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Do These Women’s Kurta Sets Always Include a Dupatta

Do These Women’s Kurta Sets Always Include a Dupatta?

womens kurti sets with dupatta

As a fresh kurta collection or a fresh arrival of ethnic wear comes into stock, a craze to buy trendy ethnic sets and designer ethnic sets wage amongst women of all ages. With a major shift in women’s fashion, designers have begun to bring in more ethnic styles merged with western silhouettes or accessories to depict fusion at its best. There’s so much more to explore in Indian women’s fashion world, but at the moment, what we have is classy kurta sets that are always the first pick for women out there. Designer ethnic sets for women or fresh arrival of kurta sets is the buzz in the air.

Kurtas are always one of the preferred garments for women, which is why we at Shree have been proficient into providing our consumers with the latest fashion in ethnic wear and the best kurtis & kurtas collection. Today, we are going to discuss at length about the necessity of a dupatta in a kurta set. Is it mandatory for a kurta set to come with a dupatta included or would a usual kurta set including a kurta and its bottom wear can do best for certain occasions? Let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the amazing outfits that fall under these two categories and finally compare.

Take a look at this gorgeous mauve floral printed kurta with trouser set that does not come with a dupatta and yet looks stunning on you.

 floral printed kurta with trouser set

This mauve kurta with trouser set comes with a unique style that replicates your aura and brings about a sense of fashion to your persona. With its three-quarter length sleeves, a round neckline, and a straight fit hemline, this kurta will look gracious on every body type. However, what sets this kurta apart is its excellent white-colored floral design and extensively beautiful borders. This kurta has been made of classy poly viscose fabric that not only makes you look stylish but also keeps you comfortable and at ease. With this kurta, you get a matching pair of trousers in beige and purple borders.

Bonus point: Get a pocket in your kurta; keep all your stuff safe even without a wallet now!

As opposed to the kurta set, one can also go for a kurta with trousers and a dupatta set that would bring about a traditional style. For this one, go on and check out the next style.

For an instance, let’s check out this grey colored ornamental printed kurta trouser dupatta set that can make any lady look classy and elegant at the same time. Come, take a look.

grey colored ornamental printed kurta

The grey kurta comes with a round neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and a straight fit hemline, all of which has been endowed with exemplary gold-foil ornamental print. This grey kurta comes packed with excellent style and class that is unmatched. Plus, you get a pair of matching trousers with this kurta that are simple and yet look super cute with this kurta. Now comes the best part of this kurta set – the gold-foil ornamental printed red-colored dupatta. When the dupatta flows over the grey ethnic set, it brings about something charming. It enhances your style and makes you look nothing short of traditional.

While the kurta has been fabricated with jacquard cotton, the trousers are made comfy by using poly silk fabric to design it, and the gorgeous dupatta is fabricated with chanderi. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it for your upcoming festivities or occasions, or even for small family get-togethers. After all, you deserve to look charming at all times, right?


Coming back to our discussion on what’s better – a kurta set without a dupatta, or a kurta set with a dupatta?

That is for you to decide. It depends upon what suits you the most. A dupatta looks gracious on almost all women, but if you love to wear simple and subtle garments, then a kurta set might allure you more. To answer the main question, it is not always necessary that a kurta set would come with a dupatta. Many kurta sets nowadays come without a dupatta. The kurta sets that you are about to see are going to be your best picks of the season, and guess what? They don’t come with a dupatta!

We’ll begin with the most charming outfit. Check out this traditional red kurta set for weddings, functions, and festivities.

traditional red kurta set

A traditional red kurta set doesn’t necessarily be the one with the dupatta. It could be, in fact, without a dupatta. You could wear a red kurta set without the dupatta and still look super classy and traditional for a function or important occasion. The above red ornamental printed kurta with trouser set is the best example. This particular kurta set, all dipped in red, comes with a vibrant gold-toned ornamental print that makes your suit looks even more elegant.

Let’s move on to another gorgeous kurta set that is not included with a dupatta.

geometric print

It’s a completely new and refreshing color that will make you look day-party ready. This kurta set in green color comes printed with a cool geometric print that is absolutely charming. The print is, however, only upon the midriff while the rest of the kurta remains relatively simple. The kurta comes paired with a comfy trouser that goes well with it. So, wait no more. Grab this style from Shree and be ready for your get-togethers or casual day-outs at the office.

This kurta set doesn’t come with a dupatta which adds to its advantage, as it gives you the perfect corporate vibe.

Find more such styles at Shree. Visit the website today and get your favorite outfit home.

Keep shopping with Shree.

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