Attractive Ethnic Wear

Attractiveness comes from within, and this is something that is true not just for women but for every human being in the world. You cannot look attractive from the outside with any number of clothes in your wardrobe if your inner beauty lacks. Having said that; we know that all women are beautiful in and out, and they all deserve to look beautiful as well. But for whom?

Women ought to look attractive and beautiful only for themselves. Others may love your outfit or your looks, but if you don’t like the way you’ve dressed up, then it is no use. That is why we, at Shree, have brought forth a classy range of attractive ethnic wear for all the special women out there. Whether it is a pink color kurta, a white color kurta or a black color kurta, you must get a garment that you like on yourself. But of course, we won’t deny the fact that different colors suit different types of people. And so, you must know which color would suit you the best before buying a garment. If a color doesn’t suit you, it often ends up staying stranded in the wardrobe and never gets a chance to be adorned upon you.

The bottom line is that the colors that suit your skin type and body type are the colors that will look attractive on you. But if you seek color inspirations in ethnic sets or kurtas, then here you go. Read on and get inspired!

A Blue Colored Dress to Look Gorgeous

The soothing blue color brings a wave of happiness and calmness to your persona. It allows you to emanate a subtle quality as you wear it for any party or function. Besides this, blue can make anyone look highly attractive provided that they carry it nicely.

With this blue dress, you can accessorize the way you wish. It’s a body-hugging dress which would highlight your curves and accentuate your figure even more. The dress has a whiff of florals and paisleys imprinted upon it so it makes for an ideal summer dress. Besides this, the dress comes with a round neckline adorned with pink tassels. 

Wear this ankle-length dress with a pair of pencil heels or your statement heels. Get your pearl earrings and keep your hair open! Be ready to slay the day!

A Pink Printed Kurta for a Pretty Lady

We know that you must be wondering where is the most essential color in this list! Well, it’s right here. The pink color emanates the essence of femininity, although we transgress above the conventions and say that the essence of femininity is not captured in one specific color. All colors belong to women and men, and one can look attractive in any color they want.

So, let’s say that the color pink has a close connection with females. A majority of women tend to like this color and the color replicates the same. In fact, we’d say that the color pink likes women.

Get this pink ornamental kurta from Shree, and enjoy looking gracious in this color. Pair it up with a comfy pant and a dupatta if you want to make it a complete set. For accessories, go for jhumkis and flats for footwear with this outfit.

Maroon Kurta Sets for a Classy and Traditional Woman

When you think of the word traditional woman, what comes to your mind? Or rather, which color is the woman wearing in your imagination? For most women, it’s going to be either red or maroon. It’s also okay if it’s not because traditional colors can be any color, even black and white. But going by the majority, red and maroon makes you look completely traditional as per Indian customs, which is why we have brought this beautiful maroon kurta set to make you look extremely attractive.

This maroon kurta set is fully adorned with handwork, and can be considered as a party wear or festive wear garment. While the straight fit pants come in a solid color, the kurta is embellished with ornamental patterns and ornamentations. Even the ¾ sleeves of the kurta have heavy borders.

If you are wearing this kurta set to a festivity or a party, then you can easily accessorize heavily with it. But if it’s been worn for a small function, you can opt for light ornamentation for accessories. Go for high heels with this one!

A Black Ornamental Printed Kurta for a Charming You

Black is a color that almost every woman loves to wear. Married or single, modern or traditional; black has a special place in the hearts of many women. And it makes complete sense too, because black makes most women look gorgeous. If you are wondering about getting a black colored outfit for an upcoming event, then think no more and buy this black ornamental printed kurta and allow yourself to look gracious.

The black kurta is not a lone garment; it comes with a pair of solid straight fit pants. The kurta is also more or less solid only; however, it has a gold and red handwork upon the midriff and across the neckline. This black color kurta is also a garment that would make you look attractive.

When it comes to styling this kurta set, you don’t have to think twice. The handwork upon the midriff will give you ample opportunities to accessorize this kurta heavily. For an instance, you could easily wear gold toned jhumkis with this kurta or go for red colored studs. You could also match up a red or golden dupatta with this black ethnic set.

A Dark Green Solid Kurta for the Trendy You

In dark colors, the one color that brings more grace to your look is green. Whether it is a light shade of green or a dark one, the color brings a soothing essence to your outfit. If you are looking for a dark colored outfit only, this dark green colored A-line kurti will appeal to you greatly.

The color dark green makes you look attractive as well as elegant. Besides this, if you get an A-line silhouette with this color, there’s no one stopping you from getting that anarkali look. Wear this dark green kurta with a bottom of your choice on exclusive occasions or events. 

Style up this dark green kurta with a pair of leggings; pick gold toned or bronze colored leggings. You can wear your statement heels with this outfit. And you can coordinate a charming dupatta with this outfit to make it a complete ethnic set. Also, get some heavy jhumkis and a classy kada to wear on one of your wrists. On the other wrist, you can wear a statement watch. Go for it today!

Looking attractive depends entirely upon you. While your inner beauty makes you attractive, the clothes you wear also play a vital part in it. Go for attractive outfits from our website, and buy them for the approaching summer season.

Happy shopping with Shree!