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Most Popular Kurti Styles Every Woman Should Own

Most Popular Kurti Styles Every Woman Should Own

Are you someone who loves to dress up in bold and bright ethnic outfits? Does wearing ethnic gives you a sense of satisfaction? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. It’s a fact that Kurtis have lent themselves the repute of the most worn and adored garments in India. The main reason for this is the immense comfort and scope of styling that this garment provides.

The market is brimming with popular Kurti styles and designs. And we can't help but wonder what to buy next. We see different necks like a mandarin collar, V-neck, round collar and so on. There are many Kurtis having different hemlines like A-Line, Regular fit, Anarkali, etc. Nowadays, it's easy to spot a garment that is an amalgamation of ethnic and western elements. It's true with all the popular Kurti styles out there.  You may have observed how different sleeves make a Kurti look completely different. That's how they make it to the list of popular Kurti styles; by looking different. In short, a Kurti can be modified into something beautiful many times. It will never cease to surprise you.

What else makes a Kurti one of the most popular garments? Well, the very fact that you can pair a Kurti with bottoms of your choice. Plus, Kurti is an ethnic wear, which gives you a chance to accessorize it as per your choice too. 

It is no news that a Kurti is one of the most worn garments amongst both men and women. And that's true not only in India but also in South Asia and some other countries. Kurtis are usually made with comfy and breathable fabrics like cotton or rayon. Such fabrics add an element of extra comfort to the popular Kurti styles.

Indian women love staying updated with every fashion trend out there. Be it a western trend or an ethnic one, checking out fashion trends is one of the women's favorite past-times. So, here are some popular Kurti styles that you might love to explore. Keep reading and stay trendy! 

Popular Kurti Styles: Multicolor Printed Kurti

One of the popular Kurti styles that are trending these days is a simple printed Kurti. Flaunting brilliant hues while making a statement is bound to make you feel great. And a printed Kurti is all you need in your ethnic wardrobe. A plain Kurti adorned with beautiful prints is a popular Kurti style special to every woman. The best thing about such Kurtis is that they are suitable for women of all ages and shapes. Imagine a young woman confidently flaunting her printed Kurti at college or office. Or a mature woman, looking stunning in a printed Kurti at a kitty party with the ladies. 

Printed Kurtis own versatility that cannot be matched by other garments. The simple, elegant Kurtis are impeccable if worn with matching bottoms and accessories.

Kurtis have an attractive fall. And any lady who wears it is sure to steal the spotlight in the most common surroundings. Printed Kurtis serve as the ideal dress code anywhere. Be it in schools, colleges or even workplaces, Kurtis are your go-to outfits.

Printed Kurtis; Your Daily Outfits

Comfort intertwined with style is the best combination in the world. How about getting a combination like this in your daily outfits? Wouldn’t it make your day convenient? Well, for most women out there, comfort is certainly a priority. Comfortable fabrics like cotton or rayon makes them feel at ease while they’re onto their tasks.

But tell us, did you ever lay eyes on a Kurti that looked comfortable but was also quite stylish? Didn’t you, at that very instant, fell in love with it? Most of you would say “yes” because women love wearing trendy clothes that keep them feeling easy.

That’s where printed Kurti comes in. The prints let you stay up with the latest trends while the comfort of wearing a Kurti keeps you at ease. Especially during summers when the scorching heat is constantly dehydrating us, wearing cotton Kurtis is the only choice. And with cotton Kurtis come the best of prints in ethnic wear.

Popular Kurti Styles: Short Kurtis

Amongst a list of popular Kurti styles, short Kurtis falls amongst the top ones. The Short Kurti has been around for a long time. These types of Kurtis have rocked the markets as soon as they became a trend. Women adore these Kurtis because they are the best of both: a Kurti and a Tunic.

