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Why to Wear “Black” on Good Friday

Why to Wear “Black” on Good Friday?

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Good Friday is a special day, especially for the people belonging to the Christian religion. You might not get the significance of this day if you weren't reared as a Christian or if you didn't pay close attention in Sunday school. Nevertheless, we all know the sheer importance of this festival. Being an Indian, it does not come as a surprise that we are always ready to dress up in new clothes regardless of the festival we are celebrating. We often gel up into all traditions and try to dress up as accurately as possible for a particular occasion.

So, this year, if you want to be a part of the Good Friday celebrations, then come straight to SHREE and check out some of the best outfits ideal for this festival. It has often been observed that people, most importantly Christians, prefer to wear the color ‘black,’ on occasions like these. Let’s know why is that; why the color black is worn on Good Friday.


Why Do Christians Celebrate Good Friday?

Simply defined, Christians observe the commemoration of Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday. According to the Bible, on this day, the Jewish religious authorities took Jesus before the Romans for judgement after condemning him the previous evening for asserting that he was the son of God and ruler of the Jews. Pontius Pilate forwarded him to Herod and then back to Pilate, who ultimately executed Jesus by crucifixion—at the time, the most severe form of punishment for crime. After being beaten, Jesus was had to drag a large wooden cross through a mob of onlookers before being nailed on the cross by his wrists and feet, where he would hang until his death later that day.


Significance of Black Color on Good Friday

Good Friday is observed as a day of fasting and meat abstinence in the Roman Catholic tradition, however fasting regulations differ from region to region of the Church. In 2023, the festival of Good Friday will be celebrated on April 7th, a Friday. Easter will fall on April 9th, a Sunday.

On Good Friday, people are accustomed to donning black attire, particularly mourning attire, in various groups, particularly traditional Catholic communities.

The choice of clothing is predicated on treating the holy day, which is focused on the passing of Jesus, as a solemn event akin to a funeral. The most solemn day of the year is Good Friday, also known as "Great Friday" or "Holy Friday."

So, if you are looking for some outfits in black color that will make you look perfect for Good Friday, then here you go. Take a look at some classy black dresses ideal for this festival. Bag them now before the stock runs out!


  • A Black Geometric Printed Dress for Good Friday or Easter

Here is a glamorous dress in black color that you can wear on Good Friday. Wear this awesome dress on Friday or on Sunday, when it’s time to celebrate Easter.

The dress has a cute geometric print which makes it appropriate to wear this dress to office parties, important corporate functions, or a general get-together with friends. You can buy this dress for a Good Friday event at your office, too.

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Dress up beautifully with this black geometric dress and be ready to receive a lot of compliments from your friends or folks.


  • A Black Ornamental Printed Dress to Look Unique on Good Friday

You can wear this awesome black ornamental printed dress to stand out of the crowd on a Good Friday. This year, make sure you look in the celebratory mood wearing this awesome black printed dress.

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You can accessorize well with this cute black dress that has a unique hemline and a cute design. The beautiful printed design will enhance your look even further. So, wait no longer and go forth and buy this exciting dress from SHREE’s Spring Summer 23 collection.


  • A Black and White Dress for the Beautiful Ladies on Easter

You can bag this black and white dress to wear on Easter, or even on Good Friday. It’s an evergreen combination that enables you to look slightly different. It is a great dress for casual parties, events, and occasions as well. So, grab it today before the stock runs out.

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This black and white dress has a very cute colorful embroidery upon one of its shoulders, which makes it stand out amongst other clothing. Plus, it has a long hemline which gives you a great style and fit. So, buy it worry-free from SHREE and look gracious on Good Friday or Easter this year.

Accessorize well with it to look perfect! Slay the day, girl!

If you have absolutely adorned the black dresses that we’ve displayed to you in this blog, then you should check out the entire range by visiting the website – byshree. Make sure you buy the dresses that suit your style and persona well for any festival, or for the upcoming Good Friday.

Wishing you all a very happy Good Friday!

Happy Shopping with SHREE.

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