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Ajar – The Block Tales of Ajarak


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Majority of Hindu festivals might have subsided as the winter season stepped back to relax, but there are a few spring festivals that are yet to bring a cheer or joy to people’s lives. Festivals like Baisakhi are about to add charm to your otherwise regular and monotonous summer days. While Shree had launched an autumn collection with excellent festive outfits, the summer collection launched by Shree is fresher and more vibrant. However, there are a few themes that Shree has retained from the autumn collection of 2022 to add to summer’s festivities.

Introducing the Ajar collection from Shree, a festive collection that is ideal for both the autumn as well as the summer season. This time, however, we are launching this theme under our spring summer’23 collection. It is an enchanting collection that narrates the block tales of Ajrakh. Before we proceed further, let’s talk about Ajrakh.

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Ajrakh Print

Ajrakh is an old textile printing method that developed in Pakistan's Sindh region and the neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. The word 'ajrakh' itself connotes a variety of meanings.

Some attribute it to the Arabic term ajrakh, which signifies blue and is one of the primary colours used in ajrakh printing. Some historians think the name has been coined from the two Hindi words – “aaj rakh,” meaning, maintain it today.

With the migration of Khatris from Sindh province to Kutch area in the 16th century, Ajrakh printing flourished in India. The textile art was accepted and honoured by the monarch of Kutch, who indirectly encouraged Khatri migration to unoccupied territories in Kutch. Several Khatri printer families eventually went to Rajasthan and lived in and around the Barmer district of British India, including present-day Gujarat, where they excelled at ajrakh printing. At the moment, the Khatri community is focused on continuously creating high-quality ajrakh printed fabric in Ajrakhpur hamlet in Kutch as well as Barmer.

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Color Scheme of Ajar – Ajrakh Block Print

The original colours used in ajrakh printing are dark and represent nature. Crimson red represents the earth, while indigo blue represents twilight. Black and white are utilised to define symmetrical designs and outline motifs. Although eco-friendly synthetic dyes are widely used, traditional natural dyes are progressively being reintroduced. Indigo comes from the indigo plant. Indigo plants, which grew abundantly along the Indus River, were used by artisans.

The colour red is derived from alizarin, which is found in the roots of madder plants. To thicken the dye, iron shavings, millet flour, and molasses are combined with powdered tamarind seeds. The modern ajrakh prints have very brilliant contrasting colours such as rust, yellow, and orange.

Now that you know enough about the Ajrakh print that has been digitally showcased in Ajar, let’s delve a bit into the story at hand.


Ajar – The Block Tales of Ajrakh

This collection talks about the impending joy of celebrating the legacy, skills, heritage, and empowerment of our country. This collection is the best interpretation of our country. In what way, you may say? Well, the collection interprets the handicraft of Ajrakh in the best manner while giving the garments in it a touch of royalty by adding a blend of zardozi. Traditional motifs are enhanced with zardozi work.

The amalgamation of royal colors with voluminous garments gives our patrons the perfect look for their festive occasions this season.

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If you want to style up beautifully in a festive outfit, then there would be nothing better than attires from Ajar theme. This newly-launched theme from Shree’s spring summer collection has a lot of different types of ethnic wear such as ethnic sets, suit sets, kurtas & kurtis, tunics, and ethnic dresses. You can find different designs, each depicting a form of Ajrakh, in this collection in beautiful shades of rust, green, red, and more.

As for prints, there will be a stylish touch of florals to the digital Ajrakh print. So, stay tuned to check what’s in store for you. But keep surfing the website for more updates on this collection.

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