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Reasons Why Indian Ethnic Sets Are an Immortal Trend

Reasons Why Indian Ethnic Sets Are an Immortal Trend

Reasons Why Indian Ethnic Sets Are an Immortal Trend

Indian fashion trends in ethnic wear keep changing. Thanks to the ever-dynamic fashion industry. Women have a wide variety of options to choose from. In fact, it would be safe to say that there is something for everyone. You just need to find your fit. Kurtas and Kurtis have brought about a noticeable change in the Indian ethnic wear market. By replacing the traditional suit sets, women have chosen their comfort.

One recent trend that has been making rounds of the internet is of Indian ethnic sets. Often, we see celebrities being captured by the paparazzi, clad in Indian ethnic sets. Earlier, one had to look for matching fabrics for their salwars and dupattas to go well with their suits. Readymade fashion has now eased this problem. The process of finding the right fabrics has been eliminated. Yet, one still has to look for matching readymade Kurtas, dupattas and lowers.

Indian ethnic sets have been solving this problem completely. An Indian ethnic set consists of an aesthetic Kurta with matching lowers and a dupatta. This means that you can now ditch the hassle of looking for different lowers and dupattas to match with your Kurta.

Many brands and designers are experimenting with the concept. Soon, we might be able to see easy to wear and maintain bridal wear. Sounds exciting! In the long term, people demand their fashion be: 

  • Cruelty-free
  • Sustainable
  • Good for the environment

And, to achieve the said targets, Indian ethnic sets are one of the most convenient options. Now let us understand what makes Indian ethnic sets so special in the first place.

Why are Indian Ethnic Sets Popular

Indian ethnic wear is unbeatable. Every time a woman steps out in her favourite ethnic wear outfit, she steals the show. Of course, what can be better than being modern whilst being connected to your roots. Indian ethnic sets carry grace and versatility in each strand. The entire outfit looks so graceful that it enhances the look of any woman who adorns it.

Moreover, an Indian ethnic set is one of the most comfortable and convenient outfits. Indian ethnic sets can be worn on multiple occasions and each time, it brings out a new side of you.

Many Indian and international celebrities have been spotted flaunting their Indian ethnic sets on numerous occasions. Be it an airport look, or a casual stroll in Bandra, celebs have turned to ethnic sets when they wished to make a statement without compromising on their comfort. Let’s see how these ethnic sets slither in almost all of our occasions.


Indian Ethnic Sets for Formal Occasions

Indian ethnic sets are made to look great on all kinds of formal occasions. Events like weddings, family functions, office parties, festivals and formal dinners require appropriate dressing. In fact, there is the perfect Indian ethnic set out there for all kinds of occasions; you just need to look for it. 

Let us look at some of these sets that you can adorn on a formal occasion.

Pink Indian Ethnic Set with Red Dupatta for Formal Occasions

Indian ethnic sets in shades of pink are always a good idea. Pink is a subtle yet elegant colour that can be worn on numerous occasions, even on corporate meetings for that matter. The colour pink has a positive effect on the human mind and body and is often associated with a calming effect. Certain hues of pink like magenta, crimson and hot pink are excellent for making festive wear. Since they are bold and bright, they may be able to turn heads. Wearing a pink ethnic set might even manage to make you steal the show.

Did you know? You can always pair a pink Kurta with matching bottoms and dupatta to create your own unique Indian ethnic set. In this case, we have paired our favourite peach coral kurta with a red dupatta and trouser.

Solid Coloured Indian Ethnic Set for Formal Occasions

If you are someone who believes that solid-coloured outfits do not make good formal outfits then you are mistaken. Solid coloured Kurtas and Kurtis make the most elegant formal wear. In fact, our Indian ethnic sets with formal kurtas are very popular among young women.

Since most young women are a part of India's fast-growing workforce, it is upon us to provide them with outfits that are:

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Elegant

An Indian ethnic set in deep blue hue is just the right outfit for a corporate event. Indian ethnic sets let you ditch the hassle of looking for the right bottom wear to go well with your kurta. In short, it makes your life much easier.

Indian Ethnic Sets for Casual Occasions

Casual occasions demand simple yet elegant outfits. While your top and jeans go well on any casual occasion, the ethnic wear is also one popular choice to make. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


Indian Ethnic Set with Jacket

An Indian ethnic set with jacket is the ultimate outfit for casual outings. We tend to wear easy-going clothes at casual outings like an evening at your favourite cafe with the girls or perhaps, a regular day at college or work. Women always need a different set of clothes that they can wear every day. We usually associate regular, everyday clothes with 'boring' but that does not have to be the case.

With Shree's exquisite collection of Indian ethnic sets like the one above, you can look graceful every day. Adorned in bright floral motifs, the jacket reminisces of spring summer. The Kurta in bright yellow colour comes with an off white trouser, which looks contrasting. The color combinations used in this ethnic set are refreshing. Style this outfit in numerous ways to meet a new version of yourself every day.


Indian Ethnic Set in Floral Print

According to the latest trends, what most women look for in their outfits is a floral print. Floral prints have been dominating the fashion industry for a long time. Almost all outfits - ethnic or western portray phenomenal work in floral prints. It has also been observed that women are naturally attracted to floral prints. That’s why the Indian ethnic industry is revolving its products around similar prints.

