11 Trendiest Ethnic Wear for Ganesh Chaturthi

With Ganesh puja just round the corner, there is so much to do in so less time. Indian women these days are quite occupied preparing mouth-watering desserts and delights. They are also busy with fragrant flowers decorations and cleaning of their respective puja rooms. Besides all of this, relatives and neighbors are quite enthusiastic about this festival.

Being an Indian woman might take a toll on big days, but believe us, with proper planning and comfort, you can nail the day! And looking good, not for others, but yourself is something you should never skip owing to time pressure.

Let’s welcome Ganesh Ji together being clad in beautiful outfits with our hands folded in prayer. Bring merry to the upcoming festive season with Shree’s trendy festive collection. The most fascinating thing about this festive collection is the comfort, effortlessness, elegancy, and voguish peek. This collection also offers Ganesh Chaturthi Dress for Woman at affordable prices. Light-weight garments, ethnic embellishments, comfortable and breathable fabrics are all here. Go, on and explore. 

To make your exploration easy, we’ve picked the top 11 ethnic wear outfits for Ganesh Chaturthi from our extensive Ganesh puja collection. Get amazing dressing up ideas to look graceful for this puja. It's time to bring good luck to your life starting this Ganesh Chaturthi. Get unique outfits for girls or women for each day of this 11 days of celebration from Shree.


Day 1: Red-Maroon Suit with Dupatta

In India, any auspicious occasion is incomplete without the color 'Red-Maroon'. This color symbolizes purity. As per Indian culture, this color is worn on auspicious occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, and many others. You can wear this lovely ethnic set on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi as well.

This Ganesh Chaturthi dress for women is a perfect attire that can be worn on the first day of the puja. Start your new beginnings with the blessing of Lord Ganesha with the color of purity itself. This unique outfit for girls has delicate embellishments that makes it lightweight and elegant. The black ornamental dupatta enhances the attractiveness of this ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi. This ethnic suit is easy to wear and carry without any burden because the pant has a pocket on one side. This feature always comes handy this time of the year. This ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi is comfortable, elegant, effortless, and truly affordable.


Day 2: Peach Floral Printed Dress

Floral prints are always an aesthetic and authentic choice of women. There’s no doubt that the florals are timeless and extremely classy. The floral prints and peach color combination bring a unique aura and festive appearance to ethnic vogue. Bring them to the table and classically style them on the second day of Ganesh Puja. 

Capture the charm of Ganesh Mahotsav with this special dress for Ganesh ChaturthiShree offers these unique outfits for girls in their impeccable festive collection. The chanderi fabric makes it more vibrant and the A-line silhouette will give you comfort with style. This dress is fully flourished with floral prints. Plus, this dress for Ganesh Chaturthi is very light in weight, affordable, comfortable, and classy. This Ganesh Chaturthi dress for woman is so stunning that you don't need to put any extra efforts to make it look more stylish. This dress is voguish on its own and you can don it effortlessly for your puja at home. So, grab this for your second day of Ganesh puja and flaunt your charming personality.


Day 3: Purple Gold Print Kurta

Celebrate your third day of Ganesh Puja with this gorgeous purple Kurta. Turn heads wherever you go wearing this charming purple Kurta from Shree. From various unique outfits for girls, get this authentic and promising purple kurta. The more the days pass, the more you begin to feel spiritual and at peace. It’s all the more reason to dress up beautifully.

This ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi is a perfect choice for your third day of Puja because this Kurta is enhanced with gold block print ornamentals that make it easy to carry and wear. Shree introduces these unique outfits for girls in their festive collection. So, go on and check out more such Kurtas on the website.

The color in which this Kurta comes in is super soothing and will suit all skin tones. Fulfill your desires with this gorgeous ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi. This Kurta is made with flawless LIVA fabric that will make you feel easy and breezy as you engage in the puja.

All you need is complementary trousers, Kundan-studded crescent-shaped chandbalis, and you are ready to set the fire on your third day of Ganesh Puja. Grab the blessings and wishes this Ganesh Chaturthi with a lot of compliments.


Day 4: Orange Ornamental Dress

Welcome to the fourth day of Ganesh Puja, where your celebration takes on extraordinary hype. So, why would you want to look ordinary? Try these unique outfits for girls from Shree’s charming festive collection. This orange color dress will illuminate your fourth day of Ganesh Mahotsav! Orange is the color of the sun that represents a new day. And Ganesh Chaturthi is all about new beginnings. These kinds of dresses can be your outfits for special occasions

This orange dress for Ganesh Chaturthi is a perfect combination of modernity and ethnicity. The ornamental print makes it look even more in sync with ethnic fashion. The flare fit and designer hemline gives it a modern touch. After wearing this dress, you will feel confident and shiny like the sun. Bring the brightness in your life on the fourth day of Ganesh Puja with this gorgeous dress. And get ready for compliments coming your way.


Day 5: Navy-Blue Embellished Ethnic Set

Are you getting sick of the same pajami and salwar suits? If yes, then you should try these unique outfits for girls on the fifth day of Ganesh Mahotsav. Fuel your enthusiastic spirit with this authentic dress for Ganesh Chaturthi.

