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A New Collection With Plenty Of New Stories To Tell – SHREE’s Spring Summer 20 Is Here!

A New Collection With Plenty Of New Stories To Tell – SHREE’s Spring Summer 20 Is Here!

When the winters start to fade away, there is something in the air that brings a smile to your face – the weather outside is getting better, there is a snip in the air, but nothing that you need to bundle up for. There are flowers blooming everywhere and finally, this is a time when you can wear clothes that don’t cover you up completely! The onset of spring and summer is the best time of the year for the fashion forward, because this is when all the new collections come to town and this is the time, when you get to put your best foot forward!

 Shree is back, yetagain, with the most gorgeous collection to adorn your spring and summer wardrobes. Yet again, the design and creative teams at Shree have taken inspiration from all over the world and looked deeper within the ethos of India to create a collection that is sure to win you over.

As always, our creative team has been able to find plenty of inspiration from our glorious country – the beauty of our country is that no matter which way you turn, you are sure to find something that will inspire you and instigate you to create something stunning and unique. Even the ancient walls of India have tales to tell of the days gone by and the era of opulence and grandeur. The collection Indian Expression brings to life just that inspiration – light, bright contemporary prints are a great way to celebrate summers, but also the grace of feminism.

From the by-lanes of the Pink City, come the themes of the collection Mudran; floral motifs and block prints that have been associated with Jaipur for ages and our team has brought them back to the forefront, with a few modern twists. And then there is the humble game of chess, Shatranj, the origins of which were considered to be India – the black and white collection enjoys a play on geometric prints, while opting for modern silhouettes.

Colours come and go, but there are some colours that will always stay in style and indigo happens to be one of them. An evergreen dyeing technique is brought back to the forefront in our collection, aptly names Ink Indigo, where the typical blue gets highlights of a myriad bright colours. Ivory – a colour associated with royalty takes on a new role in our Ivory Pop collection, because we are breaking the monotony with that pop of neon. Look stunning in all your summer festivities, with this collection that is the perfect blend of whimsy and Indian. Keeping in the lines of ivory, we will also have a collection that has an all, white, off white and beige foundation. Bianca is like that breath of fresh air that you want on warm summer day, with its easy breezy silhouettes and colours.

Spring and summer is also the time when celebrations come alive and for all those festive occasions, we have Privie – a collection that is opulent from the word go; whether you look at the fabrics or the flitter, the ornamentation or the designs; this is a collection that will make you want to dress up! When you think of Indian fabrics, you think of rich, opulent and intricate work – Kanika brings to you elaborate gold foil work done on pastel colours that are soothing and ideal for the summers. And where there is the royalty, there is also a rich history of the tribes in India – the Tribal collection brings to you a range of long kurtas, all of which have been created on earth tones, but with the heart of the tribes of India.

When you think spring or summer, you will almost always think of pastels and florals – Pastel Floral is just that – a combination of pastel colours and floral prints for a stylish you! They say, from chaos emerges the best creativity and there are certain patterns, that are just that – a creative outbreak from what might seem like a chaotic pattern of colour and prints. Our Pattern Mix collection is sure to win your heart with its combination of colours and prints.


For those who want something out of the ordinary, there is also our Underwater collection that takes inspiration from the underwater world. Everything from the coral reefs to fishes, from the vibrant flora to the breath-taking fauna has been brought to life in the prints and motifs in this collection. And our love affair with Japan continues, because yet again, we are back with a collection that takes inspiration from the beautiful island nation. Kasuri is born from the traditional Japanese Ikat art and lives on in this collection of kurtas and dresses that are easy going as you would want a summer day to be!


Our entire Spring Summer 2020 collection has been designed to make you look breezy, while keeping you feeling comfortable and adding that all important spunk to your wardrobe.

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