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Aakriti – The Perfect Design

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Aakriti is a collection that attracts the attention of women who love wearing different silhouettes and shapes in their ethnic wear. The collection entails a lot of charming outfits that are going to become your best picks of the spring summer wardrobe.

Aakriti means an inspiration itself, displaying silhouettes and outlines. The center of attraction is its color palette as well as the settle print textures. The collection plays around different fabrics such as cotton slubs, georgettes, kota doriaa, and mulmul.

You can find multiple kinds of stylish pocket kurtas, trendy ethnic sets, and party wear ethnic sets. The Aakriti collection will let you explore a wide variety of silhouettes and outlines in your garments, be it a complete ethnic set or a kurta. You will find yourself acquainted with lots of new styles this summer season with this exciting silhouette-oriented collection in place.

A new collection always brings new hope to your attire and your wardrobe. Check out this gorgeous outfit from Aakriti collection and make sure you accessorize beautifully with this attire.

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Let’s get to know the collection in detail.

So, what does Aakriti really means? Well, it basically means “shape,” “silhouette,” “figure,” “appearance,” or “form.” So, how is this concept related to clothing, or rather women’s clothing, is something we’d often wonder. But the concept is basically intrinsically connected with the garment sector. Every clothing is categorized as per its silhouette and shape.

When it comes to fashion shows where clothes are exhibited, the silhouette is considered the first impression of the clothing. It is used to examine the overall shape before delving into the specifics of fabric, texture, and so forth. It aids in determining which parts of the body should be highlighted and which should be concealed.

Bring home a wide range of ethnic wear dresses or fresh arrival of ethnic wear from SHREE’s Aakriti collection. Take a look at some more such styles that you can choose to wear for your important functions and events.

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Since this is a collection based on silhouettes, we should learn a bit about the history of silhouettes and see where our collection fits in.


Where Did Silhouettes Emerge From?

Women today utilize fashion agencies as a tool to help them choose what to wear, experiment with the greatest ideas, and use fashion to help them project the image they want to project. Women used to dress the way society expected them to. As a result, concepts and presentations evolved throughout time. Unlike in the Middle Ages, when people wore clothing purely for aesthetic reasons, clothing is now worn as per culture, desire, status, occasion, and identity.

Clothing has witnessed the art of research and aesthetics, but it wasn't until the end of the medieval era that a new profession called tailoring formed, and fashion began to flourish. As a result, the name "silhouettes" was coined.

Silhouettes initially appeared during the French Revolution, when garments were draped in rich silks. Following that, there was a high-waisted silhouette fashion known as the "Empire line," which was inspired by Greco Roman art and popularized by Josephine Bonaparte, the French emperor's wife. This trend lasted a few years before being altered into different other structures such as leg-o-mutton sleeves, bell-shaped skirts, hoop-skirted design, and so on. As a result, diverse outlines evolved, which were then shaped into suitable structures.

Silhouettes serve as identifiers for the overall cut and shape of the garment. Aside from colour, texture, and fabric, it describes the garment. Only certain types of clothing look best on certain types of people, and silhouettes aid in determining this. At the same time, darts and gathers play an important function in garment construction.

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If you want to experience the best of shapes and silhouettes, then you should definitely buy outfits from the Aakriti collection. The collection would introduce you to beautiful silhouettes like A-line, fit and flare, and straight hem. Each of these garment styles have a different cut at the hem beginning from the midriff. It is what sets them apart from the other styles that are in your wardrobe.

Now look for stylish ethnic wear for women from Aakriti collection and make yourself look glamorous at any occasion or event. For all the upcoming events, attires from this collection will suit you the best. Check out the amazing range at our website and say goodbye to your outfit woes right away.

Bring home a classy style to surprise everyone around.

Stay tuned for new collection launches on our blog. Keep reading and shopping with SHREE.

Have a delightful shopping experience!
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