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Shree’s Biggest Sale of the Year – Get Stylish Outfits at Flat 599

Shree’s Biggest Sale of the Year – Get Stylish Outfits at Flat 599

Yes, you heard it right. The biggest sale of the year is here. And this time, you will be out of excuses to not go to the store and grab amazing outfits for the upcoming year.

“On Sale” is a phrase that can make any woman jump from her seat anytime, especially when the sale is on apparel or jewellery. It’s like a mood-builder. You tell us that something that we love is on sale, and the next moment you’ll find us in the store. Well, this time the sale is on mind-blowing Shree’s kurtis, kurta sets, dupattas, leggings, palazzos, and all our merchandize. This sale is meant for people who don’t get tired of shopping. It’s for those who can shop till they drop. And that’s not just it, they can stock up well this time around.

It’s common for people to celebrate Black Fridays every now and then, but with Shree – The Indian Avatar, we have learned how to celebrate each and every moment of our life all year round. That’s probably the reason why, at onset of a new year, Shree has brought forth a wonderful collection at Flat 599/- for its patrons.

Since 2009, our designers have been working on delivering designs, styles, fabric quality, and patterns in colours that you love. They study consumer behaviour, and based on that, design a collection that suits our consumers best and would fit in any occasion. So when you buy an outfit from Shree, you are rest assured that you can wear it in a party, on a late-night dining, a lunch, corporate event, daily to office, and even while at home. All you need to worry about is which kurta to pair with which pair of leggings.

We cater to women who like to live their life to the fullest; women who manage the household, work at an office, and throw a party in the evening. Throughout your day, wearing an outfit from our collection, you will feel both comfortable and stylish. So, what better can you expect?

A sale?

Well, here it is.

Shree has come out with an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of a sale. We are offering our merchandize in three broad categories for a limited period.

Starting from 11th January, we are offering our merchandize at Flat 599/-, Flat 999/-, and Flat 1299/-.

Whether you buy a chanderi pink-coloured kurta or a striped yellow-coloured kurta, you’ll get everything from our collection under these three broad pricing categories. With Shree, you get a wide array of designs, varieties, and colours.

The collection on sale is fabricated of top-notch fabric and adorned with beautiful embellishments. Shree’s Flat 599/- sale is the perfect time for you to revamp your wardrobe too. Now imagine, you’ve enrolled yourself in a new course at the beginning of 2021 or you have resigned from your office and are about to begin a new journey at your new office. Would you like wearing your old outfits to your new place of work or institution? No, right!

If you are a newbie to Shree Parivar, then you might be wondering “why should I be going to a sale at Shree?” Well, here’s your answer.

With Shree, you get the best of everything. No, we don’t just claim this, we deliver too. First thing first, in our collection, you won’t have to surf through a lot. You’ll get a plethora of designs, all so great, that you might get confused for a moment which ones to not buy. You wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from buying those high-quality, stylish, and designer kurta sets from the Shree store. And what’s more, they are on sale. Can there be a better time to get a new set of kurtis for the upcoming season? We think not!

Secondly, you get a variety of sizes too. We celebrate women of all types and sizes. You may be an XS or an XL, there’s always something out there for you at our stores. Besides, our designers style the kurtis such that they make you look and feel good, both inside and outside. But what gives us an edge over others is the fact that we care about you. We understand your day-to-day apparel requirements, your need to maintain ethnicity at your home and discipline at your workplace, and most importantly, your pockets. Couple it all up, and you get a combo of style, quality, affordability, and ethnicity. All in one. All in a Shree kurta.

So, gear up now because the sale is already on. And our previous experience says that our stocks don’t really last for long especially during the sale season. This is the biggest sale of the year and we want you to reap the best of the benefits from it. We want you to get home your favourite outfits from our collection. A collection that is filled with patterns and designs inspired by Rajasthani, Gujarati, and other popular cultures of India. Take home your Indian attire and get dressed up to let your Indian Avatar come out.

If you are acquainted with Shree, you know that when you visit our store, you never come out empty-handed. In fact, you come out with your hands full of shopping bags. And when the discount is on, especially like the Flat 599/-, there’s no chance that you will get anything short of a whole array of kurta sets to re-do your wardrobe. So, take some time out to give yourself a fresh feel in 2021 and gift yourself a good kurta collection from Shree.

You can visit your nearest store (check from Shree’s store locator) to grab the deal. And if you don’t feel like getting out of bed in this cosy winter season, then you can also shop on Shree Whatsaap .

Be stylish, be beautiful, be a Shree!

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