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Leher – A Leheriya Wardrobe

Leher – A Leheriya Wardrobe

Leher – A Leheriya Wardrobe

From the by-lanes of Rajasthan comes a beautiful Leheriya print, a traditional tie dye practice popularized in Jaipur. Leheriya print on vibrant colored clothes is a famous technique of dying used in Rajasthan. We are bringing to you the whiff of Jaipuri Leheriya print right at your doorstep with our impeccable Leher collection.

Complex wave or vertical patterns are formed via ripple effect to form Leheriya print. The diagonal stripes or waves created through this tie dye technique look captivating in excellent color combinations.

19th and 20th centuries made the Leheriya print prominent for during that era, men used to wear turbans adorned with Leheriya printed fabrics. The turbans had diagonal stripes arranged together, dyed with the Hindu auspicious colors like red and yellow. Taking inspiration from the same, Leheriya print is a popular type of pattern seen in ethnic wear.

At Shree, we bring to you an array of dresses, ethnic sets, and kurtas in the Leher collection. There’s something special awaiting you. Take a sneak-peak into the latest Leher collection below:


Intricate Dabka Embroidery on Leheriya Print

Our Leher collection features outfits with dabka embroidery, which also emerges from the lands of Rajasthan. Dabka Embroidery is, in real, detailed hand embroidery technique which is embedded into the fabric using needle and thread work.

It’s quite an intricate and precise technique, which was popularized in Rajasthan. Such an intricate style of embroidery was used by the tailors to sew or curate clothing for the royalty of Rajasthan. Usually, fabrics like chiffon and silk were embellished with Dabka embroidery using zari thread.

At Shree, we are bringing back Dabka embroidery by replicating the designs formed by this kind of embroidery in our outfits. The grace and feel of the Leheriya print are enhanced with dabka embroidery on the Kurta. Allow yourself to feel royal in these beautiful and gracious outfits from the Leher collection.

This classy ethnic set from the collection displays a charming blend of embroidery and print, especially across the midriff. Coupled with the straight pants, this kurta set is sure to become women’s favorite the moment they set eyes upon it. When you adorn these ethnic sets with charming accessories like earrings, bracelets, etc., you get an outfit that’s unmatched.


Leher Collection: Soft and Comfortable Fabrics

Comfort comes from within, but when it comes to garments, comfort lies in fabrics. With seasons flickering like light, buying comfortable garments is a must for all of us, especially in India. That is why, at Shree, we have brought forth an impeccable collection in easy and breezy fabrics like rayon, muslin, and georgette.

Take a glance at the outfit and you can feel how comfortable it might be. Besides, the ornamentation that this collection features include handwork with sequins. Simplicity is kept intact with minimum ornamentation and better embroidery.


Get the Pre-Festive Vibe in Leher Collection

With this collection, your festivities are covered. Make your Rakhi and Janmashtami special by getting these charming outfits from Leher collection home. Clad yourself in these ethnic sets and kurtas and look like a devi at your events. Be a part of the pooja or participate in your best friend’s sangeet adorning these outfits.

Celebrate Khushi ke 100 Bahane with Shree and revamp your wardrobe with Leher Collection.

Stay tuned for more updates about the festive collection.

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