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Darpan – The Reflection Through Gold and Silver

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When we talk of ethnic wear, the bright and vibrant colors with shimmering gold and silver gotas come to mind. Ethnic Wear is fully drenched in golds and silvers, especially the styles that are usually worn to a festival, an occasion, a wedding, or a reception. Most designer Indian ethnic wear online have a hint of gold or a shimmer of silver into them. Be it an embroidered new arrival of kurtis or a printed ethnic wear dress, you will find each of the new collection of kurtis and new arrivals dresses for women filled with a shade of gold and silver.

That is precisely why, we at SHREE, are bringing forth this outstanding festive collection reiterated in the spring summer’23 collection. It’s called Darpan. To be literal, the meaning of Darpan is ‘mirror.’ It is an Indian origin word that basically depicts ‘reflection.’ The reason why we thought of giving our collection the title Darpan is because this collection is a very sparkling one that brings a sense of happiness to the wearer. The wearer as well as the beholder, both can feel the beauty of the outfits from this collection.

The wearer can see themselves get reflected in the eyes of the beholder. That is the beauty of the Darpan collection.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the collection, but before that check out these exciting outfits from this collection.

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Darpan – The Reflection Through Gold & Silver

The title Darpan is itself reminiscent of what this collection entails. The collection brings a wave of happiness and joy not only to the wearer but also to the people who are looking at someone wearing an outfit from Darpan.

Darpan is, essentially, a perfect amalgamation of gold, white, and silver blend into a single entity creating an ideal attire. The reflection of mirror with a slight bling of gold or silver brings the wearer a freshness of color and an aura of festivity. Together, the collection makes a person feel as good from the inside as they look on the outside.

Darpan has a diverse range of fabrics that are filled with a hint of gold as well as silver. Add to it the perfect touch of comfort, and you’re all set for an upcoming occasion. The fabrics that are majorly used for the designing of these garments are poly silk, chanderi, rayon, and muslin. The reason why we specifically use these fabrics for Darpan is that they have an inherent shine to them, especially chanderi and poly silk. The fabrics bring a sense of festivity and occasion with them, so the added shimmer is only a cherry on the top.

Solid Kurta Trouser Dupatta

Make sure to style well when wearing an outfit from the Darpan collection, as it has a lot of scope for a little bit of accessorizing. Go for jhumkis for earrings or juttis for footwear with most of the attires from Darpan. Be ready to see your reflection through gold and silver, with Darpan collection. Go on, get some of these outfits home today!


Why is Gold and Silver Important in Ethnic Wear?

This is something to ponder about. Ethnic wear is mostly incomplete without a touch of gold and silver into it. Indians have always been dressing up in ethnic wear or traditional wear. But what adorns them best is the ornaments that they top it up with. Most ethnic wear outfits look perfect when they are accessorized well with a piece of gold jewelry. The gold and silver enhancement to the garments adds more grace to the ethnic wear.

Go for this awesome collection from SHREE and be ready to enhance your style even more this season. Come straight to SHREE and check out a wide range of outfits uploaded right on our website or at our store.

Check out the Darpan collection from SHREE and stay tuned for more such collections.

Happy shopping with SHREE!
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