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Batika – A Block Print Story, Shop Gold Print Kurtas

Batika – A Block Print Story, Shop Gold Print Kurtas

Batika – A Block Print Story, Shop Gold Print Kurtas

Being a prominent Made in India brand, at Shree, we are always looking for ways to bring back hints of India in every outfit that we curate. This festive season, we bring forth this charming block print story called “Batika”.

Batika simply means a garden of flowers. In this collection, you are about to witness a garden of prints.

Hand block printing is an age-old technique of dying and coloring the fabric using different types of wooden blocks. This technique was initially popularized in Rajasthan but later became prominent in other regions also. Craftspeople make use of wooden, metal or linoleum blocks to imprint different designs on the fabrics.

The fabrics are first washed free of starch, bleached, and then dyed. Thereafter, the fabrics are printed using outline carved blocks and filler blocks.

At Shree, we have replicated the block print technique of Rajasthan and curated garments with gold block prints on rayon fabric.

Come, take a sneak-peak into the beautiful collection of Batika – the block story.


Regular Kurtas with Block Prints

Invited to an office party for which you don’t want to splurge too much? Well, here’s an alternative that can come to your rescue. Bid adieu to your outfit worries with this attractive wine-colored kurta, displaying beautiful gold block prints.

When gold leaves its imprints on wine color, real beauty emerges. Let this garment adorn you for some of your get-togethers, office parties and corporate events.

Golden borders on the hemline and the mandarin neckline are the highlight of this Kurta. You can pair it with your favorite bottoms in gold or bronze color. Once adorned with jhumkis or drop earrings, this Kurta will give you the outfit for the day.


Style Up, Glam Up

You can style up your block print kurtas with gold ornaments. The gold print on the garment will shine brighter when adorned with similar ornamentation. Glam up even more by adding juttis or bellies as footwear to your outfit. Pick up a hand purse and be ready to slay the day.


Charming Block Print Navy Blue Kurta

There’s nothing more glamorous than a royal navy-blue Kurta paired with the right kind of bottoms. And when this Kurta comes embellished with block prints, it gives you something beyond glamour. Flaunt your best features with this trendy kurta from Shree’s Batika collection. Explore more such designs by taking a tour of the website.

How to Style Brilliantly?

When you wear such a charming navy-blue kurta with gold block prints, accessorizing and footwear needs to be minimal. So, you can go for basic juttis, bellies or pencil heels to go with this kurta. Make sure that your makeup and accessories are also minimal. You can add accessories like drop earrings, small jhumkis, pendant, and more.


Shine Up with Block Print Kurtas

Our Batika Collection comes with different silhouettes and styles of Kurta. Displaying block print, this collection is sure to become your favorite.

There are multiple ways to block print, but the most popular ones include direct block printing, discharge printing, resist printing, and hand block printing. The most complex task in block printing is providing color variation. The colors might need testing for fastness when applied to the fabric.

At Shree, the process of block printing has been impeccably replicated. Besides, we have ensured that the fabric used is top notch. The entire collection of Batika has been curated with rayon fabric.

You can choose an ideal bottom to go with your rayon kurta and complete your outfit for any event. Celebrate Khushi ke 100 Bahane with Shree’s Batika Collection. Take a look at more such beautiful outfits on the website.

Happy shopping with Shree!

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