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Make a Switch to the Latest Long Kurta Designs for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Make a Switch to the Latest Long Kurta Designs for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Make a Switch to the Latest Long Kurta Designs for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Amidst the hustle-bustle of a busy city, the noises, and the lights, what one may yearn for is a break. A weekend getaway to a nearby resort or a hill station sounds perfect. Women love to look fashionable wherever they go, be it a casual outing or a formal one. Doesn’t matter if they have to wait in long queues to find the latest long kurtas or dresses. They won’t leave a chance to look for an unbeatable collection. Most often women would look for garments that feature top fashion and high quality; all in one. After all, why leave the opportunity to dress suitable for the weekend getaway? Haven’t you been waiting for it for so long!

Weekend getaways are special, be it with your beau, family, or friends. You make countless memories of these getaways. And what else can better document those memories other than some fun photographs? We’d say that photographs are fun but better when you have the right backdrop. And the right people and of course, beautiful outfits are the best add-ons to this. Isn’t that what most women look at when they approve of a pic, especially to upload it on Instagram? Well, here’s how you make sure that your outfit is Instagram-worthy!

Let’s be real; an uncomfortable ensemble is the last thing you would want to wear on a road trip. Imagine yourself wearing body-hugging clothes for several hours in a car. It often seems to trigger some degree of claustrophobia.

We prefer comfortable PJs and t-shirts. But for that, we are often required to compromise with our style quotient. Usually while weighing your outfit options, you may face a difficult choice. Whether to go for style or comfort. Heart says style but the brain suggests comfort. Oh, what a dilemma!

Has it ever occurred to you that there may be an outfit that would answer all your style-cum-comfort needs? An outfit that would let you choose both style and comfort? We’ve been talking about Kurtas as the daily vastr for a fairly long time. Thanks to its defining features; we are going to talk about it a lot more.

We have been a witness to the transition from suits to ethnic sets, and from that to basic cotton Kurtas. Women’s ethnic fashion has seen innumerable variations. Now the basic cotton Kurta is not basic anymore. With the latest designs and styles, the staple garment of India has also become one of the world’s most fashionable outfits to ever exist. The best thing about a Kurta is that it provides a wide scope for customization. You can find different kinds of Kurtas as per your needs.

The modern woman has finally taken the steering of life into her own hands. She does as she pleases while caressing her loved ones. She is soft but is bold. She has developed a clearer vision of what she wants. Gone are the times when women all over the world had to fit into tight and uncomfortable clothes. Only to resemble a voluptuous goddess because they were told so. The modern woman accepts and worships her body the way it is, no terms and conditions applied. She prefers clothing that identifies as skin-friendly and breathable. It is increasingly important for brands to curate garments that match the needs of women. In the past few years, comfort has become the main factor that women look for in their garments. It requires skilled designers to make a garment that is trendy yet comfortable.

The latest long Kurtas in the fashion world have intertwined grace with comfort. The material that is used to make these long Kurtas is breathable and is chosen to suit all seasons. Let us go through a list of the latest long Kurta designs. Explore from an unbeatable collection a classy range of the latest long Kurtas. See for yourself how top fashion intermingles with high quality to form your favorite Kurta. Get hold of a long Kurta that you can feel comfy in on your weekend getaway.


1. Latest Long Kurtas in Mustard

Latest Long Kurtas in Mustard

Here are attractive hues of mustard covered in floral motifs in shades of pink, olive green, and brown. Wear this beautiful Kurta on your weekend getaway and let heads turn as you move. Let the flowers uplift your mood and bring a breath of fresh air to your look. What makes this latest long Kurta an ideal outfit for all your weekend getaways? Well, it’s the fact that you can also wear it as a knee-length dress.

Long Kurta designs like these feature a boat neckline, defining your collar bones. A V-neck Kurta would also serve this purpose well. Besides, floral prints look aesthetic, and make sure that your Kurta identifies as a top fashion trend. Long Kurtas usually flaunt a straight hemline but you can also go for one with an A-line silhouette. 

Bottoms That You Can Pair with Floral Long Kurta Designs

Planning to buy suitable bottoms to pair with your long Kurta? Make sure you consider the fall and fitting of the Kurta. For example, with a loose-fitted long Kurta, go for tight-fitted bottoms. You can choose leggings or cigarette pants with such a Kurta.


2Latest Long Kurtas in Stripes

Latest Long Kurtas in Stripes

There is something so meticulous about a striped long Kurta design. Unlike many other prints, stripes add a bit of professionalism to your outfit. It makes the garment fit for office use.However, do not limit the essence of stripes only to your office wardrobe. Pair your latest long Kurta design in stripes with matching bottoms, chic sunglasses. Keep your hair open for an extra style.Voila, you’re all set for your weekend getaway.

A classic striped long Kurta is fit for any or every occasion there is. From office parties, to casual outings and even weekend getaways, a Kurta never betrays. You can always go for different kinds of stripes in different color combinations. That would give you a chance to experiment with your looks.For instance, you can go for diagonal stripes or perhaps, a zigzag pattern. 

How to Wear Stripes to Suit Your Body?

Women who have a straight or banana-shaped body with a slender or boyish figure should go for thick horizontal stripes in areas where they want to have curves. Thick stripes around the waist and bust help create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Petite women should go for vertical stripes as they give the wearer an illusion of height. 

Bottoms That You Can Pair with Latest Long Kurta Designs

To add grace to your long Kurta in stripes, it is advisable that you pair it with solid-colored bottoms. Make sure that the color you choose falls in contrast to the color of the stripes in your latest long Kurta design. Make sure to choose straight fit bottoms like leggings or cigarette pants.


