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Indigo Dresses: A New Trend in Ethnic Wear

Indigo Dresses: A New Trend in Ethnic Wear

Indigo Dresses: A New Trend in Ethnic Wear

Indian culture and traditions have now become renowned across the world. We all refer to the customs and traditions of India as something very diverse and unique. The traditional ethnic attire makes it more vibrant and colorful. In the case of colors, there is no color left that we haven't used in our ethnic clothing. You will find a huge variety of colors in Indian clothing.

So, let’s dive into a color that has been a part of our Mother Earth, nature, and the sky. Let’s talk about Indigo color. A beautiful blend of blue and violet, Indigo is a hue that radiates power and charm. Known to open the third eye, Indigo helps us tap into our intuition. When in the presence of Indigo, we become more in tune with our perceptions. As a result, we’re more mindful of our surroundings. Plainly put, Indigo inspires us to bask in the glory and splendor of life. There is no doubt, Indigo is the color of India.

At Shree, we’ve blended this beautiful color into dresses and form many gorgeous pieces of Indigo dress. It’s one of the most lovable, comfortable, attractive, and stylish outfits.

Before we dive into our main course, you should know the importance of Indigo fashion and why are we using it in our collection:

What is Indigo Fashion?

As we discussed before, Indigo is a blend of blue and violet. And when this color is combined with the clothes, it becomes something more than just fashion. It is a new trend. In fact, Indigo fashion was once considered to be as valuable as gold, especially because it feels like royalty. It adds up real value to your personality and style.

In India, Indigo fashion is our heritage which is passing through time. It begins with traditional Indian block printing. But not only block printing, but cotton dye pattern also attracts the modern era. At Shree, we have embedded the color Indigo in our Kurtas, Kurtis, Tunics, Bottom, Ethnic sets, and Dresses.

What is Special about Indigo Dye?

The most special thing about Indigo is that, for thousands of years, it was the only good blue dye in continuation. Until the discovery of Prussian blue in the mid-eighteenth century, Indigo was the only good blue dye available in most of the world.

The Indigo dye is a natural dye extract from the leaves of some plants of the Indigofera genus, in particular, Indigofera tinctoria. Dye-bearing Indigofera plants were commonly grown and used throughout the world.

Indigo is notable for being both: more light-resistant and more wash-resistant than almost all other natural dyes.


Top 7 Trendy and Fashionable Indigo Outfit

Take a tour of the top 7 fashionable dresses that are either fully dripped in Indigo or are a similar combination.


Vibrant Navy Rayon Solid Indigo Dress

This vibrant Indigo dress is actually a two-piece set dress. It’s a dress that's a combination of solids and prints, with mirror embroidery work at the front. It has an A-line shape with a round neck and flared hem. Red stripes at the bottom of the dress hem accentuates it. The beauty of the dress is enhanced with an Indigo geometric-printed embellished short jacket. It is stylish, trendy, and comfortable. And you can style it without or with the jacket.

Styling Tips for an Indigo Dress:

  • Wear a peacock-inspired oxidized silver jhumka and antique silver bangles to make a style statement.
  • Carry an embellished clutch to add spark to your look.
  • Finish the look with nude color solid pump footwear.

You will look ravishing in this Indigo dress. If you like it, buy this gorgeous Indigo dress from Shree.


Grey & Navy Blue Shantoon Floral Indigo Dress

Navy blue colored floral prints on the beautiful grey base will win your heart. This Indigo dress is embellished with sequins work and complementary, red-colored tassels at the front. These elements will enhance the beauty of the Indigo dress. This Indigo dress gives an illusion of layered dresses. A golden strip on the hemline will illuminate the dress. And it will add an antique and gorgeous style to your look. You can wear this Indigo dress to any occasion. It is comfortable, stylish, and trendy. Plus, it is crafted with flawless liva fabric, which will drape on your body perfectly.

Styling Tips for an Indigo Dress:

  • Wear a gold-plated kundan classic jhumkas and gold-plated bracelet to add the shimmer.
  • Carry a gold tone textured clutch with a sling strap.
  • Complete the look with open toe strap heels. Will add height and sharpness to your style.

Chic yet understated, the grey color pairs fabulously with the splash of Indigo blue colors on the dress. And you get an ethnic masterpiece here!


Dark Teal Rayon Ornamental Kurta with Palazzo

Nowadays, palazzos have become a new favorite in women's closets. It is trendy, stylish, and super-comfortable. This Indigo dress has an attractive teal color Kurta with a round neck enhanced with sequin work at the front. The same embroidery work applies to the 3/4 sleeve of the Kurta. The printed work on the palazzo further upgrades the beauty of this Indigo dress. This outfit will look amazing when you wear it to a party. It will give you comfort, style, and ethnicity at the same time. This Indigo dress is made from rayon liva fabric, which perfectly drapes around your body and gives your personality a flawless demeanor.

Styling Tips for an Indigo Dress:

  • Wear a silver-toned and white handcrafted feather shaped drop earrings to give your look a bling factor.
  • Enhance the look with a silver-toned flower of life adjustable finger ring.
  • Carry an embellished envelope clutch.
  • Finish the look with open toe strap block heels.

They’re more than real clothes. They are your new style of comfort and fashion. They are your Indigo dress of the season.


