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Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Best Fabrics for Kurtas in Summer

Summer is here, and with it comes the heat. The primary goal that most women have for this season is to beat the heat while looking all chic and stylish. Summers provide a great opportunity to show off our fashionable ensemble. But choosing the right fabric is a top priority. But why is choosing the best summer fabric for Kurtis so important? Of course, a country like India has a climate that is naturally warm and varies from one region to another. And in such a climate, it is important to curate garments keeping in mind, the most important factor - People.

India has a tropical monsoon type of climate. That means we experience distinct summers and winters for the most part of the year. Due to this factor, humidity plays a key role in determining what kind of fabrics we should choose. Now you definitely wouldn’t want to wear a chiffon Kurta in the winters of the north. Or, a velvet blouse in the humidity of the south or scorching heat of the North Indian states.

People across India prefer wearing different colors in different seasons. It's true that some colors absorb heat less and some more. The same attitude is upheld by Indian people for the fabrics. For each season, they need different fabrics. And that makes total sense too. The fabrics that we choose to wear determine how comfortable we feel in a particular garment. The texture, feel and fitting of the garment and the fabric, for that matter, is enough to judge whether we need it or not.

For instance, the summer season demands us to wear short and light-colored clothes. If we speak of the fabric, it should be breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly. This is why Shree has come up with sustainable fashi on. We are curating fashion that can contribute to the environment. We are doing this by portraying our stance on climate change . This is why Shree brought forth the best summer fabrics for Kurtis this season. You'd be able to get the best summer fabrics in an unbeatable collection of summer styles.

Youngsters are now attracted to brands that promise to deliver an unbeatable collection. A collection that endows High Quality, Top Fashion, and Unbeatable Price. Shree does exactly that for you. But it also offers you something more than that. If we talk about clothing brands, young customers are smart in choosing what they wear. They have plenty of options to choose from. In such a state of affairs, it becomes more important to communicate the values a brand stands by. For example, almost every brand uses the same kinds of summer fabrics - rayon, fleece, cotton. But the question posed is that what sets a particular brand apart from its competitors? Why should a customer choose a particular brand over others? What does it have to offer?

Well, Shree sets itself apart from its competitors by offering the best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis.

Summer brings forth an unbeatable collection in high-quality and top fashion. It includes everything from trendy Kurtas, occasion Kurta to casual Kurta. And all at an unbeatable price. But before we jump on to beautiful Kurtas that leave us in awe, let's look at us some best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis.

What are Some Best Summer Fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis?

Before we dive into detailing some of the best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis, let us learn what type of garment we should ideally be looking for. As for women, summer puts forth more dressing options as compared to men. Professional settings demand you to wear trousers/pants with shirts. But you know what the best part of being a woman is? You can always pick up a trendy Kurtas and don it as corporate wear for the office. You can throw on a tunic with leggings or Kurta with matching bottoms, a casual Kurta or even an occasion Kurta. After all, we love wearing ethnic every now and then!

As for fabrics, below are some high-quality fabrics you can opt for this summer:

1. Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis : Cotton

Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis

Brief History of Cotton Fabric

The word cotton has an Arabic origin as it is derived from an Arabic word ‘qutun’. Let's skip to the significance of cotton in the Indian subcontinent. Early cotton cultivation dates back to the land of Mehrgarh, now in Pakistan. Its latest archaeological discoveries say that the use of cotton date back to 5000 BCE. The Indus Valley Civilization started cultivating cotton by 3000 BCE.

The cotton textile industry was responsible for a large chunk of Mughal empire’s international trade. Indian cotton textiles were the most important manufactured goods in world trade in the 18th Century. And as for modern India in the British era, Bengal province became the most important center for cotton production in no time.

Why Should You Wear Cotton Clothes in Summer?

We tend to sweat more in the summer season. It is the prime reason why most people wish to go for soft, lightweight and breathable summer fabrics. Cotton fabric tends to own all three qualities. But what makes it the most ideal fabric for summer? Well, it's the fact that it has strong water-absorbent properties. Hence, cotton clothes absorb our sweat and introduce an environment for evaporation. This way, the body takes out the heat as sweat evaporates from our body. The cotton fabric also provides for better air circulation and keeps us cool.

Top Fashion Cotton Kurtas for Summer

Cotton is the most widely worn fabric, not only in the Indian subcontinent but all around the globe. But, in a country like India, with a humid climate, people prefer to wear light and breathable garments. It's always great if the garments are made with cotton fabric.

When it comes to stylish Kurtis and Kurtas, women love to wear something comfortable. As a modern woman who is conscious of her choices, you would turn to high quality, cotton Kurta for summer. Adorned with beautiful floral motifs, you can go for a similar cotton Kurta as shown in the image above. The best part about these cotton Kurtas is that they are suitable for all occasions. You can wear them for casual outings to office parties. A stylish cotton Kurta never betrays.

Second Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis: Rayon

Top Fashion Cotton Kurtas for Summer

Summer brings us closer to lightweight fabrics, which is why in the list of summer fabrics, rayon comes amongst the top ones.

