The Best 11 Ethnic Top Styles for a Comfy Summer

As spring hits, a rush of adrenaline runs through your vein. Your winter clothes take a backseat and your summer lovelies come out. Your urge to go out and grab that favorite ice cream of yours take a flip. And all you wish to do is to dress up in a comfy ethnic top or tunic top and go out to have ice cream with your friends.

The summer season brings out a different side of you. The weather makes you feel light and fresh as you get back in touch with your body. Most women plan to get that summer body before spring returns. Regardless of whether they can achieve that body or not, they stay excited about summers. In fact, their excitement to buy summer garments is twofold especially at the onset of spring.

When you think of this peppy weather, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Some of you might be waiting to grab on all the smoothies and shakes in summers. And some of you might be waiting to pull off those dresses, tunics, and ethnic tops that you got for summers. The weather brings about some sort of chirpiness in your mood. It is a feeling that you want to explore more and feel more.

At Shree, we comprehend this feeling, and we know that the outfits we wear can alter our feelings to a great extent. O Our designers sniff the fragrance of spring and design ethnic tops that take your heart away. Looking for the latest ethnic top styles? If they are not dazzling in your wardrobe yet, check them out below:


The Classy Combo of Grey and Pink

When grey mixes with pink or stays upright upon pink, something mesmerizing is formed. That’s how you’ll feel when you put on this beautiful grey and pink tunic from Shree. With grey ferns and petals spread out on classy pink base, this ethnic top makes to the top of your favorites. Such tops for women make them look stylish and elegant at the same time.

Trendy Features of the Grey Pink Tunic Top

The ethnic top that you see in the image displays a button-down style running through the round neckline. The neckline is further adorned with frills that give a refined finishing to the neck. Add a pair of hoops to your style and be ready to get some amazing compliments!


Chic Corporate Tunic Top

Corporate life is mundane, and we all agree to that. Each day, you get up, go to office, and come back home. That is a routinely life that you have adjusted to. But do you often wonder what spices up your monotonous corporate life? Well, often it is the excitement to wear a new top or your favorite dress to office.

Abstract Prints are Totally In

If you are planning to shop some ethnic tops or long tops for women, then here is a great option available for you. It is a green rayon tunic top that displays a beautiful abstract print all over it. With ¾ sized sleeves and a round neck, the tunic is plain, comfortable, and perfect for your everyday office wear. It has a button-down design that gives it an ideal corporate look.


The Trendy Flared Mustard Tunic

Summers call for colors like yellow, mustard, mint, and blue. The color of sunshine is also yellow. So, why not go for a yellow or mustard tunic this summer season? Shine as bright as the sun with this fashion-forward mustard tunic. The weather is nice, and the breeze of the wind is fresh. Amid such a great atmosphere, wearing a soothing flared tunic would give you immense pleasure.

Find the Right Bottoms & Accessories

With a tunic-like this, you need to pair the right bottoms. Same as the image, the best bottoms to pair with this mustard tunic are a grey denims or black jeans. Since this one is a slightly longer tunic, you can go for jeggings or leggings too.

With a long ethnic top, you can pair the following types of accessories:

  • Hoops
  • Danglers
  • Silver pendant
  • Silver bracelet

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The Ideal Corporate Ethnic Top Tunic

Corporate culture demands for the right dress code. It should be professional and decent yet stylish. A tunic that displays a check design is one of the ideal corporate outfits in the market. You can wear it to an important presentation and even slay it as an everyday office outfit. Plus, wearing such an ideal corporate ethnic top would also give you the right confidence for your presentation.

Why to Get Cotton Ethnic Tops for Summers?

When summers arrive, it is vital that you start wearing comfy fabrics. And cotton is the first fabric that comes to mind when you think of comfort. So, when you next plan to search “tops for women” online, you may replace your search with “cotton tops for women”. The tunic top like the one in the image is made with cotton and comes with a button-down design. With a mandarin collar and a yellow patch on the midriff, this check patterned tunic is ideal for your corporate look.


Exotic Cotton Dobby Ethnic Top

Be in touch with your exotic side with a cotton dobby solid tunic. The beautiful texture of the tunic coupled with the side buttons that adorn it will take you back to the beaches. It’s a top to be worn on a picnic, or when you’re going on a trip to a beach. This tunic will allow the sleezy breeze touch each bit of you. After all, what’s better than escaping the scorching heat of summers with a comfy top?

How to Accessorize a Solid Tunic Top?

Solid ethnic tops or tunics are in vogue. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of solid tops is that they pave a path for you to accessorize well. So, here are some pro tips that will help you accessorize your solid tunic top this season:

  • Pile it up with layers. Get a half-jacket or an overlay for your solid top.
  • Belt it up to define your waistline well.
  • Experiment with accessories and pull off hoops or oxidized earrings.
  • Never underestimate the power of a cute bracelet. Add it to add some charm.


