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Rayon – A Magical Fabric

Rayon – A Magical Fabric

Rayon – A Magical Fabric

The comfort of cotton and the feel of silk; tough to get them both together, right? Well, not really! Ever seen or felt rayon? If yes, you would know what we are talking about.

Wood pulp, a naturally occurring material, is combined with cellulose to create rayon. Rayon is truly a magical fabric. Here’s how:

  • It’s manmade, but not synthetic.
  • It will keep you comfortable all day long, but not get crinkled and crumpled.
  • Despite being half-synthetic, Rayon feels like a natural fabric. 

Shree utilizes the best quality rayon i.e. LIVA in their collection. LIVA, launched by the Aditya Birla Group, stands for high-quality fabric that is made using natural cellulosic fibers. This is a fabric that is currently being endorsed by famous celebrities and has earned the nickname ‘Natural Fluid Fashion. Being labeled a fabric that moves with you, LIVA is comfortable, soft, and eco-friendly.

The latest Collection of Shree displays various outfits made of LIVA and rayon fabric. These are stunning outfits ornamented with lacework, embroidery, handwork, exquisite prints, embellishments and lots more. Overall, the collection comes out as spectacular.

Let’s check some popular prints that are featured in the rayon collection.

  • Floral Prints – Ask a woman her favorite print, and she’ll tell you that she loves flowers. One look at this floral Kurta from the house of Shree, and you will rediscover the beauty of flowers.
Floral Prints

The bright red-colored flowers work really well against the beige fabric and the length is such that it can be worn along with leggings or a palazzo. The neckline has been prettified with buttons and the sleeves have been given a touch of bell, making the Kurta extremely elegant. 

  • Geometric Prints – Want to add a little geometry into play, in your everyday look? Shree brings to you this Kurti with bold geometric prints intermingled with floral prints.

This pink-colored geometric and floral dress is prepared using skin-friendly colors and an easy-breezy LIVA fabric. The paneling and tie-up tassel design make this A-line Kurti look unique! 

Geometric Prints

  • Solid Colors - Sometimes all you need is a simple ethnic set in a solid color, which you know will work great for any occasion.

This ethnic set is designed with a round neckline, ¾ length sleeves and a midriff design near the neckline. The border on the sleeves enhances the overall look of the kurta. The set comes with a cigarette pant and a shiny dupatta. This simple yet stunning ethnic set is the perfect choice for the fashion conscious modern woman. 

Solid Colors

Here are some FAQs about rayon fabric for your benefit.

What is Rayon Fabric?

Rayon is a soft fabric, made of semi-synthetic fibers. It feels just like silk, super soft on your body. And the fabric is as good as cotton. In the earlier times, rayon was called as “artificial silk” for a simple reason that it felt like silk.

The rayon fabric appears luxurious, which is why it is used widely in the textile and fashion industry. After all, comfort married to luxury is the best combination ever. The fabric is mainly used for the development of skirts, Kurtas, Dresses, tunics, lingerie, and children’s wear. It also works great as a lining material.

You can now also get Unbeatable Quality Ethnic Sets in rayon from your favorite ethnic wear brand, Shree. 

Is Rayon a Cool Fabric?

Featuring unbeatable quality, rayon comes out as a cool fabric as well. There are multiple benefits of buying a rayon fabric Kurta or ethnic set. Check some of them below:

  • Rayon is beautiful and has a luxurious appearance.
  • Rayon fabric is soft, which makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The viscose rayon fabric easily absorbs the moisture and sweat, which makes it a perfect summer fabric.
  • It stays cool and airy when the weather is not too great.
  • Rayon fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  • Even after several washes, the rayon fabric retains its color and shape. 

What type of Fabric is Viscose Rayon?

Viscose rayon fabric is exceptionally great for the summer season. It is easy to wear, breathable, cool and feels great on the skin. Viscose rayon is a semi-synthetic that is made of wood pulp. It’s commonly used as an alternative to silk because it gives you a similar type of draping and smooth finishing in the fabric.

This fabric has been in usage since the 1800s. The production of viscose rayon doesn’t demand excessive costs, which is why it is highly preferred in the fashion sector. Plus, it is a versatile fabric that can be used for the fabrication of dresses, jackets, blouses, and Kurtas. It’s also used in the manufacturing of curtains, upholstery, and carpets. 

