Blue Kurta

Blue is a color that is favoured by almost everyone out there. The texture, the pattern or the print in blue always attract the attention of many. In fact, the color blue is often regarded is a soothing, calming and non-threatening color. It’s most preferred by men, which is why they often end up gifting their lady-love a blue-colored outfit as gift. Even though it’s a conservative and traditional color, blue brings out many of its shades that people love to wear especially because it signifies stability and reliability.

When the sun shines brighter than anything else, and there’s extreme heat outside, the color blue often translates into water and coolness. It soothes the eyes of the beholder, making them feel calmed down. That is why when we, at Shree, bring out our summer collection, the color blue is kept at the prime of most of the themes. In fact, we have a separate theme on Indigo blue, which depicts the beauty of the color indigo in its different shades.

So, bring in the color of ocean, twilight and the sea into your wardrobe this summer season. Keep your approach simple and buy outfits that suit your style the best. But what must be keeping you in a dilemma is the pairing up with the color blue. If you often end up thinking for long what to wear or match with a blue kurta or a pair of blue leggings, then we are here to help you out. We’re jotting down some of the most amazing blue outfits and their ideal pairings below. Take inspiration and mix and match your blue outfit correctly.

Teal Blue Rayon Trousers with Off-White Cotton Solid Tunic

The color teal blue is a very vibrant color, which allows you to style it wonderfully. This teal blue bottom wear / trouser is a must-buy for the summer season, especially if you are someone who keeps going to different beach parties. It’s a casual pant-style trouser that can be worn to a casual beach party or a pool party with friends. But what to pair it up with?

Well, wear an off-white cotton-made tunic with this teal blue kurta and don’t forget to accessorize beautifully as well. The tunic in off-white will accentuate your style when you wear it with this pair of teal blue pants.  

With this outfit, you can wear brilliant accessories like pearl earrings, flat shoes or heels, and keep your hair open. Get a hairstyle done!

Also, with as simple an outfit as this, you could easily wear a good layer of makeup. Don’t shy away from flaunting your style wearing this combination at any event or occasion.

An Indigo Round Neck Printed Kurta with Off-White Rayon Solid Trousers

Amidst all the shades of blue, the best one remains Indigo blue. If you are up to wearing a printed kurta in indigo blue color, then this round neck kurta is the one to go for. It has a round neckline with v-cut and ¾ sleeves, which complements the straight cut silhouette. But the best part of this kurta is the pocket it has on one of the sides. The pocket enhances the look of the kurta while providing it optimum functionality. Besides, the color indigo blue brings happiness on everyone’s faces. So, why not make this world happy by wearing this charming kurta?

Wondering what to wear it with?

Well, you have this soft and comfy, highly durable off-white colored rayon trousers that can go with any blue top or kurta. And with this straight fit indigo kurta, it’s going to look absolutely gorgeous. For all the tall girls out there, this outfit is going to bring to you a bundle of compliments. Alongside, make sure you accessorize heavily with this kurta so that its simplicity complements you best.

The white pants with this indigo blue kurta makes the best combination. And what’s better is the simple geometric pattern printed upon it. The entire set makes up for a great corporate wear outfit. So, accessorize by wearing danglers or hoop earrings, wear your best pair of statement heels, and off you go to slay any day. 

Blue Floral Kurta paired with Fuschia Cotton Ankle-Length Leggings

What makes the best combination when it comes to ethnic wear? It’s kurta with leggings!

And there’s not even an inch of a doubt about this combination. All women love to wear such a combination, and they also end up looking gorgeous in it. That is why the last inspiration that we’d like to give you here is this blue floral kurta paired up with this fuschia cotton leggings. This combination is best because of the blend of comfort and functionality that it provides to you.

It’s a floral kurta with fuschia and pink colored flowers adorning the entire front side of it. You could easily wear this kurta with your pink earrings or silver junk jewellery. But when it comes to the bottom wear, the best choice here is this pair of fuschia leggings. The leggings are made of cotton fabric and the kurta is made of rayon fabric, so all in all, the entire ethnic set is an every-day wear garment with extreme comfort.

If you don’t have the fuschia colored leggings at the moment, then you can also go for maroon colored leggings. Those would also match well with this kurta. Apart from this, the way to style this kurta is by wearing heels, preferably pencil heels with it. Wear a thick kada in one of your wrists and a statement watch in the other. Keep your hair tied up in a ponytail. And carry your statement purse around. Be ready to look gracious all day long.

The aforementioned are just a few style inspirations for blue colored outfits. Just like these styles, you can also incorporate your fashion sense into pairing up some bottoms or tops with these blue outfits. Allow yourself to grab some stylish outfits from ByShree and mix and match them up as you like.

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Happy Shopping with Shree!