Dazzling Red Gold Tunic Top

Ever thought of what red on gold does to your avatar? For one, it makes you look dazzling and sets all eyes on you. If a lot of attention soothes your senses, then a classy red ethnic top with golden print is all you want. It’s different from all the other options that we’ve been giving you, but it’s chic and fashionable.

Right Occasions to Wear a Red Cotton Printed Tunic

Be ready to accept a lot of compliments because they’re going to be coming for you when you wear this red golden tunic. It is a perfect combination that makes an ideal ethnic top for your peppy occasions. Wondering on what occasions it will suit the best? Well, here you go:

  • Kitty party
  • Haldi or Mehndi function of your close friend
  • Corporate festive functions
  • Dinner outing with relatives
  • Anniversary functions or receptions


Soft Abstract Poly Crepe Ethnic Top

Abstract print is quite interesting because of its modern appeal. It does not connect with everyone and yet, appeals to almost everyone out there. You might not understand what it entails, but you’ll certainly want to be closer to it. That’s the beauty of abstract print! And a tunic embracing a soft abstract print is all you need to soothe your senses this season. Check one of the classiest designs here.

How to Style Up this Abstract Printed Tunic

One of the best aspects of this white and peach poly crepe printed tunic is that it doesn’t need much styling. The tunic itself is quite trendy and needs minimalistic styling, so to say. And thus, we’ll give you some minimalistic styling tips for this tunic:

  • Rose gold-plated watch
  • Rose gold or silver rings
  • Wooden block earrings
  • Flats or Bellies for footwear
  • Beige Mules


Burgundy on White: Elegant Ethnic Top

Burgundy is one of the royal colors that you absolutely want in your occasion wear outfits. Be it a wedding or a special event, the colors burgundy and white always bring some extra charm. And what if you get a perfect combination of burgundy on white that you can wear for a casual day-out? Well, with Shree, you can get everything that can be donned as everyday wear.

Why to Buy a White Ethnic Top?

An ethnic top with a white base will always look attractive, especially in summers. A tunic like the one in the image makes you look distinct in a crowd. The burgundy design gives a special touch to the tunic and makes it trendier. Get this tunic for an easy-breezy summer outfit, and pair it with jeans or your favorite pants.


Stylish Long Tunic Top

When you look at a long tunic top, don’t you often feel that it’s like a Kurta? Do you know what’s the basic difference between a Kurta and a long tunic? Well, it’s precisely the design of hemline. If the hemline is straight and perfectly symmetrical, then it is a Kurta. And if the hemline is slightly asymmetrical and fall till your thighs, then it is a tunic.

Style Up your Tunic with Straight Pants

If you’re shopping for an ethnic top or tunic like the one in the image, then you can buy a pair of bottoms to save your time later. With Shree, you can shop for amazing bottoms like palazzos, pants, and leggings. With a solid tunic, a plain white straight pant would work best. Here are some other colors of pants that you can pair with a brown mustard rayon tunic:

Pep Up your Evenings with Sea Green Ethnic Top

One of the colors that soothe you the most in summers is the sea green color. It’s not a surprising fact because this color belongs to the sea, i.e., water, which is our basic need in the hot weather. Well, that is also one of the reasons why we are attracted to blue, sea green, or turquoise-colored clothes in summers. We love wearing these colors and the beholders love looking at these colors being worn.

What makes this Sea Green Ethnic Top Unique?

For starters, the color itself is unique and highly admirable. Wearing a sea-green color makes you the highlight of any event in an instant. Be it a casual day-out or a small corporate lunch, a sea green tunic like the one in the image is going to make you the talk of the town!

Here are a few aspects of this tunic that may strike you as unique:

  • Grey floral pattern
  • Closed mandarin collar
  • Pearl-like button at the closure of the neckline
  • Flared silhouette of the tunic


Off-the-Rack Polka Dots Top

What first appeared in the Central European folk art is now one of the most adorable types of prints in the fashion industry. Yes, we’re talking about Polka Dots.

Polka Dots tops are our favorites for a reason, and that reason is their simplicity and appeal. These kinds of ethnic tops appeal to most women, even though the polka dots pattern is particularly meant for children’s dresses. Nonetheless, women love it and so do we!

What Fabrics are Best for Summers?

When you are picking your summer wardrobe, the first thing you should look at is the fabric. Most tops that are adorned with polka dots come in synthetic fabrics in the market. But that’s not the case with this top. It’s a cotton polka dot tunic with a belt to define your waistline. It’s a trendy top that is perfect for your summer closet. Want to know what other fabrics you can go for in summers? Here you go:

  • Cotton Dobby
  • LIVA fabric
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Rayon
  • Crepe


Now that you’re aware about some trendy ethnic top styles, you can be the fashion queen that you always wanted to be. Also, check out some other ethnic styles in different categories on our website and be ethnic ready!

Keep shopping with Shree.

Stay healthy, be safe.