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Winter Special Discounts Make Their Way To Shree

Winter Special Discounts Make Their Way To Shree

Winter Special Discounts Make Their Way To Shree

There is a chill in the air and this is the time of the year, when those summery outfit give way to clothes that are warmer and thicker. You want clothes that will keep you snug and warm during the cold days and colder nights, but in most cases, people end up in the same boring colours of black, navy and grey. As a matter of fact, the whole world starts to look like they are dressed in similar shades, because most winter wear almost always comes in those handful of colours.

However, for the forever fashion conscious, there is always the craving of something that will keep them looking trendy, no matter what the weather outside. They want to look good and capture as much positive attention as possible and during the winters, the easiest way is to wear a colour that is out of the ordinary.

Shree brings an entire range of outfits that are meant for the fashionista who wants to look trendy, all year round. From long sleeved kurtas and cardigans, to dresses and capes that are bound to take your breath away, Shree has so much to offer in its latest winter fashion collection, that you will most certainly pick up more than one outfit. What is even greater is the fact that the brand new collection comes with incredible discounts!

Normally, you get to enjoy discounts at the end of season, mainly because these clothes will no longer be required for that season; but at Shree we like to do things a little differently, which is why we offer the heavy discounts, right at the beginning of the season. With discounts going up to 70%, there is no reason why you should not get shopping right now!

At Shree, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of the fashion world, which is why we are always able to offer outfits that are in keeping with the latest trends and the likings of the customers. This year, we bring to you a range of outfits that are designed to add warmth and colour to your otherwise dull winter wardrobe. From bright mustards to pastel teals, we have so much to offer and with the incredible discounts, there is no reason for you not to shop.

Our latest winter collection has a range of kurtas, crafted using thicker cottons and acrylic fabric that will give you the warmth you need during the cold. However, we have opted to use colours that are often associated with spring and summer. The combination of the material and the colour ensures that you look every inch the diva that you are! You can choose from kurtas that are in solid colours or if you are someone who wants a little more than that, there are several printed kurtas to choose from. Keeping in mind the cold days and colder nights, we have created almost all these kurtas with long sleeves.

There is also a range of long cardigans and capes that are the perfect addition to any outfit – Indian or wester. Created using the finest quality fabric, these cardigans and capes can be worn over kurtas or jeans, and not only will you have a unique fashion statement, you will always have an outfit that will keep you comfortable. In case, you are looking for complete outfits, then too Shree has several options for you – whether you are looking for something with palazzo pants or the more stylish dhobi pants, we have it! We have plenty of kurta sets that combine a gorgeous long sleeved kurta with matching pants or palazzos.

And for those who feel that the winter months are that time of the years, when you have to lock away your skirts, we bring a range of kurta sets where the kurta is teamed with long skirts. Wear a pair of thermal pants underneath and you are all set to rock the skirt look too, even on the colder winter day. Or how about a sleeveless dress for the picnic lunch, because with a matching long cardigan, you would be ready for it all – when the day starts to wear on, simply slip in the cardigan and you are back to being warm.

So, what are you waiting for, because the discounts will not wait for long!

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