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Style Up with Best Ethnic Dress Designs This Summer

Style Up with Best Ethnic Dress Designs This Summer

Style Up with Best Ethnic Dress Designs This Summer

Summertime and tan lines - it is that time of the year when you are at your best. Soft skin, bold hues and beautiful hair; you have it all. Dear lord, we absolutely love summer!

But in retrospect, we may not love what comes with this season. There’s nothing that can make us forget the scorching heat and dripping sweat. It ends up ruining almost all our cute outfit plans.
The biggest concern that Indian women often face when it comes to clothing is the fitting. Thanks to our voluptuous bodies, we refrain from wearing anything that might be too bold in our understanding of fashion. In such situations, women have always succumbed to wearing ethnic sets. They’ve picked sets that tend to hide everything that is beautiful about their bodies. The conventional meaning of a dress confined women to buy this beautiful garment. They would believe that only modern women can wear a dress. Brands like Shree have solved this problem with grace. The emergence of ethnic dress designs have provided more options in ethnic wear fashion to women.

Initially, women wore clothes that they didn’t like much only to abide by the conventions. Imagine wearing an uncomfortable ethnic set featuring stonework in the summer season! Now, thanks to countless revolutions, women demand their clothing to be comfortable. They need comfort without compromising with the quality and, of course, style.
Understanding and curating garments that will suit the modern ‘stree’ is no cakewalk. Brands like Shree have worked hard to come up with garments that have all aspects. Style, design, comfort and fitting; Shree's dresses have it all.

Kurtis and Kurtas have made it to our list of favorites. Worn by many in India, Kurtas have become a staple in no time, all because of the product’s value and durability. Another similar garment that can come to your rescue this summer is an ethnic dress. Excellent design mingled with comfort forms Shree's ethnic dress designs. These are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Set a trend with top fashion ethnic dress designs. Florals prints, tropical prints or solid colors; make the most out of an unbeatable collection offered by Shree. What’s awesome about an ethnic dress is the scope of styling it with add-ons like footwear or accessories. An ethnic dress paired with silver junk jewelry, be it from Janpath or Colaba, is sure to make your outfit trendy.

To enhance your style knowledge, here are a few ethnic dress designs that you can opt for. Feel free to try our recommendations or create your own. After all, fashion is dynamic; it never stops. So keep experimenting and creating top fashion trends. Make a lasting impression with these summer ethnic dresses.


Beat the Heat with Stylish Ethnic Dresses this Season

Why should you opt for a summer dress this summer? Kurtas are perfect, and stylish too. But why not experiment with other similar garments or try a new look? Well, here are a few garments that can add life to your wardrobe. Explore a range of ethnic dress designs from Shree. And flaunt an unbeatable fashion sense this season.


1. Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design with Dori for Casual Outings

Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design with Dori for Casual Outings

There is something so chic and liberating about an ethnic dress design with dori. The sleek dori hugs you in the right places, creating a flare at the hem. It is very important to understand your body type before you shop for a dress. You obviously want your cute dresses to look great on you. A flared dress is suitable for almost all body types. But we would not recommend such a fit to women with apple-shaped bodies. Do not feel disheartened though, you can always go for other styles and designs. A wraparound dress can be your secret weapon.

A flared dress falls smooth over your body, giving you immense confidence to seize the day. Here’s a friendly reminder, you are beautiful when you feel beautiful. When looking for the perfect flared dress, you can always go for the common floral or tropical prints. But if you choose to describe yourself as free spirited or the modern naari, you can also go for boho prints or fusion prints. Or you can choose prints that are symbolic of the modern Indian culture.

Styling a Flared Dress

You can style such a dress in many ways. For example, if you wish to look like a desi girl, you can always pair this dress with matching leggings or trousers. And dazzle up with subtle jewelry. But, if you wish to sport an ethnic look, you can wear it as it is, like a dress or pair it with your favorite jeans.


2. Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design for College/Office Wear

Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design for College/Office Wear

There are many valid reasons for women to prefer long dresses over short dresses in summer. Long dresses are comfortable and are usually made with breathable fabrics like cotton and fleece. Such dresses keep you cool and moving on a hot summer day. The best part about a long dress is that you don't need to wear fitted leggings or pants with them. You can avoid tight bottoms sticking to your skin and making you sweaty. Also, in comparison to a short dress, a long dress wouldn’t tan your legs and the scope for a heat burn is also low. 

Long printed ethnic dress designs are youthful and elegant. So if you are a college/ office going girl, a long printed ethnic dress is likely to stay in your wardrobe for a long time. Some beautiful prints that you can go for while choosing a long dress are: 

Ornamental Print 

Floral Print 

Geometric Print 


Styling a Printed Ethnic Dress

How to make your long printed ethnic dress look more interesting? 

Uplift your look with an open hairstyle or a French braid to flaunt your jhumkas. You can also wear silver/junk jewelry and maybe carry a simple sling bag to complete your look. The color combination that you will choose will also have a significant impact on your overall look. Wear a combination of hot and cool hues like blue with white, green with lime or the classic black and white, and so on. The key is to never stop experimenting with your look. 


3. Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design in White

Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design in White

Summer season is definitely the best time to flaunt those serene whites. After all, can you think of any other color that can really beat the look of white in summers? Plus, it is a well-known fact that wearing whites in summer keeps you cool and comfortable. It’s been a while since we’ve been hearing this. Imagine the comfort a white ethnic dress design will provide. Just thinking of it gives us immense pleasure!

Shades of white go well with all other colors, be it hues of red, blue, green or even yellow. This makes it easy for designers and brands to curate attractive dresses with an ethnic touch.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, go for a white ethnic dress. You can also customise your white dresses by dyeing them in shades you like. One such print that you may be able to spot all over Instagram reels and stories is the tie-and-dye print on white. 

You can also buy similar dresses online. Or look for prints like ornamental, floral with pastel-colored motifs or even geometric.

It's observed that some women refrain from wearing white. They believe that it looks transparent. But there's always a solution to everything. You can combat this by wearing a white or off-white camisole underneath a white dress. 

Remember to be comfortable in your skin and seize the day with a white dress.

How to take proper care of your white ethnic dress? 

• Wash your white ethnic dress and other colored garments separately. 

• If possible, try to wash your ethnic dress by hand. 

• Try to dry your white ethnic dress outside. 

• Avoid staining your dress.

• Always use a fabric softener. 


4. Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design with Embroidery

Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design with Embroidery

We have talked about almost all kinds of ethnic dresses and their suitability for every occasion. But for some reason, many women believe that an ethnic dress design is not appropriate for a formal outing. And here we are, all set to defy this myth.

Just like an ethnic set or a Kurta, an ethnic dress design featuring embroidery can be donned on all occasions. Be it a casual one or formal, embroidered garments works well for every event. We tend to believe that anything that provides us immense comfort does not fall in the category of formal or party wear.

We have talked about how women are conditioned to believe that their clothing need not be comfortable but only elegant. Some dresses may not be suitable for formal wear but Indian ethnic wear brands are coming up with versatile styles and designs to match a modern woman’s numerous needs. Also, the conditioning has to change now because Shree has come up with stylish ethnic dress designs, without compromising upon the comfort.

A dress, like the one in the image above, is suitable for casual outings as well as formal ones. Whether it is a Sunday outing with the family or an office party, you can look graceful anytime, anywhere with this dress.


Styling an Embroidered Ethnic Dress

A green dress like this one flaunts intricate detailing like piping, embroidery, handwork, etc. What makes this dress special is the hand embroidery and the hand-stitched neckline, which is evident of fine craftsmanship. To style it up nicely, you can make good use of the dori that acts as a belt. The dori or tie-up is made with yarn and ends in cute tassels. You can wear this dress with a matching pair of drop earrings or studs. Add a sling bag and throw those block heels on; you’re good to go and slay at a party.


5. Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design Featuring a Jacket

Long Printed Ethnic Dress Design Featuring a Jacket

The jacket wala kurta has been there for a while and has gained immense popularity in no time. With actresses and influencers imitating this look, the jacket Kurta has become a trend that is symbolic of power. But Shree has not kept the jacket only limited to Kurtas. Now you can also wear matching jackets over long ethnic dresses too.

Be it a Kurta or a dress, a jacket adds charm to the overall outfit. A jacket with praiseworthy ornamentation or print over a solid-colored dress would make a killer outfit. Not only will it serve as a breather from your usual outfit, trying new trends sends a message that you are serious about how you present yourself. And of course, it communicates that you are up-to-date with the latest trends.

You can find such dresses online easily. But to be specific about this piece from Shree, you can grab it for an excellent price from an unbeatable collection. This dress comes with a jacket adorned in beautiful motifs that match with the solid coral color. With handwork on the neckline and sleeves, this ethnic dress design flaunts an embroidered midriff.


Styling an Ethnic Dress with Jacket

The cutest feature of this long ethnic dress can be seen in the midway tie up of the jacket that ends with tassels. Since this dress is ankle-length, you don’t need to add a bottom to it. However, you can add an anklet to adorn your bare ankles. For footwear, you can wear wedges with this dress. Add some accessories in coral or indigo blue color, and your outfit is complete.


6. Long Printed Frock-Style Ethnic Dress Design with Tie-Up

Long Printed Frock-Style Ethnic Dress Design with Tie-Up

Nowadays, almost all women shop for garments keeping in mind the way they’ll style it in different ways or as per the latest trends. Young women spend a lot of time suiting up for different occasions. And as a brand, it is upon us to help them fulfil this purpose with stylish clothing that does not compromise with their comfort.

Most of Shree’s Kurtas have a fit and flare fitting so that they can fulfil the dual purpose- that of a Kurta and a dress. And the garment in the image is one example of that. This off-white dress flaunts a zig zag pattern with subtle motifs on the sides. There are beads at the midriff, followed by a knotted dori, ending with cute tassels. While this Kurta is typically worn with black pants, you can always carry it like a dress leaving out the bottoms.

Styling a Frock-Style Ethnic Dress

Wear this long ethnic dress with bottoms that are tight around the ankles, like leggings, cigarette pants or trousers. Perfect for all occasions, this is the dress that you would want in your summer wardrobe for sure. Add a set of sparkling pearl-white earrings to the outfit, and make heads turn!

Pamper yourself with our latest picks for summer. Find a long printed ethnic dress design for all occasions only at byshree.com.

Happy shopping!

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