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While shopping for kurta sets or designer kurti and kurtas online, do you often get confused about what you really wish to buy? Is it a kurta or a Kurti that you want? Are you looking for a designer kurti or a designer kurta?

Well, there are really very few differences between the two, and people often mistake them for each other. It’s not really an answer that everyone understands or even remembers. But when shopping online, it is important that you know how to differentiate between the two. So, let’s move forward toward the answer to this universal question.

Oxford Dictionary of English defines a kurta as “a loose collarless shirt worn by people from South Asia, usually with a salwar, churidars or pajama.” Now you must be wondering, “Isn’t that what a Kurti to is?” Well, you’re right. But there are minor but notable differences.

One of the notable facts about “kurtas” is that it was traditionally worn by males, especially during the medieval period. Although the kurtas did look feminine by the way it was designed, they were mainly worn by men during that time. At that time, the feminine counterpart of a kurta was a “Kurti”. Basically, the word Kurti has been derived from the word kurta. The word “kurta” is derived from the Urdu language. In the Persian language, it is called “kurta”.

Today, both kurta and Kurti are used interchangeably. But the only difference that we’ve been referring to is the length of the garment. The longer garment is called kurta and the shorter garment is called a Kurti. These kurtas and Kurtis come in different types and silhouette styles.

Let’s look at some examples to get a better idea about the difference.

These two garments look quite different from each other, yet they are essentially the very same garment. The image on the left is a kurta and the image on the left is a kurti. A difference that is instantly recognizable between the two garments is their length. The kurta is longer and the kurti is shorter.

Both of these can be worn to a casual event; however, we’d suggest that you pick the kurta as your fancy attire for an important event. You can go for the kurtis when you’re going for an important meeting with a client or just going to office. Go for these two outfits from Shree – She is Special.

There are multiple color variations available at Shree, when it comes to kurtas and kurtis. You can buy different types of designer kurtas or designer kurtis, and get the right bottom wear to go with them. Be ready to make your fellows jealous as you wear these amazing kurtas & kurtis. For heavy discounts, keep an eye on what’s up at And don’t forget to avail offers from our amazing Flash Sales.

Both kurtas and kurtis can be worn on different occasions and events. Whether it is your cousin’s mehendi function or a lunch day out with your office colleagues, the kurtas and kurtis fit-in perfectly well for most of the occasions. Nowadays, you can find both kurtas and kurtis in different silhouettes such as straight fit hemline, A-line hem, and fit & flared silhouette.

Another major difference between a kurta and a kurti is its fashion type. A kurta is a completely ethnic garment whereas a kurti is an ethnic fusion when it comes to its fashion trend. You can get either of these for your important occasions. Besides this, the kurtas and kurtis account as perfect ethnic wear garments. Wear these ethnic outfits to look like a diva at all your occasions.

Whether you choose a yellow shiny kurta or a simple black abstract printed kurti, your style should remain intact. And for that, you must accessorize well with your favourite ornaments. Some unique ways by which you can style up these kurtas and kurtis are:

  • Add glamour to your outfit by wearing the kurta with the right bottom wear and take a dupatta along.
  • Allow yourself to look bright with a vibrant lipstick and light makeup.
  • Wear a statement watch with these kurtas and kurtis to give yourself the right corporate look.
  • Keep your hair flowing as you wear these outfits. Or, tie them up in a straight ponytail. It’ll give you a perfect girlish look.

Wear these kurtas and kurtis from Shree – She is Special, and look absolutely gorgeous at all times. Style them up as you like and be the queen for a day as you walk by wearing amazing styles like these from Shree. If you are looking for more such kurtas and kurtis from Shree, then you must surf through our website and look for latest summer styles in ethnic wear, kurtas & kurtis, tunics and tops, and dresses sections. There is a plethora of designs awaiting you at our website. Go, grab them on and don’t forget the basic difference between a kurta and a kurti!

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Happy Shopping with Shree.