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About us

Shree - She is Special

SHREE – She is Special, by SHR Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd., is a prominent Indian ethnic wear brand that manufactures and retails comfortable, everyday wear for women. Established by Mrs. Sheetal Kapoor and Mr. Sandeep Kapoor, SHREE has been holding a special place in the hearts of many Indian women with its exceptional array of products since 2009. Starting out as an e-commerce brand, it has now emerged as one of the most powerful retail brands with its 100 outlets in India and abroad.

The brand comes forth with an exquisite range of Indian Kurtas, Salwar Kameez Dupatta sets, Ethnic Sets, Tunics, and more across two seasons: Spring Summer & Autumn Winter.

Designers at SHREE celebrate the beauty of every body type and understand that requirements change with climate and demographics, which is why they create purposeful garments that cater to all of women’s functional requirements. After thorough research, our designers choose colors that complement and accentuate different skin tones and fabrics that favor extreme weather conditions.

At SHREE, we understand that every woman is special, which is why our outfits are designed keeping in mind their convenience and comfort.

Our Story

Shree's owners

This is the story of a couple that decided to make ends meet by designing and selling clothing for women. The outfits designed by Mr. Sandeep Kapoor were the culmination of a lifetime of dedication and passion for his work. Equipped with a 30-year experience of producing for retailers and a desire to design high quality outfits, he came up with a brand where every outfit was special and each design had a story.

In 2009, his wife, Mrs. Sheetal Kapoor, joined him in his journey of selling outfits designed by him directly to other women. She devised an innovative and personable shopping experience that brought his outfits to numerous households.

Origins of SHREE

In India, all good work begins by chanting God’s name, which is why Mrs. and Mr. Kapoor named the brand “SHREE”. SHREE traces its origins to the Sanskrit word devi which means “divine”. Devi is quintessentially the core of every Indian woman, beyond the conventional meaning of it.

We resonate with today’s Indian woman who knows how to maintain a perfect equilibrium between her social and professional life.

Our Milestones

  • In 2009, Mrs. and Mr. Kapoor launched SHREE to cater to the growing demand of ethnic wear abroad by providing the Indian diaspora abroad. Soon after, SHREE entered the domestic e-commerce space and, also began wholesaling all over India.
  • By 2015, SHREE was placed amongst the top online ethnic wear brands in India and also launched its first retail outlet in New Delhi. The heartwarming customer response to the brand’s first outlet encouraged us to expand our horizons by opening more outlets.
  • In 2016, SHREE was awarded amongst the top 100 SMEs of the year. After receiving recognition in the industry, the brand received its first round of private equity funding in 2019. Finally, in 2021, SHREE launched its 100th store in Amritsar.
  • Being a 100-outlets strong, sky is the limit for SHREE. The brand has undergone a huge transformation at the onset of the year 2022 with a brand-new retail concept and a new identity. SHREE stands for the power that every Indian woman withholds, and its new tagline “She is Special” rightly communicates that every woman is special like SHREE. It has also expanded its wings to UAE by launching new outlets in Sharjah and Dubai.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy focuses upon Comfort, Everyday Wear, and Made in India. Our goal is to deliver our consumers with fashion that serves their every need in silhouettes that never stops them from doing their every day chores at ease. This is why our designers pick silhouettes that provide our consumers with the best fit and at the same time allow them to stay up-to-date with the contemporary styles. The brand embraces age-old traditions by redesigning and reviving them in our designs for the modern Indian woman. We weave fiber into fashion domestically with the goal of promoting the employment of home-grown factories, tailor masters and small job workers. SHREE stands for a truly Indian product, which is inspired in India, sourced in India, and Made in India for India.