You can don a short Kurti as a western as well as an Indian outfit. When worn with jhumkis and juttisi, the short Kurti would come out traditional. When worn with danglers or bracelets, it would be a modern outfit. Short Kurti with Jeans is an all-time favorite outfit for even celebrities. Bollywood has been experimenting with this trend for quite a long time now. Remember Kareena Kapoor's outfits in Jab we Met? That's what we're talking about.

Like other Kurtis, a short Kurti can be graced by a woman of any age or size. That's the perk of having short Kurtis in your wardrobe. Besides, once you have them in your closet, you won't feel like picking anything else for any casual outing. It seems that short Kurtis are made for casual outings.

How To Add More Glamour to Your Short Kurti Outfit?

The best part about a short Kurti is that you can style it in various ways. These Kurtis have been in the marketplace for a very long time. And you can experiment with them each time you wear them.  It'll always come out as a fresh outfit.

The best way to carry a short Kurti is to pair it with fitted bottoms like jeans, leggings, or cigarette pants. You can also wrap a knotted scarf around your neck or drape a dupatta to give it a more ethnic look. Finally, choose subtle jewelry like a simple pendant or danglers to make a statement.

Popular Kurti Styles: Kurti Cum Dress

Do you ever get confused on whether to wear an ethnic Kurti or a western dress? This confusion is mind-boggling at times. But what if we told you that you can find both - a dress and a Kurti in our list of popular Kurti styles?

Fashion is nothing if there's no experimentation in it. The very word "fashion" thrives on the experiments that are conducted almost daily. Designers have been intertwining elements to create fashion that is not only trendy but also functional. At Shree, that's our very purpose. We operate with a mission to provide comfortable and stylish garments to women. Our garments are here to set you apart from the crowd while making you feel easy.

A Kurti cum dress is an outfit that you can wear on almost all occasions, be it a casual one or a formal one. Think of a casual outing with friends and chilling in a café or teaching in a school or working in an office. This popular Kurti style fits everywhere. The best part about this style is that you can wear it like a Kurti by jumping into a matching pair of leggings. Or you can ditch the bottoms and voila! Your dress is ready.

Bottoms That You Can Wear with A Kurti Cum Dress

Kurti dresses are usually loose fitted from the hem, which is why right bottoms. Here are some bottoms that you can wear with such a Kurti-cum-Dress:

  • Jeans
  • Tight fitted Leggings
  • Cigarette Pants

Avoid loose-fitted bottoms like palazzos or skirts with a Kurti-cum-Dress.

Popular Kurti Styles: Ornamental Print Kurti

In India, the festive season is always around the corner. In a country like India, celebrate every day like a tyohaar. A stylish Kurti is what you will turn to if you wish the look the best of both worlds. A popular Kurti style in bold colors is what you should be looking at. Colors like red, maroon, pink, yellow ochre, and green are symbolic of the Indian festive spirit. Confused about what kind of ethnic garments to buy? An ornamental printed Kurti would be your perfect choice to slay the evening.

Ornamental printed Kurtis have a dash of elegance and richness. They lend grace to your look and make you look stunning. A Kurti like the one you see in the image is a bright red classy outfit to adorn on festivals like Karvachauth. Moreover, you can wear such an outfit for a longer period without feeling discomfort. No wonder, more and more women are switching to Kurtis for everyday wear.

Like What You See?

Shree's brown printed Kurti in rayon lacks nowhere in elegance. It's an example of fine craftsmanship. It's adorned with attractive ornamental print on the base and the border with a dash of rust brown. The A-line silhouette adds a flared look to the Kurti, making it look even more beautiful. A-line makes the Kurti look so unique.

Head over to Shree and fill your festive cart with the finest collection of popular Kurti styles like these.

Popular Kurti Styles: Long Kurti

Short Kurtis have already made their space in our hearts. They've been rocking the markets for a long time. But the thing about fashion trends is that they die out or designers change them into something new.  