Is Rayon a Breathable Fabric?

Definitely. Rayon is known for its breathability and ease of handling. You can wear a rayon fabric Kurta in humid weather because it is one of the best summer fabrics.

a rayon fabric Kurta

Wearing an ethnic set or dress made of unbeatable quality rayon material makes you go all easy and breezy in the summer season. It makes you feel light and lets your body breathe. Pick it in floral print, geometric print or ornamental print, rayon will never disappoint you. 

What type of Fabric is Rayon?

Rayon is a soft, cool type of fabric. To define it, rayon fabric is semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber that can be used for the fabrication of Kurtas, ethnic sets, to bed sheets. It’s an extremely versatile fabric. It can make you feel free when you put it on. Especially on days when the weather is not too great, and in fact quite dizzying, throwing on a rayon ethnic set or Kurta can make you feel alive.

Plus, the best part about wearing a rayon fabric Kurta is that you won’t have to compromise upon the quality or comfort while you keep in touch with your style. 

Which is Rayon Fabric?

If you see a dress, an ethnic set or a Kurta falling beautifully over your bodice, then you can immediately recognize it as a rayon fabric. But that’s not all, the touch and feel of the viscose rayon is entirely different from all the other fabrics.

Similar to how it looks in the image here, rayon falls smoothly over your body. Like in this deep blue-colored dress, when you wear rayon you’ll feel comfy and easy. No matter the ornamentation or embellishments, the fabric feels luxurious in itself. 

Can I Wear a Rayon Cloth in Winter Season?

We wouldn’t recommend you to buy a rayon cloth for the winter season. As mentioned before, rayon is a cool fabric. And that is opposite to what you want in the winter season. Winters are for wooly fabrics that could make you feel warm. However, if need be, you can get a denim or leather jacket to wear upon your rayon Kurta or ethnic set to keep you warm. 

Is Rayon Fabric Comfortable in Summer Season?

Yes. Rayon fabric is extremely comfortable to wear in the summer season. Made of wood pulp, the fabric is soft, smooth and silky enough to make your skin flush bright. It has a luxurious appearance that makes it look unique amongst your cottons in the wardrobe. A range of rayon ethnic wear is a must-have during the summers. Why?

Because you sweat a lot, regardless of where you go in the summer season. You’d need a fabric that can absorb all the sweat and doesn’t make you look weird. Rayon fabric keeps your body stay cool and let it breath when it’s humid out there. What else would you want out of a summer fabric?

P.S.: It’s also completely wrinkle-free, and doesn’t lose its color or shape when washed. 

What is the Quality of Rayon Cloth?

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric, which makes it highly durable. It’s also biodegradable because it’s made of renewable raw materials like wood pulp. The production of rayon, therefore, doesn’t harm the environment too much. Plus, producing viscose rayon doesn’t require much water as well. Besides this, Rayon is an extremely strong fabric that lasts long if taken care of properly.

In short, the quality of rayon cloth is excellent. It’s sustainable and displays high level of durability. 

Is Rayon a Cheap Fabric?

Absolutely! Rayon is a cheap fabric because its production doesn’t demand much cost. Besides this, it is easiest to print on rayon fabric. It retains the color really well. Even if you want your own customized design printed on a rayon fabric, it takes a bare minimum effort, cost, or time. That also means rayon fabric won’t bleed after several washes. So, you can wash it worry-free. However, do take care of the following points:

  • Don’t use hot water for washing rayon fabric Kurta or any other garment.
  • It’s always better to wash a rayon fabric garment by hand.
  • Don’t dry out the fabric under hot conditions lest it may shrink. It can be tumble-dried.
  • Iron rayon fabric at lowest temperature. 

Using the naturally fluid rayon fabric or LIVA, Shree brings to you an extensive range of Kurtas, Kurtis and Dresses. It will allow you to shine, regardless of the occasion. Shree’s production and design unit makes use of the best quality printing techniques and embellishments, which in turn ensures the development of best quality products for the customers. Our designers are always striving to create new designs with different prints, silhouettes, tassels, and other embellishments to create designs that leave everyone spellbound. 

You can explore our entire range of rayon Kurtas, Kurtis, Ethnic Sets, and Dress at our website or our exclusive retail stores.

Keep shopping with Shree!

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