Bring Home Latest Fashion

Like what you see? The Kurta is symmetrically covered with floral motifs. The motifs display an excellent fusion of the shades of blue, green and red on a light-yellow base. The palazzo is covered in orange stripes which looks extremely stylish. The round neckline with a slight V-cut brings out the precision with which this Kurta is made.


Indian Ethnic Sets with Dupatta

Ethnic Sets with dupattas belong to a trend that is age-old yet never out of fashion. While young women may have converted to modern dresses, these ethnic sets are the first pick for important occasions. Let’s check some of them below:


Beige Colour Indian Ethnic Set with Dupatta

Capture the essence of ethnic wear with Shree's wide range in Indian Ethnic sets with dupatta. The time has come when you finally get to choose your comfort. Ditch the traditional suit sets because now begins the everlasting era of Indian ethnic sets.

The premier reason why most women have chosen ethnic sets over traditional suit sets is comfort. Being made from fabrics like rayon and cotton, ethnic sets are usually easy on your skin. They are comfortable and convenient. Moreover, you can wear the same Indian ethnic set for a casual as well as a formal outing. This is the kind of flexibility ethnic sets promise to bring you.


What else makes an ethnic set with dupatta even more desirable

The fact that they come in a wide range of beautiful prints and styles is what excites women. Also you are no longer required to visit an immaculate number of stores to find the right dupattas and bottoms.

This Indian ethnic set in beige colour is covered in beautiful floral motifs. The dupatta looks stunning with an attractive print. In fact, it is the dupatta that makes this ethnic set so appealing. The palazzo is covered in comparatively smaller but very cute floral motifs.

Multicolour Indian Ethnic Set with Dupatta

If you have a knack for everything colourful, then this is just the right ethnic set for you. Even though this ethnic sets comes with a green straight fit kurta with leggings, the dupatta is what adds an element of color into this piece.

The combination of peacock green with mustard looks outstanding. The Kurta has a mandarin collar which goes really well with ¾ sleeves. The color combination used in the dupatta is outstanding. The buttons used are delicate but sturdy. Wearing this Indian ethnic set on a formal occasion would bring out the best in any woman.

Indian Ethnic Sets with Skirt

Ethnic sets with skirts are your calling if you’re someone who likes to spice things up with each outfit you wear. Want to check some styles in trend? Go ahead.

Blue Indian Ethnic Set with Skirt

Want to break the monotony and try something new? An Indian ethnic set with skirt is what you should be looking at. Yes, you head it right- an Indian ethnic set with skirt! Have you even been in a dilemma where you wanted to wear a lehenga but also wanted to wear something light and comfortable?

Suitable in such situations, an Indian ethnic set with lehenga will make you stand out from the crowd. The body-hugging top with a flary skirt in this ethnic set tries to replicate the look of a lehenga. Lacking nowhere in grace, this ethnic set with skirt is an epitome of fine craftsmanship. The rich blue color used in this ethnic set with skirt looks fabulous. The beautiful motifs have contributed to the aesthetic of this piece.

Indian Ethnic Set with Skirt in Blue and Yellow

Rock the boho chick look in trendy Indian ethnic sets with a skirt from Shree. Flaunt your fashion because you deserve the best. You are known for what you wear. In fact, the outfits you choose speak a great deal about you. So, make sure to put your best foot forward wherever you go.

This Indian ethnic set with skirt is an amalgamation of teal with mustard, which makes an exceptional contrast. The tunic displays exquisite work on the shoulder and buttons. Overall, this outfit looks very charming and colourful. The tunic is much like a short kurta and the skirt is flared, making this outfit suitable for all women with different bodies.

The skirt is printed, and we can see some silver motifs, which have a tranquilising effect. At the lower end of the skirt, a thick border can be seen in different colours.

What is Ethnic Wear? How Celebrities Have Managed to Influence Ethnic Wear in India

India is a land of cultures and traditions. From different foods in different states to outfits, India is a land of diversity. Amidst such a diverse culture, it is hard to agree upon just a few ethnic wear outfits. Of course, a country with such a diverse culture and large population has a lot to offer. However, some the most common ethnic wear outfits in India are:

  • Saree
  • Suit
  • Lehenga
  • Kurta/Kurti
  • Salwar Kameez

Celebrities have always managed to influence ethnic wear trends in India. From sporting Indian ethnic sets at the airport to a simple Kurti with jeans at the grocery, celebrities have always introduced some classic ethnic wear trends for other women in the country to follow.

Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sara Ali Khan, Jahanvi Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have always resorted to Indian ethnic sets. They have been spotted wearing one on numerous occasions.

The styles we displayed are some Indian ethnic set styles that are #trending.

How Can I Look Stylish in Indian wear

In India, style comes to women naturally. It is always important to remember that whatever you wear, you are beautiful the way you are. Most Indian women resort to both Indian and ethnic wear for their daily outfit needs.

In fact, the fashion industry in India has grown exponentially over the years. However, to add a bit more to your style, you can pair your outfits with beautiful accessories like pendants, necklaces, bangles or bracelets and earrings. You can also drape scarves or dupattas and try out new hairstyles to achieve the desired #OOTD look.

Never miss out on style with the latest outfits and collections from Shree. Explore more styles at our Instagram page!

Happy Shopping with Shree!

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