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Shree - Where “Make in India” is a way of life

Shree - Where “Make in India” is a way of life

Shree - Where “Make in India” is a way of lifeAt Shree, we take pride in being a 100% Made in India brand. We believe that 'A nation’s strength consists in what we can do on our own!

When our prime minister announced his “Make In India” campaign to the world, we were ready. For us, “Make in India” is our true way of life. India is a country of golden heritage and rich culture; with a long-standing history of textiles, natural advantages of robust cotton production, skilled labour and craftsmanship.

History of clothing in India dates back to the ancient times when cotton was cultivated, spun and weaved during the Indus Valley civilisation as early as 3000 BCE. Clothing has since become an undeniably crucial part of the Indian culture and this is evident based on the large varieties of styles, fabrics, embroideries, dyes and prints that developed out of India.

It is our endeavor to recreate the inherent talent of Indian weavers and artisans and to preserve and promote India’s cultural identity. Our designers work tirelessly to mindfully redesign and revive old traditions for the modern Indian woman.

It is our mission at Shree to keep this richness alive while delivering a product of elevated quality and style. All our raw material is indigenously sourced and our products are produced entirely within India.

With the goal of promoting the employment of home grown factories, small job workers, tailor masters and every life we touch in the making of our garments, we go from fibre to fashion domestically, in-house, in India.

Shree - the Indian Avatar stands for a truly Indian product - inspired by India, sourced in India, Made in India for India.'

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