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9 Outfits for 9 Days of Navratri

9 Outfits for 9 Days of Navratri

festive ethnic setsIt is that time of the year again when houses will light up with the bhajans and aartis sung in devotion of the nine matas. You guessed it right! We’re talking about Navratris. We’re celebrating Chaitra Navratris in India from 22nd March to 30th March.

The fragrance of the prashad reminds almost all Indians of the Navratri prashad that is cooked at their homes in the months of March and October. There are two sets of Navratri festivals that are celebrated each year in India. The festival celebrated in the month of October, known as Sharad Navratri, is associated with the idea of victory of good over evil. On the other hand, the festival celebrated in the month of March, known as Chaitra Navratri, is associated with the idea of the birth of Lord Rama and the goddesses.

Let’s get some more information about this festival below. Stay tuned.


Importance of Chaitra Navratri

Vasanta navratri is another name for Chaitra navratri. It usually occurs in March or April and is the first day of the Hindu calendar. Northern India celebrates this spectacular nine-day event with considerable zeal. This Navratri is observed between March and April during the shukla paksha of the chaitra masa (hindu calendar month). The first day of this Navratri is known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and Navreh in Kashmir. This Navratri is widely celebrated in Northern and Western India, and it adds to the allure and divinity of the bright spring season.

Chaitra basically means the beginning of the new year. So, let’s begin this year with hope, happiness, and a set of new clothes to celebrate each day of Navratri with grace and elegance.

Check out a range of amazing ethnic outfits selected by Shree for you to wear on each day of Navratri. Each day has its own unique color. Read on.


  • First Day of Navratri – Best “ROYAL Blue” Ethnic Wear

On the first day of Navratri, or what Maharashtrians would call the Gudi Padwa, women can wear a royal blue outfit to showcase their grace and elegance. This day is dedicated to the Goddess Shailaputri, one of the forms of Goddess Shakti.

A stunning royal blue outfit represents strength and confidence in a woman. Today’s age is the age of confident and strong women, so let’s begin the festival wearing a royal blue outfit.

suit set of this season

Get this teal geometric printed kurta trouser dupatta set from Shree’s exclusive spring summer’23 collection to adorn yourself on the first day of Navratri. Dress up nicely by adding some accessories with this outfit.


  • Second Day of Navratri – Best “POWERFUL YELLOW” Ethnic Wear

On the second day of Navratri, celebrate the vibrance and beauty of Goddess Brahmacharini by wearing a powerful yellow attire from Shree.

Wearing yellow on this day falls in line with the traditions of Navratri, as this day is to celebrate with optimum zeal and joy. Yellow is a warm and bright color that makes you feel cheerful. In essence, yellow represents happiness and power.

kurtis party wear

Bring home this authentic yellow geometric printed kurta to dress up in on the occasion of the second day of Navratri. Wear this kurta with either a pair of jeans or a pair of leggings; the choice is yours. This geometric printed kurta would provide you with all the grace and feminine power that you so need.


  • Third Day of Navratri – Best “GRACEFUL Green” Ethnic Wear

On the third day of Navratri, let’s celebrate the power and elegance of Goddess Chandraghanta who is also a representation of Goddess Durga or Shakti. Wear a graceful attire in green color to evoke a sense of peace, fertility, growth, and serenity.

Green represents growth and new beginnings and brings a sense of tranquility to your attire. Choose this color to celebrate the third day of Navratri.

dress ladies kurta design

This green floral printed kurta trouser dupatta set from Shree is a savior when you don’t have a proper green outfit to wear on the third day of this festival. The red floral print upon it is its highlight. Wear red drop earrings to accessorize nicely with this outfit.


  • Fourth Day of Navratri – Best “MYSTIC Grey” Ethnic Wear

On the fourth day of Navratri, dress up authentically in a mystic grey ethnic wear. Grey essentially represents down-to-earth emotions and brings about a balance to a persona. On this day, we are celebrating the balance that Goddess Kushmanda brings to each of our lives.

