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What Do You Mean by Ethnic Wear?

What Do You Mean by Ethnic Wear

Nothing can match the elegance and charm that Indian ethnic wear brings to a woman’s wardrobe. Since times immemorial, Indian ethnic sets have a permanent space in women’s closets. And the ritual continues even now. Be it sarees, lehengas, or Kurtas, ethnic sets have been women’s first pick to display Indian elegance.

The new fashion trends continue to emerge in the ethnic wear arena. And with the coming of new trends, women's inclination towards ethnic fashion increased. The meaning of ethnic wear changed as the trends altered. A wide range of Kurtas came into existence ranging from pocket Kurtas to jacket Kurtas. Uniquely-styled trendy Kurtas and occasion Kurtas have also made their space under ethnic wear. The alterations soon re-invented the definition of ethnic wear. It was no more confined to sarees or suits. The ethnic range had surpassed the range of western wear. Many other kinds of Kurtas, Kurtis, tunics and tops made their way into ethnic wear. And women were all so glad, for now, they could wear a fusion of traditional and modern.

Since you’re here, it’s clear that you want to know the meaning of ethnic wear and what comes under it. But before we move on to that, let’s first know the roots of ethnic wear.

Tracing the Roots of Ethnic Wear

It’s a re-iterated fact that India inhabits cultural heritage, and in large amounts . And we usually define cultures by the food, rituals, and clothing of a community or state. Indian fashion began to take a flight upwards in the 1980s with the emergence of fashion experts. These experts turned into fashion designers and formed the ideal Indian ethnic wear. Soon, the economy boomed. The country found itself exposed to global fashion trends. There was a fashion boom during the 1990s, which helped establish India's fashion industry . The introduction of “Indian Couture Weeks” was the biggest example. Indian ethnic wear began to include lehengas and traditionally-woven sarees with unique draping. Following this, there was a surge in Indian Kurtas and Kurtis.

Heard about a three-piece suit? In western terms, it’s a combination of a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat or vest. But in Indian terms, a three-piece used to be a poshak. The term was common to Buddhist and Sanskrit literature. It was a combination of antariya (the lower), stanapatta (the chest band), and uttariya (the head veil). This three-piece attire is now known as a “lehenga” or “ghagra”. The lehenga has undergone a lot of changes over the years. From cotton to silk fabric, minimal design to heavy ornamentation, a lot has changed.

Similar is the story of sarees. It’s again one of the ancient forms of garments worn by women in India. Saree means a strip of cloth. What was earlier a wrap-around garment now comprises over 80 styles of draping. That is quite a transformation!

Next comes the Salwar Kameez. We can trace the origins of Salwar Kameez from the Mughal era. But with the changing times, it has become a significant part of ethnic wear in India. It’s an ethnic set that comprises a salwar, kameez and dupatta. Another popular ethnic set from the Mughal era is the Anarkali suit. Displaying an A-line flared silhouette and intricate detailing, the Anarkali is an adorable ethnic set.

Traditional forms of salwar kameez have now transformed into stylish Kurta sets. These types of ethnic sets comprise a trendy Kurta paired with a stylish bottom. For bottoms, you may get a palazzo, trousers, pants, leggings, jeggings, or jeans. That’s the beauty of a Kurta. You can pair it up with any type of bottom and still manage to look ethnic. The Kurta was earlier meant for men; it was traditional menswear. It’s one of those garments that has seen the best transformation in the history of Indian fashion. Today, Kurta is a staple garment for women. It’s still worn by men, but not as much as it’s owned by women.

Nowadays, there’s an immense variety of Kurtas & Kurtis available under ethnic sets collection online. Going for an event? There’s an occasion Kurta out there! Going to enter into your trimester of pregnancy? There’s a casual Kurta in plus-size to make you feel comfy and stylish at the same time.

Now that you’re aware of the roots of various ethnic sets, it’s time to take a look at some latest styles in this category.


1. A Complete Ethnic Set

Ethnic sets should ideally include three garments: Kurta, bottom and dupatta. But these days, women tend to match and pair their Kurtas with a bottom of their choice. While some women may make the efforts to figure out the matching bottom or dupatta, most women would love to buy a complete ethnic set.

ethnic wear sets

An ethnic set as shown in the image comprises a stylish Kurta, a matching pair of pants, and a dupatta. You can go for colors like purple, red, maroon and pink while buying an ethnic set like this . A golden dupatta like this goes well with any ethnic set. So it serves both purposes. If you get hold of a complete ethnic set, it saves you a lot of time that you would spend searching for matching bottoms. All you have to do is find the right earrings and footwear.


2. A Stylish Palazzo Set

Do you know why women adore palazzos so much? Well, women loved wearing leggings or churidars earlier. But these began to get uncomfortable. And with changing times, women have stopped compromising upon their comfort. That is why palazzo pants or palazzos have become women’s favorite.