Believe it or not, rayon as a fabric has gained immense popularity in no time. It is one of the best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis which is widely available in all marketplaces and e-commerce websites, you would observe a wide variety of beautiful Kurtas in rayon flaunting different patterns, styles and designs. But what makes this fabric so special? Before diving into this, let us first know what rayon actually is.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is an artificial textile material. It is composed of regenerated and purified cellulose derived from plant sources. It was developed in the late 19th century as a substitute for silk and was the first manmade fiber.
Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber used in a wide variety of textiles and garments like bedspreads, sports and active wear including Kurtis and Kurtas as well.

Brief History of Rayon Fabric

The term ‘rayon’ was coined in 1924 as a generic term for regenerated cellulose fiber. In 1880’s, the “Father of Rayon” Frenchman Count Hillaire de Chardonette made a groundbreaking discovery. He observed that nitrocellulose form rags or wood pulp could be turned into fiber, thread and eventually fabric.

Why Should you opt for a Kurta in Rayon?

Some of the many characteristics of rayon that make it one of the best summer fabrics for Kurtas are-

• It has a soft, smooth and comfortable texture that is soft and even silky to touch and feel which means that you can opt for a rayon Kurta even on the hottest days of summer when you wish to wear something that just doesn’t hug your bodice.
• Rayon has a shiny surface; it is lustrous and adds beauty to the overall look and ornamentation of an outfit, precisely a Kurta.
• Owing to its look and fall, rayon is often referred to as a ‘fluid fabric’ or ‘fluid drape’ which implies that it hangs and moves with the body in a flowy way, similar to a liquid. It will give a flowy look to your Kurti or ethnic dress, making it fall beautifully over your bosom.
• Rayon also possesses moisture absorbent properties which means that it is not water repellant and is actually more absorbent than cotton. This absorbency makes rayon an ideal fabric for hot and humid weather since it absorbs moisture from the skin.

Why is a Rayon Kurtas apt for your Summer

Since rayon is a smooth, shiny and drapey fabric, it is ideal for weaving Kurtas and Kurtis and even ethnic dresses. Looking for an inspiration? Check out our latest collection of rayon Kurtas in floral and geometric prints available at an unbeatable price.

Floral prints in combinations of different hues are gaining immense popularity among all women- young and mature. The same can be said for geometric prints that incorporate beautiful yet intricate detailing in their patterns and motifs. Such detailing is evident of fine craftsmanship which in turn portrays how conscious you are of your fashion choices.

Since rayon is a budget friendly fabric, Kurtis and Kurtas made with this fabric aren’t likely to dig holes in your pockets. Rayon Kurtas in ornamental prints would make an ideal occasion Kurta as well as a casual Kurta because the fabrics luster possesses silk like properties and also kind of looks like it.

Third Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis: LIVA Fabric

By now, you may have heard a lot about LIVA fabric, claiming how it is the ultimate ‘fluid’ fabric. Shree has turned towards LIVA fabric owing to many factors. And why wouldn't it? With LIVA Fabric, Shree gets to choose the environment without compromising upon fashion.

Third Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis

How is LIVA Fabric Different from Other Summer Fabrics?

Some features that set LIVA fabric apart from other fabrics is that it is highly sustainable . Since LIVA is made with nature-based fabrics, it saves six to seven times more land in comparison to cotton and consume three to four times lesser water. It is evident that LIVA fabrics are safe for the environment. Second, the fabrics are made with cellulose, which lends it qualities like breathability and absorption, making it suitable to wear in summers.

A LIVA Kurti drapes like magic over your bosom, flowing and falling, giving you an attractive look. What sets this summer fabric apart is that it has a natural luster or shine which would definitely add a touch of elegance to your Kurta.

Why to Buy LIVA Fabric Kurtas and Kurtis?

LIVA like rayon and cotton, is one of the best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis. Kurtis and Kurtas made with LIVA fabric are breathable and comfortable, they are also referred to as ‘fluid fashion’ because of the way they fall over your body. You may observe that a LIVA Kurti is durable, which means that it remains intact even after several washes. The color of the garment remains bright throughout and does not become dull easily.

Fourth Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis: Cotton Dobby

Fourth Best Summer Fabric for Kurtas and Kurtis

You may be wondering how cotton fabric is different from cotton dobby fabric? To your surprise, there is not much difference between the two expect the way they are textured. Dobby is in fact a woven cotton fabric that is produced on a dobby loom, characterized by extra texture in cloth. Dobby in most cases features a simple and repeated geometric pattern.

When to Wear a Cotton Dobby Kurta?

The beauty of a cotton dobby ethnic set is that is versatile yet simple. A dobby ethnic set is suitable for all occasions, be it a casual one or a formal one. Dobby fabric makes great occasion Kurtas as well as casual Kurtas, and add a touch of elegance to your overall outfit.

How to Wash Your Cotton Dobby Kurta Set?

Dobby fabrics are very delicate and demand maintenance with care. You must hand-wash garments made with this fabric in cold water with a mild liquid detergent.

Whether you wear a casual Kurta or a pocket wala Kurta, what matters the most is the fabric. You surely wouldn’t want to wear an uncomfortable ensemble on a hot or humid summer day. Choose your comfort without compromising fashion by opting for the right fabric.

Witness a wide variety of high quality, stylish Kurtis and Kurtas at Shree. Now find an unbeatable collection featuring the best summer fabrics for Kurtas and Kurtis at our website.

Stay updated with the latest fashion only with Shree – The Indian Avatar.

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