To commemorate this day, bring a grey outfit and wear it to feel perfect balance in your lives. Meditate while fasting for the day and feel connected to the Earth by the end of the day.

new kurta design for women

Here is a grey floral printed kurta that comes paired with comfort pants and a flowy dupatta. This grey outfit can be accessorized nicely. Wear white colored pearl earrings and flats for footwear with this grey attire.


Fifth Day of Navratri – Best “DIVINE Orange” Ethnic Wear

On the fifth day of Navratri, feel divine wearing an orange ethnic wear from Shree’s wide range of Navratri ethnic attires. On this day, we are celebrating the Goddess Skandamata, who is another representation of Goddess Durga or Shakti.

Wearing orange on this day would bestow you with excellent qualities and a sense of warmth. It would make you look exuberant and fill you with a lot of positive energy keeping you upbeat with both yourself as well as your style.

summer kurti

If you buy this coral solid kurta trouser dupatta from Shree, you get a chance to accessorize well with it. Go for your statement heels as footwear to enhance your look on this fifth day of Navratri. Wear a beautiful kada on one of your wrists and a statement watch on the other. Look gracious and represent success and happiness wearing orange.


Sixth Day of Navratri – Best “SERENE White” Ethnic Wear

On the sixth day of Navratri, look your purest self by wearing the serene white colored ethnic wear. This day is celebrated in devotion of the Goddess Katyayani.

Wearing white on this day will not only make you feel peaceful but would also give you a sense of security. Propagate the idea of inner peace on Shashthi.

ethnic sets with pant

This white embroidered kurta with comfort pant has a stylish and flary silhouette that attracts every beholder. The embroidery on the midriff is exquisite and supreme. Carry a classy hand purse and wear junk jewelry with this kind of ethnic set.


Seventh Day of Navratri – Best “FIERY Red” Ethnic Wear

On the seventh day of Navratri, try looking your most fierce self. Wear a fiery red ethnic wear outfit to look gracious on Saptami. This day is dedicated to the Goddess Kalaratri

Red is synonymous with passion and love and is also the color of fire. It is a preferred color for most women, which is why it is essential to add this color to your Navratri outfit list. The color red represents excitement and energy.

printed kurta for woman

The red floral printed kurta with trouser set from Shree will be a new and fresh design for you. It’s a completely red ethnic set that intrigues the senses and fills the wearer with vitality and vigor.


Eighth Day of Navratri – Best “ENCHANTING Sky Blue” Ethnic Wear

On the eighth day of Navratri, choose a sky blue ethnic wear outfit to outdo yourself. The sky blue color is a simple and subtle color that represents the unbound characteristic of nature and the vastness of the sky.

The enchanting sky blue outfit will expand your horizons and take you across the sky. Worship the Goddess Mahagauri to look gracious on this Ashtami.

Solid Kurta Trouser Dupatta

This sky blue ornamental printed kurta trouser dupatta set is super cute and gorgeous. Wear your favorite ornaments with this beautiful kurta set and carry your dupatta around your shoulders. Wear flats for footwear to complete your look.


Ninth Day of Navratri – Best “PASSIONATE Pink” Ethnic Wear

The final and the ninth day of Navratri is celebrated to devote oneself to the Goddess Siddhidatri. The color associated with this day is the passionate pink.

Pink generally symbolizes a feminine identity, but herein we showcase the power of the feminine with this color. It displays love, harmony, and affection, making you look approachable and adding more charm to your personality.

Summer Casual Kurtas

Buy this subtle pink floral printed kurta comfort pant and dupatta set from Shree’s excellent new collection. Wear a pair of statement heels for footwear and your best accessories with this kurta set. Be ready to start your day of Navami wearing this beautiful attire.

Wishing you all a very Happy Navaratri. May the Goddesses bless you all.
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