A Stylish Palazzo Set

A palazzo set like the one in the image can make your summers comfy. The best part about wearing a palazzo is that your legs get the breathing space. You can move around and sit wherever and however you want in a palazzo, without thinking twice. Amidst the latest ethnic set collection, a palazzo set holds the top place. A typical palazzo set will include a straight silhouetted Kurta and a matching palazzo. If you observe the piece in the image, you’ll see that the palazzo’s floral pattern matches the color of the Kurta’s mandarin neck. Many such designs of palazzo sets are available online. Go for it!


3. Jacket Kurta

The classic Kurta, redesigned as a Jacket wala Kurta, is the new chic in the fashion industry. The jacket adds to your style quotient, and makes you look trendy. But what makes this Kurta distinct is its ability to transform into a two-look garment. You can wear this kind of Kurta as a stand-alone garment or as a jacket Kurta. Besides, you can utilize the jacket as a separate garment to be paired up with other contrasting Kurtas.

Jacket Kurta

If you are fond of ethnic sets, then this one will make you feel classy. A shiny jacket on a solid color Kurta is bound to make heads turn. The one in the image has a button-down style, which adds to the charm of the jacket Kurta. Match it with shiny golden earrings and a pair of heels. This kind of ethnic set is apt to wear to lunch outdoors or a mehndi or roka function.


4. A Classy Black Casual Kurta

When you feel like there’s nothing great left in your wardrobe, a black color Kurta always comes to the rescue. Black looks beautiful at all occasions. Yes, we know that it’s not considered as an auspicious color during pujas, housewarming, or weddings in India. But it’s a favorite of most women. So, wearing a black casual kurta with a contrasting pant or palazzo can make a great outfit for your daily outings.

 A Classy Black Casual Kurta

The A-line Kurta that you see in the image is a perfect lunch-date Kurta. Why do we say so? Well, this Kurta has a frock-like silhouette, which makes it wearable without a bottom as well. It will come out like an ethnic dress. Besides, it’s not complete black. It has a pink pattern mingled with it, which makes it wearable in front of cranky relatives too. So no one would point you out for wearing black on a wedding or a puja. All because it’s a mix of black and pink; it’s also one of the finest contrasts.


5. Slay that Occasion Kurta

A wedding card or an invitation to a kitty party brings a lot of excitement to your face. But along with a wave of excitement, you also begin to feel the burden of buying new clothes. While shopping is most women’s one of the favorite hobbies, getting expensive clothes for a wedding of a distant relative is certainly not. For a casual event, occasion Kurtas come as a respite. Occasion wear ethnic sets make you look fancy but not over-the-top. And these type of occasion Kurtas come at a decent price range too.

Slay that Occasion Kurta

If you observe this occasion Kurta, you’ll notice that it’s made of chanderi fabric. Kurtas like these have their essence in the type of fabric used. Chanderi or poly-silk fabric makes any garment come alive. It makes you look chic and fancy when you wear it to a kitty party, an engagement party, or any other similar event. Pairing it is also easy. You can go for any solid color that contrasts well with the Kurta. For example, in the image above, the sky blue Kurta is mated with a pair of bronze color pants.


6. Follow Latest Trends with a Trendy Kurta

All latest trends are at your disposal when you look for trendy Kurtas online. These types of Kurtas are no different from the ones that you’ve seen above. But they make you feel up-to-date with the latest trends. How?

Well, these types of Kurtas will have an additional element. It could be a dori tassle ornamentation, roll-up sleeves, a stylish silhouette, ¾ sized sleeves, or any other element. All you have to do is pick up the right trendy Kurta for the right event.

Follow Latest Trends with a Trendy Kurta

A trendy Kurta like the one in the image has roll-up sleeves and a crisscross embroidery on the neckline. These tiny elements make a Kurta trendy. But above all, it’s all about how you carry the Kurta. And what you pair it up with?
If you want to pull off a trendy Kurta, then choose the bottoms wisely. These types of Kurtas go well with contrasting bottoms, mainly palazzos and pants. For an ethnic set like this, you don’t have to get a dupatta. It looks great without a dupatta. So pick a trendy wala Kurta and stay in the good list of the fashion police.


7. Ethnic Dresses to Grace your Day

Pick a western gown or a Cinderella gown, there will be nothing better than a gorgeous ethnic dress for an Indian wedding. Ethnic dresses may not be typical ethnic sets, but they are a crucial part of ethnic wear. If your girl doesn’t like to wear a Kurta or an ethnic set, then you can always gift her an ethnic dress. These dresses are usually a fusion of ethnic and modern. So you get the best of both worlds in one dress.

Ethnic Dresses to Grace your Day

Did you have something like this in mind when you looked for an ethnic dress? Well, it’s a true fusion of traditional prints and modern silhouette. With this kind of dress, you get an A-line flared silhouette and a stylish ethnic print adorning each bit of it. There’s nothing that can beat the look emanated by an ethnic dress on an Indian function. Except for an ethnic set!

Beat the heat this summer season with amazing ethnic sets, dresses and Kurtas. And now you know the history of every ethnic wear garment too. You can always strike up a conversation about the history of your dress when someone compliments you about it. Just kidding!

Get up, dress up and look the best version of yourself in Indian ethnic wear.

Keep shopping with Shree and feel like a Devi!

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