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What did you pick up to wear today?

What did you pick up to wear today? Hopefully, it’s more than just a comfy worn-out pajamas and a T-shirt that you stole from your big brother’s closet. With work from home becoming the new trend, fashion shall get quirky! Spruce up your wardrobe with our picks for your easy breezy and comfy days.

The lockdown announced by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19 has forced many employees to work from their homes. While working from home began as a safety measure, it is fast becoming a standard practice and is inspiring new fashion trends.

The work-from-home schedule is typically a combination of office work, virtual meetings, and household chores, and this demands for an outfit that balances comfort with style. With this in mind, Shree - The Indian Avatar has put together some outfit ideas to prepare your wardrobe. Shree’s Work from Home Collection is just ideal for your days at home.

Our “Work from home” and “In & Out” collections put together comfortable yet stylish clothing for wearing at your home office, picking up groceries or walking your dog. These chic garments use trendy prints and styles and are made with super soft fabric to prepare you for the new normal.

Come, check out some of the outfits from the Work from Home Collection.


Simple Straight Kurta: The Best WFH Outfit

Perfect for the summer season, this straight kurta is professional yet comfortable. It can be paired with a palazzo, legging or your favorite pair of regular jeans.


How can I look stylish everyday?

Looking stylish is not an option for most women. They love to wear outfits that make them look stylish even when they’re home. Well, if you are one of those women, then you can go for some solid Kurtas from Shree that are comfy as well as stylish. These Kurtas are your perfect WFH essentials. You can attend your corporate meetings on Google Meet and look totally professional. With these types of Kurtas, you can look stylish every day.


A Tunic That Is Never Out of Style

Get chic and comfortable with a short Kurti or a tunic paired with cotton pants or your favorite pair of jeans. No need to scroll through your wardrobe to find a matching bottom; this is the perfect mix and match from our Work from Home Collection.


How should I dress to work from home?

Work from Home is the truth of today, and thus, you have to adjust to it. Last year brought about a lot of restlessness and panic. Fashion took a setback when WFH was a new concept. But this year it’s not. This year we are ready to combat the WFH situation and look great while we are at it. If you’re wondering how to dress to work from home, then you should take a look at some of these stylish yet comfy tunic tops from Shree. Pick some of your favorite solid or patterned tunics from Shree’s Work from Home Collection, and be ready to slay every day at your home office.  


A Kurta Set For Easy Styling

A kurta set with a palazzo or straight pants is a win-win this summer. Get comfortable in this outfit and accomplish your daily goals with a fresh mood and an even fresher outfit.

Should I dress up while working from home?

That should not even be a question. If you’re working every day from home, then you have all the rights to dress up every day too. Work from home initially might seem dizzy and lazy. But once you get into the habit of being lazy all day, there’s no going back which is exactly why it is vital that you dress up while working from home. It will let you follow the routine even while you’re at home. And with these chic Kurta sets from Shree, your dressing up is made even easier.


Kurta Set With a Dupatta

Adoration for ethnic wear is incomparable. Go for a kurta set with a dupatta if you want to stroll a little further from your home. Add a relaxed vibe to your style by carrying a dupatta!


How can I be stylish working from home?

Being stylish is a cakewalk for women. All they need is the right outfit and the right attitude. Regardless of where you are, as women, you’d love to look stylish and beautiful every day. And Shree can certainly help you with that, especially during this time when almost everyone is working from home. And the only time you get to see people is through the lens. You never know when your office decides to do a Zoom call, so you have to be ready at all times. This is why it’s important to look stylish while working from home. But how? Well, get some classy Kurta sets with dupattas from Shree and be ready to attend that call without worries. Look your best with these ethnic sets whenever your colleagues see you.


Cheers To a Dressy Summer

Style up “your dress, your way”. Choose a dress with a jacket or a stole to style it your way. Hang out at home in a simple dress and carry the jacket along when you go out for a stroll or just pick a dress with a stole and style it the way you want to.


How should I dress to work from home?

If you are working from home these days, then you should also know to dress up appropriately. Your heart might ask you to wear pajamas all day and stay lazy, but your mind will encourage you to dress up nicely just like you did when you were traveling to office. You can wear some comfy dresses from Shree for your home office each day. They’ll make you feel at ease and look stylish. As women, you’d know that you dress up for yourself and work from home does not change that. So, check out some cool styles of dresses and pick your favorites.

How do I look professional from home?

You are an outgoing woman, and you love to look professional when you’re working. Well, be it from office or from home, looking professional when you work is not an option. It should be a mandate. Your looks say a lot about you. And in those Zoom meetings with your boss or colleagues, you won’t want your outfit to speak out “lazy” or “hazy” right? Well, to look professional, you can wear a dress or an ethnic set and a watch to your wrist. That’s all it takes to look professional.


We would love to see how you style your outfit, so click a picture of yourself and let us know on Instagram @shreetheindianavatar.

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Stay at home, stay safe and healthy.

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