women: Printed Designer Long Kurtas

A printed designer long Kurta may look subtle but lacks nowhere in elegance. Printed designer Kurtas are worn widely through the Indian subcontinent. The primary reason for this is the comfort that they provide.

This indigo-colored Kurta can be worn anytime on a casual summer day and would make you look stunning, whether you wear it for the first time or the 100th. The best feature of a printed designer long Kurta in cotton is that it is extremely comfortable and chic. Women are conscious of their choices and look for the best garments in the market because we deserve great outfits, don’t we? Choose from a wide range of designer long Kurtis for summer and shine bright with your confidence.


10th Designer Kurti for Women: Straight Fit Kurta with Dori

Do you agree that a dori adds an element of cuteness in your designer long Kurtas? Personally, we feel that the dori makes a pretty Kurta look even more awesome. You may have seen how designers are trying to incorporate the dori in different ethnic wear outfits like lehengas, blouses, and even sarees, so why should your favorite Kurtas and Kurtis miss out on the trend? The best way to pull off a designer-long Kurta with dori is to look for a tassel design that steals glances.

Stock up on some of the most stylish designer long Kurtas with Dori and get set to be showered with compliments wherever you go.


11th Designer Kurti for Women: Monochrome Designer Long Kurtas

For those who don’t know, a monochrome Kurta is one that displays distinct hues of white and black. As women, we love to go for outfits in black and white for they are neutral shades. Imagine a designer long Kurta that displays an excellent combination of the elements of the two colors.

This monochrome Kurta has a round neckline which goes well with the ¾ sleeves. The added benefit of ¾ sleeves is that they make the Kurta wearable for all seasons. Moreover, a monochrome Kurta can be donned on numerous occasions- be it a casual one like an outing with the ladies or a formal one like office meetings.


12th Designer Kurti for Women: Solid Pastel Color Kurta

Wear the fresh essence of spring on your sleeves with this peach, solid-colored designer long Kurta. Capture the beauty of pastel shades on a regular day with a solid-colored kurta from Shree. Solid colored Kurtas may look subtle but look very graceful the moment you wear them.

On days when you want your outfit to be toned down, turn to a pastel color Kurta. Radiate positive vibes and immaculate comfort in this light pink Kurta, which is not going to be your extraordinary outfit.

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There is a huge variety of designer Kurtis for women in the market. You should know how to find your fit. Here are a few things that you should consider to find your perfect outfit for any occasion out there:

  • Size and Fit- Make sure that the Kurta that you choose fits you well. Neither too tight nor to loose. The silhouette of the Kurta - straight, regular, or A-line should go well with your body type and the bottoms that you choose to pair it with.
  • Fabric- Choosing the right fabric is imperative. Make sure you choose the fabric according to the season. For instance, Kurtas in cotton and rayon are suitable for the summer season. Fabrics like poly silk and Chanderi are fit for cooler days.
  • Color and Print- Make sure you choose the right color Kurta for the apt occasion. For instance, avoid wearing bright colors like yellow, red and orange in a professional setting as they draw attention. Coming to prints, you may want to segregate your ornamental print Kurtas into formal and festive wear. Whereas, regular and solid print kurtas can be worn as casual and professional wear. A woman is to be worshipped in all avatars. And, at Shree, we value you for who you are. Whether you are a homemaker, a student, a go-getter or a professional, we have something to offer to everyone. Our range in designer Kurtis for women promises to offer 3 things-
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Honest pricing

Choose from a wide range of designer Kurtis for women and turn heads wherever you go. After all, Kurti or a Kurta is a garment that brings out the best in a woman. It is imperative she feels confident and beautiful in whatever she is wearing. However, you must always remember that a piece of garment doesn’t dictate how beautiful you are, it is what you carry within-your grace and humility-that set you apart.

Find you fit beautiful. Head to Shree to explore the latest festive collection.

Celebrate Khushi ke 100 Bahane with us!

Happy shopping!

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