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Talk to any woman, and chances are that she will tell you that she always gets this feeling that her cupboard doesn’t have enough clothes. Ask her to get ready for a special event and she will tell you that she has nothing special to wear and she would want to go shopping. However, for most women, going shopping for every occasion is not a possibility, because it could turn out to be an extremely expensive affair.

Whether you go to a retail store or you are someone who likes to shop online, going shopping every other day is not possible. However, if you were given the chance of shopping for free, would you give up the option?

Welcome to the world of Shree! Shree, the Indian Avtar has emerged as one of the leading brands in the world of women’s fashion and is constantly looking to challenge the traditional norms of fashion. So, when you come to a Shree retail store or you shop at the Shree website, you will see that even the traditional outfits have been given a modern twist and there is something ethnic in the modern attires. This is one of the reasons why, Shree has become so popular with the modern woman, who wants to look her best at all times, but still wants to keep in touch with her culture and ethos.

Shree is home to some of the latest and most innovative fashion trends and aims at matching the tastes and needs of the modern Indian woman. The woman of today does not want to compromise on either style or comfort. Whether she is in the boardroom or out shopping, whether she at a family event or dancing the night away at a club, she wants to look her best, while feeling at ease. The design team at Shree aims at creating outfits that meet all these criteria and then some more! So when you come to the Shree stores, online and retail, you will find the largest variety of outfits – from casual wear to party wear, from dresses that you can wear to work to outfits that will have you looking like a star at your friend’s wedding.

And then, a few times a year, Shree gives its shoppers exactly what they want – a chance to shop as much as they want, without burning a hole in their pockets! While Shree is known for bringing several interesting offers, there is nothing better than getting to shop, without actually spending anything!

This time around, Shree is back with yet another interesting offer – shop for 2000/- and you will have to pay 1000/- and in addition to that, you also get to walk away with a gift voucher worth 1000/-! So, technically, you get to do your shopping for free! And while this might seem incredible to a lot of people, for people who are regular at Shree, such offers are nothing new, because they are aware of the fact that the brand likes to reward its patrons.

It is at times like these that you can go crazy shopping and this is the time when you will want your shopping list ready. When offers like this come around, you can pick up everything you liked and more, because you have such a brilliant offer on hand. So let’s say, you are revamping your wardrobe for office – you can pick out the two tunics that you had already wanted and then you could look at another one, because all you need to do is make your total touch 2000/-. And the voucher that you get, you will be able to use at a later stage or you could even consider gifting it to someone you love, because they will be able to use the same to shop for whatever they like.  

If you are already a regular at Shree, get ready for the offer of the year and if you are yet to shop at Shree, make your way to the nearest retail store, because this Shop for Free with Shree is open only between the 15th and 19th of July, 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and oin the exclusive Shree club today and become privy to some of the best fashion trends of the day and enjoy your ‘free shopping’ sessions!

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