Blue Rayon Geometric Kurta

This Indigo blue Kurta is a showstopper if it is in your wardrobe. It has beautiful prints and complementary radiant pink color tassel work at the front, which gives this Kurta a unique flavor. The Indigo blue Kurta design is enhanced with the gorgeous pink color piping work on it. It is an elegant piece of cloth every Indian woman should have in their closet. The rayon liva fabric gives it a flowy texture and a perfect fit. Available in all sizes, this gorgeous Kurta from Shree comes at the best prices. It's all worth it!

Styling Tips for an Indigo Blue Kurta:

  • Wear a pair of white beaded spherical drop earrings to give a complementary look to the prints of your Indigo dress.
  • Pair it up with attractive fuschia cotton solid ankle length legging. You can find that one at Shree.
  • Carry a white crystal-studded rhodium-plated link bracelet and solid handbag.
  • Complete the look with white solid pointy pump. Or if you want to prefer flats, then go with one-toe Indigo blue flats footwear.

Indigo suits every skin tone and flatters them, as a matter of fact. So, grab it today!


Off-White & Teal Cotton Printed Tunic

This timeless tunic is all you need right now. It is elegant, trendy, stylish, modern, and super-comfortable. This off-white tunic has a beautiful teal print. While this is not Indigo blue color, it belongs to the same family of colors. A beautiful knife-pleated round neck, with wooden buttons at the front attached to tassels at the bottom make this one a distinct tunic. Finely stitched and made with breathable and comfortable pure cotton fabric, this tunic is one of the best of its kind. You will look marvelous after wearing it.

Styling Tips for a Teal Tunic: 

  • Pair it up with turquoise dupion solid trousers from Shree.
  • Wear beautiful Indigo blue gem stud earrings to enhance the look.
  • Carry an off-white solid sling bag.
  • Complete the look with open-toe strap flats footwear.

Unlike other colors, you really don’t have to worry about matching your Indigo or teal outfits as they pair with almost anything. Call it an all-season color as it goes just right in all seasons.


Blue Rayon Ikat Kurta Jacket With Trouser

This Indigo Kurta with Jacket outfit is an all-rounder. You can wear it at work or on a day out. Its attractive Indigo blue color will steal the attention of the onlookers in an instant. Create a combination of classic Indigo blue and white, and you’re ready to rock your show. The Indigo blue Kurta is detailed with a white printed jacket. It has a round neck with sequin work on the front neckline. It has beautiful embroidery thread work on the kurta. The jacket has a node with a gorgeous tassel design. The white-colored trouser with a zigzag ikat print design at the bottom will upgrade the beauty of this Indigo Kurta outfit.

Styling Tips for an Indigo Kurta: 

  • Wear silver toned contemporary Jhumkas.
  • Wear a silver-plated fine bracelet with white pearls.
  • Carry an off-white-coloured solid clutch.
  • Complete the look with one toe embellished flat ethnic footwear.

Experiment with prints in this Indigo blue color and make your summer comfortable and at ease. Layer your Kurta with a chic Indigo jacket for a classy boho look. You too can be a stunner with these simple styling tips!


Navy Blue Rayon Straight Solid Kurta

When you wear this straight-fit Indigo navy-blue rayon kurta, you are sure to get plenty of attention. This Kurta has a shirt collar and buttons detailing at the front. It has 3/4 sleeves and for your comfort, our designers have added a side pocket in the Kurta. It is elegant, beautiful, attractive, comfortable, and you can easily wear it at your workplace. So, grab all the attention and buy this lovely Indigo Kurta outfit this season.

Styling Tips for an Indigo Kurta Outfit:

  • Pair it up with an attractive white solid ankle length legging.
  • Wear a gorgeous silver-plated contemporary Jhumkas.
  • Wear a wristwatch for a more professional look.
  • Carry an edgy solid handbag.
  • Complete the look with silver color solid ballerinas with bow detail.

Present your personality at work with the classic combination of white and Indigo navy blue. Add attraction and attention to your presentation with these styling tips. Let’s also check what was Indigo used for before we brought it into our wardrobes.

What was Indigo used for?

You might recall that shades of blue and purple were colors possessed by royals or the extremely rich. This is because there were very few dyestuffs that could yield such hues, especially with such vibrancy. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that Indigo was prized for its gorgeous and intangible color. European women used it as a hair dye or for their eye makeup. And women from West Africa used it for body paint and tattooing. Indigo cloth was priced at such high value that it was referred to as “blue gold,” and in darker times, the fabric was even used as currency in the slave trade.

In Japan, Indigo dyeing is referred to as ai-zome. The dye was hugely popular during the Edo period after a law restricting the lower classes from wearing silk was passed. Indigo’s colorfastness on cotton made it an ideal dye to work with.

In India, Indigo was important for the same reason as in Japan. Before the industrial era, it was the only dye other than madder that stayed permanently on cotton. Besides, the dye reacted too quickly to be used for traditional Indian block printing.

Nowadays, synthetic Indigo dominates the fashion world, but there has been a very recent resurgence in affection for the natural version in an up-to-date fashion, particularly with ikat and other traditional handmade textile techniques being so on-trend. Indigo is generally used for denim. However, now we are using it in every outfit for women.

Indigo blue color is quite a trend among fashionistas nowadays. Owing to its sheer glory and charm, online shopping of Indigo dress is at an all-time high. No, that’s not at all an overstatement. Aside from modern-day denim heads, the Indigo blue dye-plant-based has secured a prominent spot in the fashion world and everyone loves to buy the Indigo dresses, Kurtis, ethnic sets, Kurtas, bottoms, and more.

So, update your wardrobe with these Indigo dresses, Kurta or tunics and flaunt your charming personality every day.

Happy Shopping with Shree

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