Ethnic outfits that were trending in the 90s like suits or 6-yard sarees are no more in fashion. The modern woman won't put on such tacky outfits anymore. The trend of today is styling long Kurtis with palazzos or leggings. Long Kurtis have more of an ethnic touch than other popular Kurti styles. Such Kurtis are longer in length, have a regular or A-line cut, and are outright classy. The key to slaying in these Kurtis is to choose the right pair of bottoms to go with it. So, let’s move on to that.

Bottoms That You Can Pair with A Long Kurti

When choosing a suitable pair of bottoms for your long Kurti, make sure you consider the fall and fitting of the Kurti. For example, if you are wearing a loose fitted long Kurti, you must go for the following types of bottoms:

  • Cigarette Pants
  • Leggings
  • Tight trousers

Popular Kurti Styles: Solid Colored Kurti

Nothing can beat the elegance of a solid Kurti. It may, at first, look plain but minimal detailing here and there makes it classy. If you are a working woman, you would understand the importance of a solid Kurti more than anyone else. Work atmosphere demands soberness and a solid Kurti fulfils that.

The best part of wearing a solid Kurti is that it does not bring you to everyone's attention when you do not want it. Besides, it does not look very distracting. Rather it makes you look subtle and highlights all the good features about you.

Research tells us that the colors that we choose to wear can affect our mood to a great extent. In fact, it can also affect how people respond to us. Here is another interesting fact that you may like reading. Colors can even change our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, according to the researchers, Keith Jacobs, and Frank Hustmyer.

How To Stand Out from The Crowd in A Solid Colored Kurti?

Here are some ways to stand out in the crowd wearing a solid Kurti:

  • Pair it with subtle jewellery
  • Add scarf or dupatta with excellent ornamentation.
  • Put on those sunglasses.

Grace a watch with a solid Kurti

Popular Kurti Styles: Floral Print Kurti

Summers call for Kurtis in floral motifs. There's nothing that you'll like better than a floral Kurti in fresh hues in this season. And therefore, floral Kurtis land themselves in our list of popular Kurti styles. They've always been women's first choice, be it for a birthday party or a casual outing. In fact, women often can't resist buying a floral Kurti when they're out shopping. It's something you can't get enough of.

The beauty of floral prints is that they never go out of style. In fact, you can wear your floral printed Kurti for a very long time and it would look as good as new. Floral printed Kurtis are suitable for women of all ages and body types. It is rightly said, you are never too old for cute florals.

Like What You See?

The Kurti that you see in the image is an amazing floral Kurti that most of our customers love. It's perfect for all casual occasions; wear it to a kitty party or don it as a host outfit while throwing a dinner party. It goes well with everything. Besides, cotton fabric is durable and doesn't fade away even after several washes. And in summers, it provides you with the utmost comfort and convenience.

The bright pink floral motifs make this piece versatile. Wear this Kurti with confidence on your sleeve and you are all set to steal the spotlight.

Popular Kurti Styles: A-Line Kurti

A-line Kurtis or Kurtis with distinct shapes are relatively new in Indian fashion. But they make it to the list of popular Kurti styles for sure. Because if there's something that Indians love more than food, then it's a fashion trend. And an A-Line Kurti like the one in the image is one such trend.

When you think of buying a Kurti like this, you can keep your worries about your body aside. A-Line silhouette suits almost all body types. Plus, these kinds of popular Kurti styles are suitable for most occasions too. Want to know how to dress up and accessories with an A-Line Kurti? Here you go!

How to Accessorize an A-Line Kurti?

A-Line Kurtis have a flare that is unmatched. It makes you look young and bubbly. But accessorizing right always essential. So, here's what you can do:

  • Add a touch of elegance to your outfit by pairing the Kurti with churidars.
  • Wear light make-up but match it with the color of the Kurti.
  • Wear heels or juttis as footwear.
  • A glittery watch or bracelet will look great.

Add these popular Kurti styles to your wardrobe and be ready to slay! Check out the website for more such styles.

Keep shopping, keep smiling!

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