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Ethnic Fashion Trends to Live by in 2021

Ethnic Fashion Trends to Live by in 2021

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When we talk about fashion and ethnic fashion trends, we naturally tend to associate them with women. Truly, it is women who have transformed fashion from what it was back then to what it has come to be known as today. Fashion for women has marched a long way. We have read about how women had to protest to get themselves out of conventions. For example, the uncomfortable and unbelievably tight corsets that gave them an ideal figure according to the society they lived in. We have also read about women who had to protest for their right to wear jeans and trousers, ditching the ‘ideal’ skirt.

Trends keep changing from time to time. Some follow them. Some end up creating or discovering them. Thanks to the ever-dynamic fashion industry, each and every garment- western or ethnic, can now be styled the way we like it.

Indian women had to earlier clad into heavy sarees embellished with sequin and beadwork. At times, they had an equally detailed veil over their heads in the name of ethnic fashion trends of that time. As barbaric as this ethnic fashion trend sounds, what bothers us is that such an ethnic fashion trend still exists. It still doesn’t cease to exist in the vast country that claims to progress with each passing day.

Many women are still forced to resort to uncomfortable everyday garments, which is precisely why Shree keeps experimenting with trends. Be it old or new, Shree keeps coming forth with ethnic fashion trends in comfortable and breathable fabrics.

The times have changed. The modern woman is smart enough to choose what’s right for her. More than anyone, young women love experimenting with the latest ethnic fashion trends. Not only do they experiment with fashion for themselves, but they also get their fellow women involved too. In fact, fashion is what binds many women together.

Ethnic fashion trends keep changing each year. As the wedding or the festive season approaches, women put their best foot forward and try out a new ethnic fashion trend. Be it a long Kurta with skirt or a blouse paired with sharara. Even in 2021, women absolutely love to flaunt their desi outfits on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. As you may have observed, more and more people are planning to get married amid the pandemic. And what can be better than a simple yet elegant outfit to rock the occasion?

Weddings and festivals pose to be the most suitable occasions where one can mix and match different ethnic outfit options. It’s the time clad in something new and stylish, giving birth to a fresh ethnic fashion trend.

You don’t necessarily have to be an influencer to start a new ethnic fashion trend. All you need is a beautiful Kurta and matching bottoms to conquer the fashion world. But if you still cannot come up with something or still don’t know what to wear, set your worries aside. We bring forth for you the Shree lookbook with the latest trends in ethnic fashion. Try these to rock your 2021 fashion outlook.


Ethnic Fashion Trends that you Must Try

Trends keep changing from time to time. When it comes to ethnic fashion trends, there is a huge scope of experimenting. You can style different ethnic garments together and make it a trend. Let us look at some ethnic fashion trends that have been making rounds of the internet this year.


Ethnic Fashion Trend #1 - Tunic with Jeans

If you are aiming to rock an Indo-western look, then this trend is just the one for you. What else goes well with a tunic but the regular blue jean?

Ethnic fashion trends keep transforming at regular intervals, but the tunic with jeans is one trend that is here to stay. The versatility of this trend is that it fits for almost all occasions. It happens to be a college-going girl’s go-to attire, or an office woman’s adored casual yet comfy outfit. Or perhaps, it is a woman’s best friend that has been there for her when she feels like she has “nothing to wear”.

If you want a fresh break from the regular Kurtas, then a tunic will be well-suited to add a touch of pep to your wardrobe. Moreover, such tunics are simple and easy to style. They go well with all kinds of bottom wear. So, wear your stylist’s hat to make the most out of this trend or perhaps, create a new one.

Oh, and do not forget to flaunt your latest style on Instagram. You never know which trend makes it to the fashion industry!


Ethnic Fashion Trend #2 - Kurta with Palazzo

In the recent times, you may have observed that more and more women are pairing their beautiful Kurtas with stylish palazzos. And as expected, it comes out as a great outfit. Women are not switching to palazzos only because they are cute, but also because they complement their Kurta. The prime reason behind this switch is that palazzos come out to be a great alternative to traditional churidaars or pants when it comes to comfort. Since palazzos are wide-legged bottoms, they keep you cool. That’s also why women in the Indian subcontinent have made a sudden switch to this killer combination. Their switch has also made it just another ethnic fashion trend that is likely to stay for a long time.

Palazzos go well with all kinds of Kurtas, but it goes best with long stylish Kurtas like the one shown above. This ethnic fashion trend provides a scope for further styling.

For instance, you can drape a matching dupatta with your Kurta and palazzo set. You can style it as an ethnic set for a family occasion like wedding functions or poojas. But other than that, you can go for a simple Kurta and palazzo as daily wear at office or casual outing with the ladies.

