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Best 5 Types of Clothes to Wear on Vasant Panchami

Best 5 Types of Clothes to Wear on Vasant Panchami

Best 5 Types of Clothes to Wear on Vasant Panchami

Take a stroll into your neighborhood and watch the bloom of festivities come alive this Vasant Panchami. With a potpourri of flavors spreading its aroma all across the neighborhood, women clad in yellow and mustard ethnic costumes, and children wandering around eating laddoos and enjoying the festival with full zeal. That’s how you feel on the festival of Vasant Panchami.

Before we delve into what clothes you’d like to wear on Vasant Panchami or ethnic wear for Vasant Panchami, go on and get to know some trivia about the origins of this festival.

History of Vasant Panchami

The literal meaning of Vasant is “spring” and Panchami is “fifth”. It’s typically the fifth day of the magha month according to the traditional Indian calendars. As per trivia, it’s believed in the Indian mythology that the 5th day of the magha month was created by Lord Brahma who is also the creator of universe.

Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of spring season and prepares a path for the festival of Holi to arrive. Go towards the east, and you’d observe that this festival is celebrated as “Saraswati Puja”, wherein the people worship the goddess of knowledge – Goddess Saraswati. According to a folklore popular in the Hindu mythology, the 5th day of this month is regarded as the birth of Goddess Saraswati.

Now journey towards the northern regions such as Punjab. Here, the festival of Vasant Panchami is a spring harvest festival which is celebrated with lots of genda flowers or marigolds and yellow flowers that emerge from the ripened mustard crops, spread across their agricultural fields.

You wish to celebrate Vasant Panchami nicely now, right? Well, let’s first begin with the most common question that might be popping inside your head – What to wear on Vasant Panchami? Or what is the right Ethnic Wear for Vasant Panchami? Well, what are we here for? Get a holistic range of Vasant Panchami kurtas and Vasant Panchami ethnic wear to adorn yourself on this festival. Stay tuned to get more inspiration about Vasant Panchami outfits at Shree.

Mustard Floral Printed Short Kurta Salwar Dupatta

There are many ways to celebrate this beautiful festival. Some women, especially the Bengali women, celebrate this festival clad in a yellow or mustard ethnic wear decorating their houses with yellow flowers and preparing delicacies like saffron rice and special sweets.

Well, here is a beautiful mustard colored kurta salwar dupatta, basically an ethnic set that will allow you to dress up perfectly for the festival of Vasant Panchami.

Some of the specialties of this ethnic wear for Vasant Panchami are:

  • It includes a short kurta paired with a salwar. So, you could also buy it for your mom-in-law or mother for this festival.
  • The ethnic set comes with a matching solid blue colored dupatta, which flows beautifully over your shoulders.
  • The round neckline kurta has a pocket on one side of it, so you could also keep your small things inside.
  • The entire ethnic set is made of a blend of rayon, chanderi and viscose.

Cream Cotton Geometric Kurta Pant with Dupatta

Whenever there is a puja at home, the one color that is bound to come out is cream or off-white. It’s an ideal color of the puja so it’s ideal for Vasant Panchami puja as well. You can go on and get this cream colored cotton-made geometric kurta pant with dupatta set from Shree. It’s going to make you the center of attraction of the entire event!

Want to know what all is special about this ethnic set? Here you go.

  • The entire cream colored ethnic set is made of pure cotton, which keeps you feeling comfortable and easy while you indulge in your puja.
  • The ethnic set comes with a dupatta, which falls beautifully over your shoulders.
  • It has a brown colored geometric print, which makes it look even more beautiful.

Mustard & Red Kurta with Palazzo

You’ve already seen an ethnic wear for Vasant Panchami in pure mustard color with a hint of blue on it, now check out the mustard & red kurta with a palazzo combo for Vasant Panchami. If you like celebrating the festival at home or like to invite people over, then you could dress up amazingly in this outfit and welcome your guests in grace.

The combination of mustard and red comes alive in this kurta set which comes with a fine palazzo. Go on check out more of its features below.

Here are some specialties that you can check out about this ethnic wear for Vasant Panchami:

  • This ethnic wear includes a long straight fit kurta and a charming palazzo.
  • Both the top and the bottom wear are made of fluid Liva fabric.
  • There’s a charming border at the hemline of the kurta which replicates at the ¾ sleeves of it.
  • There’s a pocket on one side of the kurta, which lets you carry your stuff around.

Orange Solid Kurta Trouser

When it comes to the color orange, it has such a charm that it makes you look festive ready at all times. So, here’s a perfect orange colored solid kurta and trouser that would look ideal for the festival of Vasant Panchami. This orange kurta and trouser comes with a pink colored dupatta, so the combination is absolutely perfect. Get it for yourself or gift it to your mom, the orange colored kurta and trouser would make any woman jump with excitement.

Here are some features of this kurta set that you’d appreciate:

  • The entire ethnic set comes with all the coordinates perfectly ready to be worn.
  • Orange and pink looks like the best combo that’s around in the market these days.
  • This ethnic set is fabricated with fluid Liva fabric, which is super comfy and soft.
  • There’s ornamental print adorning the dupatta looks beautiful.

Brick Red Floral Printed Short Kurta Salwar Dupatta

Red is a color that suits almost every woman. And when it comes to auspicious occasions, there is always a hint of red somewhere around. Of course, the yellow color is prime for this particular festival but you could definitely look charming and distinct in red. Here’s a brick red colored floral printed ethnic set that you can buy for Vasant Panchami. Want to know more about it, go on and read ahead.

Some of the best features of this brick red colored kurta salwar and dupatta set are:

  • With this kurta, you get a pocket on one of its sides that allows you to carry your stuff.
  • This is a complete ethnic set that includes a kurta, a salwar and a dupatta.
  • The dupatta in blue matches well with the brick red colored kurta and salwar.
  • There’s a tassel design at the round neckline of the kurta.

There are so many more such Vasant Panchami special outfits that you can get from Shree. Surf the website and find your fit. Be ready to celebrate the festival with grace.

Happy Vasant Panchami.

Happy Shopping with Shree.

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