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Do you have these Latest Ethnic Wear Designs in your Summer Wardrobe?

Do you have these Latest Ethnic Wear Designs in your Summer Wardrobe?

Do you have these Latest Ethnic Wear Designs in your Summer Wardrobe

Over the years, ethnic wear has made its place deep into the wardrobes of women across India. No matter how westernized the fashion industry gets, ethnic wear designs remain timeless. There’s no doubt that every woman has a whole section meant only for ethnic wear in her wardrobe. Ethnic wear comprises everything ranging from Kurtas, Kurtis to Ethnic Sets. The western outlook in fashion has submerged ethnic wear with western wear. These days, designers fashion ethnic wear designs in a fusion. The fusion mingles motifs from India’s culture with western silhouettes. And you can see the biggest example of this in ethnic dresses.

Fashion designers across the world have been focusing on adding comfort to garments. Earlier, the basis of the demand for garments was style and trend. But, this has changed in the due course. Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about what they wear. It’s not just about the style anymore; women also think about the comfort and convenience of their clothes. That is why even in India, designers have shifted their focus to convenience while keeping the style quotient intact.

If there’s one category that is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, then it is ethnic wear. An Indian woman’s closet will be filled with sarees, Kurtas, ethnic dresses and tops. Along with all her western dresses and tops, a special space for ethnic wear will always entail in her wardrobe. This is why designers in India have begun to specialize in developing ethnic wear designs.

The culture of India has been passed on to several generations, and it won’t be a lie if we say that our culture is now deeply-rooted in our understanding and perspectives. The fashion industry is not naïve to the Indian culture. It has also embodied whatever remains of our culture. Indian fashion witnessed a boom in the 1980s with only a handful of designers. As more and more years passed, there has been a continuous and stabilized Indian fashion. Fashion experts say that this has been possible because of women’s love for ethnic garments. From sherwanis to salwar kameez, the Indian ethnic fashion is boundless.

As a prominent ethnic wear brand, we couldn’t agree more with this. Our designers seek inspiration from the by-lanes of Rajasthan or the intriguing prints of Gujarat to develop ethnic wear designs. They pick bits and pieces from different cultures existing in India, and curate ethnic wear designs that are ultimately “unbeatable”.
Want to look your best in the latest ethnic wear designs? Well, go ahead and check some summer ethnic wear designs that are a must-have wardrobe essentials.


1. Allow your Kurta’s Tie-Up to Speak for You

One of the latest ethnic wear designs that have been peaking in the fashion world is the tie-up design. You’ll notice many Kurtas that have a tie-up for the waist or side dori tie-up. These are popular because women like to wear clothes that flatter their body. If a garment doesn’t make you feel complete, then what’s point of it right?

Well, building upon the same perspective, our designers have curated a range of Kurtas that come with stylish tie-ups. Observe the image, and you’ll see a tie-up ending in tassels. The unique part about this Kurta is that it has the tie-up on the placement print. It allows you to get your Kurta into that perfect fitting and tie it up uniquely, all the while looking fashionable.

Allow your Kurta’s Tie-Up to Speak for You

Add Grace to your Trendy wala Kurta by Pairing it with a Palazzo

These days, looking fashionable is all about styling your clothes accurately. Be it western wear or modern wear, styling right lets you take a back seat and feel like a fashionista. We bring to you a perfect tip to style a Kurta that has a tie-up dori or placement print.

A pro tip is that let your Kurta flow flawlessly over your body. Let it lose and don’t tighten that dori. Now pair it with a palazzo that matches the color of the placement print. As an example, the mustard Kurta in the image has a deep green placement placket on one side. Pairing a matching deep green palazzo with this Kurta is a great idea.

Another tip is that you can add a touch of grace to your outfit by wearing heels with it. A palazzo set always look good with heels. But when you do that, make sure you tighten the tie-up a bit. A well-shaped garment goes well with heels.

2. A Sea-Green Tunic to Take All Hearts Away

Ethnic wear designs that flow in western clothes like the tunics or tops are quite popular these days. And what could be a better example of this than ethnic tops? The increasing admiration for ethnic tunics and tops is enough proof that we, Indians, are still quite close to our ethnicity. We’d love to have a western top in our wardrobe, but it would be nice if the top embodies a deeply ethnic design.

Do you even need styling tips for a tunic that fits so well around your body? Hopefully not! Nevertheless, there’s always scope for something better. A sea-green tunic like the one shown in the image comes in a flowy rayon fabric. The moment you put it on, your entire look shifts. You begin to look like a young girl. After all, that’s the point of wearing tunics. It makes you look younger!

A Sea-Green Tunic   to Take All Hearts Away

Style up your Short Casual Tunic by Adding Drop Earrings

No, we’re not saying that drop earrings are the only accessory you can add to your sea-green tunic. But we certainly assert that those are the best accessory to mate to your tunic look.

If you’re buying a straight-cut tunic, then you can always wear danglers or hoops and pencil heels for footwear. But if you have your heart stolen by this sea-green tunic, then you might as well take some time out to find the perfect accessories for it. Match your earrings with the embroidery that is mounted upon the midriff. For footwear, go for block heels or plain sandals.