The world is your playground. Try different looks and trends until you find one that keeps you hooked. Who knows, one day you end up making your own trend?


Ethnic Fashion Trend #3 - Ethnic Sets

As readymade clothes began to dominate the Indian markets, brands understood the importance of making an instant switch. You may have observed a recent change more so, a trend in which people switched to readymade garments as opposed to the modern garments. Earlier what they’d buy traditionally would be the fabric, laces, and embellishments separately. And then they’d get it stitched into a Kurta and dupatta set.

Ethnic sets with dupattas are gaining immense popularity amongst women when they are looking for a quick fix for the usual ethnic wear. This ethnic fashion trend is so popular because it saves time. And of course, women get to wear branded garments! Moreover, Shree focuses on making ethnic sets with comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton and rayon. That is why they are loved by women all over.

An ethnic set makes the perfect outfit for all occasions. What’s best about an ethnic set is that you can do it for any casual or formal occasion. Hence, we can also refer to it as an all-rounder outfit. A beautiful ethnic set can add charm and elegance to your usual look. Not only that, but it is also a great option to consider if you are looking forward to revamp your ethnic wardrobe.

Turn heads wherever you go with ornamental printed ethnic sets from Shree. Shop the look and let those compliments flow.

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Ethnic Fashion Trend #4 – Long Kurta with Pants

When speaking of ethnic fashion trends, how can we even forget to mention the classic long Kurta? One of the most popular and prevalent ethnic fashion trends, the classic long Kurta with pants is a must-have. As you may have observed, women are great at experimenting with the latest trends and fashion. Bloggers and influencers try out new garments or create something new with existing garments and voila! A new trend is born.

Long Kurta with pants is most women’s go-to outfit, be it a 25-year-old girl or a 35-year-old woman. Thanks to the immense comfort that Kurtas provide, brands are now coming up with designs so beautiful that choosing any one long Kurta seems like a hard decision.

In no time, long Kurtis and Kurtas have become a staple and are worn by majority of Indians on a daily basis. It should be noted that when a woman desires something that interweaves comfort with style, she turns to a long Kurta. And hence, it is imperative that this garment is done justice to without comprising upon the trend and affordability. There is something about ethnic sets that place them apart from other garments. When it comes to comfort, an Indian woman turns to a long kurta with pant.


Ethnic Fashion Trend #5 – Ethnic Dress with Dupatta

Kurtis and Kurtas, no doubt, have made it to our list of favorites. Worn by many in India, Kurtas have become indispensable now, all because of the product’s value and durability.  Another similar garment that can come to your rescue this summer is an ethnic dress. Intermingling design with comfort, an ethnic dress is what you need to add to your wardrobe.

If you are looking for a fresh ethnic fashion trend, then an ethnic dress from Shree is what you should be looking at. Kurtis and Kurtas are quite common ethnic outfits, but nowhere lack in grace and versatility. However, as a woman who likes to experiment with fashion, you must make a gradual shift to ethnic dresses.

The best feature of an ethnic dress is that it is comfortable and convenient beyond imagination. Similarly, an ethnic dress provides much scope for styling and experimenting. For instance, you can pair matching leggings with your ethnic dress. Or you can also drape a dupatta with it, making it a versatile outfit.

Set a new ethnic fashion trend with top fashion ethnic dresses. Florals prints, tropical prints or solid colors; make the most out of unbeatable collections offered by Shree.


Ethnic Fashion Trend #6 – Kurta cum Dress

There is something so chic and liberating about an ethnic dress with dori. The sleek dori hugs you at the right places, creating a flare at the hem. It is very important to understand your body type before you shop for a dress, because obviously, you’d want your cute little dresses to look great on you.

What makes an ethnic dress cum Kurta so special is the fact that they can be styled in many ways. A dress like the one shown above can be worn as a kurta when paired with matching pants. And the same dress can also be worn as a cool and casual boho outfit.

We have talked about almost all kinds of ethnic dresses and how suitable they are for every occasion. But for some reason, many women believe that an ethnic dress design is not appropriate for a formal outing. And here we are, all set to defy this myth. Just like an ethnic set or a Kurta, an ethnic dress design with minimal embroidery or dori can be donned for all occasions. We tend to believe, anything that provides us immense comfort does not fall in the category of formal or party wear. And that is where you must experiment to set a fresh ethnic fashion trend.

You are never too old to experiment with new ethnic fashion trends or perhaps, create a new one. But most importantly, do not force yourself to follow a particular trend because it is in. Choose what suits you the best because you are your best stylist.

Pamper yourself with our latest picks and find your fit only at Shree.

Happy shopping!

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