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Winter Fashion

Winters are here and that means that the time to cover and bundle up is here. But in most cases, what happens is that people start to look like a pile of clothes, because in a bid to stay warm, they lose their sense of fashion. However, staying fashionable in the winters does not require a degree in rocket science; with just a few sensible tips, you can look great even on the coldest of cold days.


While dressing up for the winters, one needs to keep in mind that being fashionable does not mean shivering, because you need to keep yourself warm. After all, being fashionable does not mean that you forget the illnesses that the cold weather can bring.


Some of the prominent styles to try this winter season include —


Long Jackets — Layering is the key to winter fashion! With tops and t-shirts or even with dresses, layering can help create an unforgettable impression. It can be done with coats, shawls or long jackets. Wearing long jackets serves a double purpose – it will not only protect you from the cold, but also give you a fashionable look. Long jackets with round necks and hook buttons will allow you to cover yourself completely. These jackets are available in many patterns like solids, printed and self-patterned too.

Blazers — Nothing beats the look of a blazer! Blazers are a hot favorite among women who love experimenting with their office looks. Blazers in different colors and patterns add a fresh breath of air to otherwise boring office attires.


Long Dress with Scarves – The ever popular scarf - a fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, and of course to add a dash of fashion to any outfit. Once upon a time, people used to wear scarves only with jackets or coats, but today, the simple scarf has become a lot more omnipresent!

Now we bring for you a brand new range of attires that you can team up with your scarves – the one piece long dress. Long dresses in solid colors when matched with printed scarves, will give you an outfit that looks stunning and keeps you warm too. When you team these outfits with stunning scarves, you can enjoy a look that is truly Indo-western in nature.

Warm Kurtis – Well if you think that kurtis are only for the summers, then time to wake up and smell the coffee, because there are plenty of wonderful kurtis and kurtas that are just perfect for the winters too. There is actually an entire collection of kurtis and kurtas, which have been created exclusively for the winters. This collection includes kurtis and kurtas made from Pashmina, Viscose and other woolen fabrics, making them the perfect choice for this season. Embellished with stunning designs, prints and embroidery, these kurtis and kurtas are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Capes — Think of a cape, and chances are that you will think of a superhero, but did you know that the cape can actually be your fashion statement for the winters? Think of warm capes that you can team with almost all your outfits - be it Indian wear or western wear, from kurtis or jeans, there are a rare few outfits that your capes will not work well with. Stay warm, while being cool!

Stoles— The one thing that you must carry in this winter season is a stylish stole, which is the shorter version of a shawl. Whether you choose plain or printed, embroidered or embellished stoles, make sure that you pick them up in a range of colours, allowing you to mix and match with ease. They are an excellent way to add elegance and originality to your look, while ensuring that you are protected against the chill of the winters.


Long dress with beads buttons — A beautiful look can be created with long dresses which have beads buttons on the front. These kind of dresses can make you look taller and the best part about them is that they can be teamed with jeggings, leggings, jeans or even straight cut pants.


These fashionable attires are readily available on byshree.com and you can mix and match them to your heart’s desire. We offer you the largest range of blazers, long jackets, long dresses, warm kurtas and kurtis, capes, stoles and more! Welcome this winter in style!

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