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Shree’s Festive Collection Is Here To Adorn Your Wardrobe

Shree’s Festive Collection Is Here To Adorn Your Wardrobe

Shree’s Festive Collection Is Here To Adorn Your Wardrobe As spring decides to leave your backyards, the aroma of winter enters your home. A restless gush of wind brings along the scent of festivities and dips you in a festive mood for the next four months. The houses are decorated like brides, there are diyas and candles on sale everywhere, and plenty of sweets fill your refrigerator. 

Happiness surrounds you as the festive season kicks in. And this is the time to re-fill your wardrobe with clothes that’ll define your mood for each festival. 

India is known for its colourful festivals, and this tradition has been carried forward by Shree’s creative teams as they bring you an elegant ethnic collection. Keeping the ever-changing fashion trends in consideration, Shree designs for you a piece of clothing that has its roots deeply entrenched in the Indian culture and at the same time promotes a modern outlook. Our team fills your festivals with bold colours and defining designs that are inspired by the gold and silver of the Indian culture and the pastels of the nature that enthrals you. 

The Festive 20 collection is a celebration of life, of how women from across India are expressing themselves as they discover their inner beauty. Our designers have fused Indian culture with design tradition with such perfection that pastels dance with silver and gold like the puppets of Rajasthan.

Clad in a Bandhani Kurti and pastel embroidered dupatta, a woman of Shree, welcomes you to its festive collection with folded hands. Shree comes forth with a festive collection that propagates an exquisite blend of traditional detailing and design with modern western cuts. These party wear kurta sets, embroidered with intricate silver works and sprinkled with floral motifs in hues that fit in perfectly with this festive season, will dust up your wardrobe with panache. 


Bagru print designer kurta sets add classic charm to your outfit.

kurta Festive Collection 

From the remote town of Rajasthan comes the bagru print that inspires our Classic Charm collection. Done with natural colours, the bagru print emerges from Rajasthan’s “chippa” community. It’s sure to add a classic charm to your outfit. 

A ¾-sleeved black-and-rusty kurta, made in rayon and embellished with the bagru print will snatch your guests’ attention in a flash. Or, a sleeveless black-and-rusty dress with a bagru-print jacket on top, made in polyester or rayon, will inspire your Instagram post for the next few weeks.   

Pastels and florals scattered across the blank fabric. 

Pastels and florals kurta

Form a bonding with nature with these intricate pastel and floral designs. Stitched with endearment, these beautiful dresses display intricate, handwork detailing and block prints adorning the borders. Mate them with your favourite piece of neckpiece and earrings, and slay the day. 

 Bandhani will bind the eyes of the beholders. 

bandhani kurta set

Bandhani is back into fashion. The tie-and-dye textile is designed uniquely by plucking the fabric with fingernails into tiny bindings to form a particular design. 

Dress up for your evening party in a lehriya-print Kurti and pair it with a palazzo. Garnish it with a heavy neckpiece. Or, enrich your day with a red chanderi bandhani kurta set to go with a beige poly-silk trouser bottom.

Bagh-e-bahar - the breath-taking digital print.

Bagh-e-bahar kurtis collection

Festooned with ornamental bagh-e-bahar print, these Kurti sets with dupatta are a perfect blend of tradition and trend. The stylish mandarin-collar adds a flair of style to the kurta sets, and the soft rayon fabric falls comfortably over your skin. 

Brocadrama – a dramatic revival of the brocade.

 beige poly-silk dress

Remodel your festive look with a red rayon kurta decorated with Dori piping paired with a beige printed skirt. Or, play with colours and pair your beige poly-silk dress with a brocade maroon dupatta. A brocade kurti set with dupatta will add to your style quotient beautifully.

Add a pinch of gold and silver on pastel grounds.

 Kurti pant set with dupatta

Fashion your pink chanderi style angrakha dress adorned with small golden patches with a tight-fitted legging and rock the ethnic look. And if you want to host an event, a fancy pastel blue chanderi Kurti pant set with dupatta or an orange chanderi dress with yoke detailing will speak confidently for you. Mate your outfit with oxidized earrings, and you’re good to go.

Experience Royalty with Rajasthan’s Rajawada kurta sets.  

blue printed top

A blue printed top fashioned with a skirt is a win-win for your look this Diwali. Adorn it with a long neckpiece and Rajasthani jutti, and make it an outfit that defines your personality best. 

To add sparkle to your look, wear any of these products to a festival and mate them with your favourite lehenga for an evening party. You can even style them with jeans and loafers; they will always look classy on you.

Let this festive season bloom your wardrobe with unique outfits. Choose your favourite outfit from Shree’s impressive festive collection, click an Insta-worthy OOTD pic, and tag https://www.instagram.com/shreetheindianavatar/ on your story. We’ll be happy to repost. 

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