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Importance of Ethnic Wear in India

Importance Of Ethnic Wear In India

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Since times immemorial, Indians have been admired for their distinctive style of clothing and dressing up. As a country, India is popular for its diversity in cultures, religions, and ethnicity. All of these traits can be viewed in the dresses that Indians wear or the way they dress up. It is also true that, with the global trend of modernisation, Indians are not left behind in adopting western way of dressing up. Nevertheless, Indians have made sure that they never forget where they came from and stay stuck to their roots by adopting traditional style of clothing at their important occasions and festivals. They still embrace the fresh arrival of ethnic wear online whenever the best Indian ethnic wear brands come up with the best Indian ethnic wear online.

During the festivals, ethnic dress is an essential aspect of any Indian's attire. Dhoti-kurta, ghagra-choli, kurta-pajama, salwar suit, and saree are some of the most frequent and prominent ethnic apparel that any person can wear. This is the reason why, whenever there is a special occasion such as a housewarming party, a mehendi function or a haldi function, you always choose your most adorned designer ethnic set for ladies from your wardrobe.

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Let’s see what makes an Indian favor ethnic and traditional attire during festivals?

Indians value their cultural and religious qualities and believe in their traditions. Wearing traditional ethnic clothes to festivals is a manner of expressing love, respect, and admiration for one another while also respecting the traditional values that have been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. Such outfits exude a distinct historic and cultural air, making every individual feel proud while also looking attractive and fashionable.

During the festival season, women favor embroidered outfits. These ethnic outfits are a hybrid of traditional and modern styles.

Whatever we see today in terms of ethnic couture is a result of the Indians’ positive attitude and belief in their cultural traditions. These beliefs and modifications have resulted in the global popularity of Indian ethnic dress. Readymade dress makers, such as Shree, have produced a wide range of designer outfits that might heighten your enthusiasm for the festival.

Indian ethnic dress is an integral aspect of Indian cultural beliefs. This is religiously believed and practised by individuals of all ages. Even during crucial life events such as weddings, both men and women choose to dress traditionally. These traditional ethnic clothing are available in a wide range of designs and styles according on your comfort, color, style, design, and fabric preferences.

There are several sorts of Indian cultural clothing available in the market these days, and each of them has the unique capability and power to modify your appearance and feelings.

When compared to modern attire, wearing lehenga cholis, sarees, kurtis, or any other women's ethnic dress at special events adds to the joyful vibe. The vibrant colors and occasionally shimmering motifs give your skin a special radiance. An ethnic outfit, regardless of region, perfectly matches the mood of the festive occasions.

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Nowadays, there is an abundance of ethnic attires that people are adorning themselves with available online. At Shree, we are offering well-curated and awesomely designed attires to women out there. Our mission is to help them find an outfit that fits and styles them perfectly.

Let’s see some other reasons why Indians still prefer to uphold their traditions and cultures by wearing Indian ethnic wear.


  • Money's Worth

Indian women's ethnic wear is one of the most timeless items of clothing that will never go out of style. You can wear it for years and it will still look like a brand-new outfit (with the right upkeep). Many families even pass down the outfits as heirlooms to the following generation, acting as an emotional reminder of the elder generation as well as a source of retro fashion. As a result, designer ethnic wear in India is well worth the money.


  • Get the Bridal Look

Wearing ethnic attire, such as lehengas or sarees, makes the bride look majestic on her wedding day. Women's ethnic dress contributes to the elegance and pride associated with weddings. This is the reason why brides in India never choose for a western outfit for their weddings.


  • Body Shapes

Women have various physical kinds, each with their unique set of needs. The diverse selection of Indian women's ethnic wear offers a choice that can meet unique needs. At Shree, we are offering a variety of sizes in different designs and styles across both our Spring Summer and Autumn Winter seasons, which is suitable for all body shapes and types.

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The designs that you will find on our website – ByShree – are not just super comfortable but also irresistible to buy. On any occasion, be it a wedding party or a baby shower, you will have ample of options to choose from if you fill your wardrobes with styles from Shree’s amazing fresh arrival of ethnic wear. While you pick your styles from our website, we are curating some awesome styling tips for you to follow. Stay tuned for our next blog and keep reading and shining brighter than the stars in a Shree outfit.

Happy Shopping with Shree!
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