3. Latest Long Kurtas in Floral Print

Latest Long Kurtas in Floral Print

There is something very tasteful about designer long Kurtas. The fit, the make, the color combinations, the designs, it's all great. Wearing a designer long Kurta would have you turning heads on any occasion. Be it a casual one or a formal one, a distinguished latest long Kurta never betrays.

This designer long Kurta displays orange on orange color combination. It flaunts a round neckline with a straight hem. The cute floral print that adorns this designer kurtas exhibits nature. It has always inspired us to create products that are durable and sustainable. But you can also go for other similar latest long Kurta designs in floral print.

We believe that floral prints are symbolic of nature. They relax and calm your mind. A beautiful long Kurta adorned with subtle floral prints would make the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway. Vintage floral prints are much in trend these days. And it would be safe to say that prints that rocked the 90’s are coming back. 

Different Types of Floral Patterns to Look for in Your Latest Long Kurta Designs

  • Vintage Floral Prints
  • Tropical Floral Patterns
  • Abstract or Stylized Floral Patterns 

Bottoms That You Can Pair with Latest Long Kurtas

When you’re wearing a floral Kurta, you must choose a bottom that would highlight the floral motifs. For this purpose, you can opt for solid pastel or light-colored bottoms.


4. Latest Long Kurtas in Solid Color

Latest Long Kurtas in Solid Color

One may hold the misconception can solid-colored Kurtas are too simple or maybe even dull. But a stylish solid Kurta for a weekend getaway won’t hurt. If you are someone who believes that solid-colored Kurtas are in fact too bland, but also elemental, if this dilemma haunts you day in and day out, it is finally the time to bid adieu to your outfit blues. Thanks to the ever-dynamic fashion industry, we can now find a large variety of styles and designs even in a basic solid Kurta.

Solid Kurta, like the one shown above showcases a bright and beautiful hue of yellow or mustard. The mandarin neckline flaunts a button-down style with a cute tassel design. The floral print on the neckline is noteworthy and aesthetic. However, this Kurta is actually an ethnic set that comes with floral printed pants. The sides of the Kurta flaunt doris with tassels. The color of this Kurta makes it the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway. 

Latest Long Kurta Designs You Can Go For

  • Solid long Kurta with detailed neckline
  • Solid long Kurta with dori and tassels
  • Classic Solid colored long Kurta
  • Solid long Kurta with ornamental lace design 

Bottoms That You Can Pair with Latest Long Kurta in Solid Color

Solid long Kurtas require bottoms that are patterned or are adorned with subtle motifs. Furthermore, the type of bottom you choose highly depends upon the fit and hem of theKurta. For example, if you are wearing a loose-fitted latest long Kurta designlike regular fit or A-line silhouette, go for tight-fitted bottoms like leggings or cigarette pants.


5. Latest Long Kurtas in Pastel Shades

Latest Long Kurtas in Pastel Shades

Pink is a color that combines the passion of red with the purity of white. It is symbolic of femininity, tenderness, and nurturing. When we think about summer, all that comes to our mind is floral prints on powder hues. Just by the look of it, this Kurta looks like the perfect outfit for a weekend getaway. Made with cotton, such Kurtas guarantee comfort and convenience, without interfering with or compromising style.

Make a style statement with this strawberry-pink-long Kurta from Shree. It’s adorned with beautiful flower motifs all over with a hint of blue tint starting from the neckline all the way down to the hem. 

Other Pastel Shade Long Kurta Designs You Can opt For

  • Pink long Kurta with motifs
  • Mauve long Kurta with embroidery
  • Pista green ornamental long Kurta
  • Lavender long Kurta with floral motifs 

Different Ways to Style a Long Kurta

  • Pair it with bottoms like jeans and trousers to create a modern look.
  • Drape a matching dupatta with the long Kurta.
  • Carry a stylish scarf or drape one around your neck.
  • Wear subtle jewelry.


6. Latest Long Kurtas with Jacket

Latest Long Kurtas with Jacket

The best part about wearing a Kurta is that you can style it in any way you like. It can be with jeans, ornaments or even a jacket. Jacket wala Kurta is relatively a newer concept in the fashion industry. First worn by Parineeti Chopra in the Bollywood movie Ishaqzaade, jacket wala Kurta became an instant trend sported by almost every young girl. Since Parineeti’s was a powerful character, the jacket Kurta became symbolic of power.

The trend lives on even after all these years. The jacket in Jacket wala Kurta has seen some distinct modifications. Now, jackets are made not only with short Kurtas but with long Kurtas as well. Shown above is an example from Shree latest unbeatable collection of long Kurtas. The whitecut-sleeved jacket, adorned with floral print at the hem goes very well with the corallong Kurta and pants.


Why Should you Wear a Jacket with your Latest Long Kurta?

  • Jackets add a touch of elegance to your outfit.
  • Jackets can make a simple Kurta look interesting.
  • Wearing a jacket with Kurta communicates that you are up-to-date with the latest trends. 

The fashion markets are brimming with the latest long Kurta designs. There’s so much to look at and buy. Most long Kurtas in the market speak style and emanate confidence. Different designs and styles woven with high-quality fabrics are filling up the shelves pretty fast. And all of this under an unbeatable collection available at unbeatable prices. Make a long Kurta yours; head to Shree today. Witness an unbeatable collection featuring high quality and top fashion at unbeatable prices.

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