The sharara ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi is a classic choice for this day. These outfits for special occasions are the new trend in the fashion world. If you are someone who dreams of wearing a rare or one-of-a-kind dress for Ganesh Chaturthi, then add this ethnic wear to your cart now. The navy-blue color of this suit symbolizes determination and bravery.

After wearing this ethnic outfit, you will feel confidant and determined to start a new chapter of life. And you’ll have Lord Ganesha to thank for all the courage and bravery embedded inside of you. That’s what Ganesh Chaturthi does to you; it makes you feel spiritual and at ease with yourself. And therefore, at Shree, we’ve curated outfits for special occasions that are enhanced with gold embellishments to make your attire look spiritual as well. The sharara is also comfortable and made with breathable LIVA fabric. This effortless ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi will not only save your time but will also make you stand out.


Day 6: Teal Silky Kurta

Feel the festive vibes and let the siddhi vinayak know how much you need his blessings with this teal color Kurta ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi. Level-up your vouge as the celebration touches the sky on the sixth day of puja. 

Hit the Pandals in style with this contemporary teal Kurta from a range of unique outfits for girls. The bright color will surely make you the center of attraction! Make your day stress-free and special with these astonishing outfits for special occasions. You can pair this Kurta with ankle-length pants, dome-shaped jhumkas, matching bangles, and embellished handcrafted mojaris. With that styling, you will grab the attention of the eye-catchers. You can also wear this Kurta as a dress. This style will add a modern spice to your ethnic delight. Dress your best to make the festivities special in this gorgeous ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi.


Day 7: Pink Flare Dress with Dupatta

There is much dancing and twirling in the honor of Lord Ganesh on the seventh day of puja. You can surely add this flare dress for Ganesh Chaturthi in your wardrobe right away. Charms are overloading when you dress them up for occasions.

The best thing about this dress is that you don't need to overdo it. This dress for Ganesh Chaturthi is a masterpiece of its own. It is a classic combination of comfort and vogue. The Ganesh Chaturthi dress for women is embellished with gold ornamentals that will brighten up your tone. And the pink color will add blush to your voguish look. It's time to get immersed in the worship of Lord Ganesh with these unique outfits for girls. The beautiful dupatta will add an antique factor to your look. You don't even need to invest your time, and you can still look stunning with this ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi.


Day 8: Mehendi Green Ornamental Ethnic Suit

In India, the green color represents a new beginning as well as harvest and happiness. Begin your eighth day of Ganesh Puja with prayers for you and your family's health and happiness. Celebrate wearing this down-to-earth ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi.

These outfits for special occasions will add a definite meaning to your Ganesh Mahotsav. Shower your love and respect towards family and Lord Ganesh with this ethnic wear. Shree's experts work so hard to curate each garment and represent a story or an emotion in it. You can feel a sacred connection with this festive collection that you've never felt before. Every ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi has a particular meaning and emotion. This outfit will feel comfortable, gorgeous, and elegant, all at once. Take out this ethnic suit to a fancy festive celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in no time. 


Day 9: Elegant Red Abstract Kurta

Lord Ganesh is showering you with blessings. Offer your gratitude and make your 9th day of puja special with this gorgeous red abstract flare kurta. The red color is the core symbol of power and spirituality. Look remarkable with this ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi on the ninth day of the Puja.

Keep it real. You have so many preparations to do for the Visarjan. This breezy red-color abstract Kurta will come to your rescue. This kurta is comfortable and glamorous at the same time. You will love to have a unique outfit for girls that will make your personality stand out. This ethnic wear for Ganesh Chaturthi will not consume your time as you can wear it like a dress. The umbrella sleeves of this kurta add a modern factor to your traditional look. You can enjoy dance and twirling with flared-fit. The dress for Ganesh Chaturthi has elegant embellishments at the hemline. It's time to get busy in the Visarjan preparation with the style of ethnicity.


Day 10: Peach Flare Ornamentals Dress

Ganpati has been lighting up your life all these days. Let the world know how blessed you are by flaunting this stunning peach ornamental dress for Ganesh Chaturthi on the tenth day of Puja.

It needs no explanation of why you should get this dress for Ganesh Chaturthi. It manages maintain the line between the ‘comfy’ and ‘glam’

Find more such outfits for special occasions that you can wear for Ganesh Mahotsav, going outside or even playing host at home. Add a classical touch while attending an auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi function. 


Day 11: Mauve Embellishment Dress

It's time to bid Ganesha adieu until the next year. Let the Visarjan look memorable by keeping it as close to the roots as possible. This bright mauve embellishment dress is ideal for such an event. Nail that perfect mix of vintage and contemporary with this dress for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Make heads turn in this eye-catching mauve dress. Farewell the Lord Ganesh with Modak and worship him with love. Wear your best to make the festivities extraordinary in this gorgeous dress. This dress has beautiful embellishment that will add an antique style to your look. The floral printed dupatta is subtle and indeed very attractive. There’s something so elegant about this Ganesh Chaturthi dress for woman. Try this striking set with an unusual combo of dupatta.

The excitement for this 11-day long festival begins weeks before Ganesh Chaturthi. But remember to not spoil your enthusiasm with heavy preparations. Enjoy your Ganesh Mahotsav with friends and family, and let Shree be a role in your glorious vogue.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Shopping with Shree!