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Style Yourself in Tiranga Colors for Republic Day

Style Yourself In Tiranga Colors For Republic Day

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The day to feel patriotism to your fullest is just around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Republic Day! Along with celebrating the day showing gratitude to our freedom fighters, commemorate it with your ethnic outfits from SHREE – She is Special. Feel Indian in Indian ethnic wear. Buy pashmina kurti or winter kurtas set for ladies; be ready to look classy in tiranga colors on Republic Day this year.

So, what are your plans on the 26th of January this year? Is it a three-color dress or a saffron dupatta with a flowy white Kurta and leggings?

Republic Day is one of those days when you feel very patriotic and want to show off all of your greens and oranges. When the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag in the parade on January 26th, we all feel proud to be Indians. Most offices and institutions are closed on this day, but most of you dress up for the occasion. And why would you not? It's the period when you're pulled towards our Indian flag the most.

The colours of the flag, orange, green, and white, remind us of our patriotism for our country. Dressing up for this important event is thus necessary. This day is designed to be decorated with orange, green, and white colours, whether it is for a Republic Day event at your business or a little party at your home. Furthermore, many of you may be invited to patriotic themed parties or fancy dress competitions. And don't assume these are just for kids; adults like Republic Day-themed parties just as much as children.

So, how would you feel if Republic Day, a colourful day, brought you a mind-blowing discount on Kurtas?

Kurtas are the most popular costumes on patriotic days such as January 26th and August 15th. They give you the impression of being Indian, of belonging to a culture rich in charm and ethnicity. Consider yourself the host of an evening party scheduled on this day. Do you want to wear something else than the tricolour? Most likely not. This is the single day of the year when most of us appreciate the three colours the most. You'd want to dress appropriately for the occasion. And what could be better than a SALE of Rs. 599/- on SHREE Kurtas?

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At SHREE, we believe that Indian culture is extremely valuable and deserves much more attention. Our designers draw inspiration from the clothing worn or fabrics used in various parts of our country to produce a Kurta that will help you construct your Indian Avatar. Shimmering in an orange Kurta combined with white leggings and a matching dupatta will make you stand out at your evening party. Or how about dressing up with an original green dress with embroidered buttons and tassels? On Republic Day, your grace will enliven the evening when you dress in ensembles like these. On such days when you feel connected to your country, turning up in your special Indian outfit will keep you remembered by your peers for many days to come.

Most people tell us that it's not the clothes we wear that make a difference, but how we carry them. Though this is true, women would prefer to portray a different perspective. What ladies seek is an outfit that complements their body type, style, and personality. At SHREE, we believe in meeting all three of our customers' wishes. We admire today's women and want to fill their closets with Kurtas, ethnic gowns, and Dupattas that complement them.

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Our designers work tirelessly to develop clothing that reflects the spirit of today's woman. This is why our customers look and feel good in SHREE kurtas. We are thrilled to have designed a line that appeals to both working women and stay-at-home moms. Above all, our goal at SHREE is to create designs that make women feel confident and stylish no matter where they wear them. We appreciate all body types and make our Kurtas in a variety of sizes so you can fall in love with your body in a SHREE Kurta like never before.

Solid Kurta Trouser Dupatta

We work hard to make Kurtas appealing to women who frequently feel the urge to wear something fresh every day. Women who don't like to wear the same clothing all the time are always welcome at SHREE.

Feel connected to your roots this Republic Day by wearing ethnic wear from the best of SHREE's collection, which is available at stores near you. Dress up in your Indian avatar self and proudly display it to your Instagram followers. At our store, look for saffron, green, and white tones and pair your Kurta with excellent accessories.

Wish you all a very happy republic day!

Happy Shopping with SHREE.
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