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Celebrate Bhai Dooj A Festival of Sibling Bond with an Ethnic Touch

Celebrate Bhai Dooj A Festival of Sibling Bond with an Ethnic Touch

Celebrate Bhai Dooj A Festival of Sibling Bond with an Ethnic Touch

Brothers are nothing short of God-sent blessings for sisters. They’d annoy you to tears, but they’d also bring anyone else to tears who tries to trouble you even a bit. That’s the beauty of having a brother by your side.

A typical day in siblings’ lives is filled with unnecessary quarrels, mindless conversations, and being partners in crime. However, there comes a beautiful day after Diwali that brings the siblings together. It’s called “Bhai Dooj”. Before moving forward, let’s get an insight into what is Bhai Dooj and why is it celebrated.

Not many people know this, but the origins of this festival can be traced back to episodes from the Mahabharata. There are two main beliefs around the festival. According to one belief, when Lord Krishna killed the demon Narkasur and returned to his sister Subhadra, she welcomed him warmly and applied a ceremonial tikka on his forehead. The day became an occasion, celebrated with sweets and flowers in the kingdom of Krishna. From that day on, the festival of Bhai Dooj was established amongst the Hindus.

There are many other stories related to this festival, but the one above is most acknowledged by people in India. The festival is celebrated on the second day after the new moon ascends. When you break it down, “Bhai” means brother and “Dooj” means the 2nd day of new moon.

Having said that; this festival is another reason for women to dress up and spread the festive vibes around. And what is better than ethnic wear on such an auspicious day?

Check out some latest Bhai Dooj special attires to adorn yourself in from our specially curated collection.

Beautiful Bhai Dooj Outfit: Mehendi Wine Ethnic Set

After Diwali, you must already be feeling slightly exhausted of dressing up and showing up. We understand the exhaustion that comes with a festival, but believe us, Bhai Dooj is going to act like a calming tea for you. It’s a subtle festival, meant only for the brother and the sister. So, there are no pretensions and the dressing up can be as simple as you want.

Here’s a perfect outfit we have curated for you. Look fabulous wearing this charming mehendi and wine plain kurta trouser dupatta set from Shree. Make sure you accessorize well with this ethnic set to look your best.


Gorgeous Bhai Dooj Outfit for Women: Peacock Blue Printed Suit Set

Want to look completely ethnic this Bhai dooj? Well, we have just the ideal outfit designed for you. Look dashing in a peacock blue printed suit set from Shree this festival. Wear this outfit to be your ethnic best and slay for the entire day. The embroidery at the midriff doubles up the charm of this outfit and makes you look perfectly dressed for the day.

Wear this kurta with its matching pant and let the dupatta flow on one of your shoulders. Don’t forget the jhumkas; they’ll look super amazing with this suit set.

If you are planning to buy this ornamental printed kurta pant dupatta set from Shree, then make sure you also get your juttis for footwear. And finally add a kada to your wrist to complete your outfit. There’s no better time to wear this peacock blue suit than at the occasion of Bhai Dooj.


Charming Bhai Dooj Outfit: Beige & Fuchsia Ethnic Set

Every woman out there has the urge to look slightly different whenever she dresses up. We, at Shree, understand women’s need to dress up good. After all, every woman deserves to look beautiful right? Well, here is an outfit that will truly make you look unique and beautiful at the same time.

It’s a combination of fuchsia and beige, which is unique itself. The ethnic set comprises a long straight cut kurta in fuchsia color paired with a beige skirt.

Skirt with kurta attires became popular in the recent years, and we think it was for the best. These attires look super amazing and unique when worn to a party. Get this fuchsia and beige kurta skirt outfit for Bhai Dooj and be ready to receive compliments even from your brother!


Gracious Bhai Dooj Outfit: Dark Green & Mauve Combo

Colors play a vital role in the making of an outfit. For example, this dark green kurta paired with a mauve skirt brings out elegance and royalty. The definition of royalty has gradually changed. Nowadays, simplistic attires are usually royal attires such as the one you see here.

This is another skirt with kurti outfit, like the one above. However, here, the kurti is short which makes all the difference.

There are multiple ways to style up this skirt with short kurti outfit. One way is to wear statement heels as footwear and hoops for earrings and look chic. Another way is to make it completely ethnic by wearing juttis and jhumkas with this outfit. Choice is yours!


Elegant Bhai Dooj Outfit: Mustard Printed Kurta with Pant

Whenever you think of festivities, especially Indian festivals, what are the first few colors that pop into your mind?

Yellow, Red and Blue, right?

Well, these are considered as auspicious colors amongst Indians. Yellow, or its counterpart mustard, is mainly significant because it implicates religious activities like pujas. Here is a perfect mustard outfit designed for you!

This mustard kurta and pant set will look good on any occasion. But you can a tint of auspiciousness to this Bhai Dooj festival by wearing this outfit on the day. The best part is that you can accessorize the way you want with an attire like this.

Find many more such outfits for the upcoming festivals at our website. Take a tour and let us know what you like.

Happy Bhai Dooj!

Have fun shopping at Shree!

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