3. Best Ethnic Wear Designs are Seen in Ethnic Sets

When there’s a puja or a housewarming party at your home, don’t you begin to feel all cultural and Indian? It’s a mutual feeling, especially amongst women. While men don’t have to take much trouble to find the perfect Kurta pajama for the puja, the situation is quite different for women. For events like these, most women prefer to wear ethnic sets. They like going through a plethora of ethnic wear designs, and choose the one that suits them best.

An ethnic wear design like the one in the image is bound to make you fall in love all over again. This piece belongs to our “Alpana” collection. It’s a beautiful collection, again inspired by the Indian ritual of decorating houses with Rangoli. But it’s not the common colorful Rangoli that we draw during Diwali. It’s a flour-made or chalk powder-made Rangoli, usually drawn during an auspicious occasion. It’s a common practice in Bengal.

Best Ethnic Wear Designs are Seen in Ethnic Sets

Adorn Yourself with an Alpana Ethnic Wear Design this Season

What better defines you than your own culture? Now define your ethnicity with this Alpana-inspired collection, and let everyone around you wonder where you got it from.

An ethnic set like this is unique in its own way. The auspiciousness of the design replicates the auspiciousness of the event. Pair it with white-colored jhumkas or earrings with a pinch of peach. Add a pair of block heels to your outfit and be prepared for the puja. The Kurta that you see in the image is a perfect occasion Kurta.

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4. Jacket Kurta to Make Heads Turn!

Gone are the days when only winters had the luxury of watching jackets all around. Now, summers also have this luxury. Here’s a new and unique ethnic wear design that exists to bring out your heart eyes.

It’s a beautiful jacket Kurta that gives you the chance to extract two looks from one garment. So, you purchase only one Kurta and get a jacket along with it. The jacket is a stand-alone garment that can be donned as an overlay for another Kurta. Or it can be used as a shrug for your full-sleeves top. The Kurta, on the other hand, can be used as an individual garment as well as a jacketed one.

Jacket Kurta to Make Heads Turn!

A Jacket Adds all The Grace to Your Trendy Kurta

A jacket Kurta may make you feel so satisfied with the style that you won’t feel the need to ornament your look much. But that’s not how you should be feeling. A jacket Kurta should, in fact, inspire you to have better ornamentations. Mate your Kurta with a pair of matching leggings and your bottom worries are over. Don’t go for palazzos or pants for a jacket Kurta.

This type of Kurta is so self-sufficient that you don’t even need a dupatta with it. So, why wait? Look out for a jacket wala Kurta and buy styles from an unbeatable fashion collection at Shree.


5. Ethnic Tunics Defining the Grey Hue

Hues of grey make you believe in neutrality. It lets you feel free from the world that is divided into choosing “black” and ‘white”. Bring a touch of parity in your clothing with a grey colored ethnic tunic. Ethnic wear designs like these are often picked by women who love to buy aesthetic garments.

Unlike popular opinion, grey is a favorite color of many women. It makes you feel smart and confident, regardless of what people might say. The garment lets you breathe on a hot, summer day and saves you from sweat on a drowsy, rainy day.

Ethnic Tunics Defining the Grey Hue

When Black meets Grey, you get a Classy Outfit

Class doesn’t come with genetics. You have to inherit it; you have to feel it with time. Only when you feel classy, your garments emanate class. And thus, here’s a grey colored tunic to give you that perfect vibe of being elegant and classy. The tunic, displaying sleeves with open cuffs and an abstract print, is bound to make you feel different.

Stand apart from the crowd with a tunic made in grey because that’s what the color speaks to you. Mate your tunic with a pair of black leggings and bellies for footwear. Add a touch of sparkle with a set of shiny drop earrings, and be ready to become the star of the day. Ethnic wear design like these make us stay close to our culture.


6. Look Chic in an Indigo Blue Trendy wala Kurta

Summers are the time to shine. The sun is shining bright, children are playing in the park till 7 pm, and the sky is extra blue. There’s nothing stopping you from looking your best. And according to popular opinion, blue is a color that soothes the eyes of the beholders in summers.

Ethnic wear designs that embody the hues of blue are high in demand during the summer season. Amongst these, Indigo blue is a color that gives you the happiest vibes that you desire. You can pick an abstract design, ornamental design or a striped one. Pick any of these designs, but make sure your comfort is always prioritized at the top. We, at Shree, work on a similar principle, “Your comfort is our prime priority”.

Look Chic in an Indigo Blue Trendy wala Kurta

Oxidized Jewelry for your Indigo Blue Trendy Kurta

Visit any popular market in India, and you’ll find a thrilling range of oxidized jewelry waiting to be worn. There is such a large variety of oxidized jewelry available that choosing just one is not possible. But there’s a way out!

Start by choosing a Kurta, and then move on to choosing an ideal bottom. Once your outfit is ready, go for a neckpiece or a set of earrings that suit best with the outfit. An example of this is shown in the image. This Indigo blue Kurta has been made special with an oxidized silver neckpiece that falls across the midriff. Complete your outfit with a palazzo and juttis for footwear!

Now get acquainted with the latest ethnic wear designs by visiting Shree. If you are one of those who like to get all three: price, fashion and quality, in one, then we welcome you to take a tour of our virtual store.

Stay safe, keep shopping, and be a Shree!

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