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Latest Indian Dresses Collection That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Latest Indian Dresses Collection That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Latest Indian Dresses Collection That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Indian women own different attires in their wardrobe; elegant, subtle and ornamented. In a country like India, every day is a celebration. And that calls for getting a huge collection of elegant outfits. Be it Kurtas and Kurtis, ethnic sets, tops or tunics, gowns or Indian dresses, women should have them all.

One aspect of Indian dresses is that they are suitable for almost every occasion. Plus, they happen to be a comfortable alternative to all other options available. Especially in a country with a hot and humid climate, women need such an outfit option. Women love to look their best on every occasion, and so they deserve the best of the outfits too.

Indian dresses in distinct designs and beautiful embroideries turn heads on any occasion. Want to know the best part about an Indian dress? You can pair your favorite bottoms with them and voila! You’ve got the latest Kurta in a dress. Next, you can drape a dupatta, and what you get is an ethnic set. You see, how convenient this piece of garment is? Well, bring some of these Indian dresses from Shree home and see for yourself.

Indian dresses are different from what we call western dresses and gowns. They are usually made with fabrics like cotton, rayon, Chanderi, poly-silk and more. The main reason for this is to make them suitable for different climatic conditions. These Indian dresses are usually designed and patterned to depict Indian culture. Upon observing, you would see that the dresses have the elementally of Indian culture. From embroidery to patterns and motifs, they have everything. 

Most women refrain from dresses because they feel that their bodies are not well-suited to carry the look and fall of a dress. This is where Indian dresses come to their rescue. Indian dresses are made keeping in mind the Indian woman’s body type which is naturally voluptuous. Hence, these dresses fall beautifully across each woman’s body.

Indian Dresses for Different Occasions

Indian dresses can be worn on numerous occasions. From a casual outing with family and friends to kitty parties and wedding shenanigans, an Indian dress never disappoints. An unbeatable collection of elegant Indian dresses, available at an unbeatable price is just what a woman would wish for. That’s what makes Shree their favorite brand. Let us look at some Indian dresses for different occasions.

Indian Dresses for Casual Outings

Top quality Indian dresses on a casual outing with friends and family definitely turn heads. More than anything else, such dresses keep you comfortable for longer periods of time. An Indian dress adorned with beautiful motifs never goes out of style and suits women of all ages. If you wish to try something new to update your wardrobe and overall look, you must give Indian dresses a try.


Indian Dresses with Jacket

Indian dresses, like the one shown above, will be perfect for a casual outing. It could be a comfy brunch with the family or a casual stroll with the girls. The dress has a distinct design and flaunts a dori to fit your waist perfectly. What makes this Indian dress different is that it comes with a beautiful jacket that adds a lot of elementality to its overall look.

Made with cotton, this Indian dress intertwines style with comfort. The two-piece Indian dress includes a cut-sleeve dress, which is made with cotton and flaunts a sweet floral pattern on its midriff. However, the jacket is adorned with small square motifs in blue and rich floral prints.

What makes such Indian dresses so convenient is that they provide you with an opportunity to mix and match the jacket with other garments too. For instance, you can wear the cut-sleeve dress like a Kurta with leggings or you can pair the jacket with another Kurta. Both ways, one can make the most out of these Indian dresses.


Indian Dresses in Pastel Colors

Indian dresses in pastel shades are indeed very attractive. Pastel shades are widely known to be hues of the summer for they depict the spring-summer season very accurately. Pastel shades never go out style and are indeed ‘fresh fashion’. Indian dresses in pastel shades are usually paired with bright colored accessories. For instance, this Indian dress flaunts a pastel yellow hue which is bound to fit perfectly in your summer wardrobe.

Moreover, this dress flaunts floral embroidery in bright shades of coral and green on the shoulder and arms. Since this dress has an A-line hem which goes well with the button-down style, it will fall beautifully over your bodice.

Such Indian dresses can be worn on casual outings like brunches, a visit to the marketplace or a long drive.


How to Pair your Pastel Colored Indian Dress with the Right Accessory?

Pastel-colored Indian dresses can be paired with the following-

  • Bright colored sandals, preferably a ballerina, Kohlapuri chappal or a  
  • Subtle jewelry like necklaces, pendants with minimal detailing or a fine bracelet.
  • Add-ons like scarves and dupattas in bright hues.
  • Accessories like shoulder bags, sling bags, waist bags and so on.


Indian Dresses in Floral Print

Floral prints and bright summer hues; it’s a combination to live by. As happy as summer sounds, it is important to adorn oneself with happy-go-lucky outfits which are comfortable too. It is very hard to find a single outfit that serves all these purposes well. But there certainly is one outfit that will not disappoint you.

Indian dresses in floral prints are widely worn by ladies, not only in the Indian subcontinent but all over the world. In fact, floral prints and textures have gained immense popularity in no time. When in doubt, switching to Indian dresses in floral prints is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Like what you see?

Our lime-yellow floral dress is just what you need to brighten up your summer-style closet. Fabricated with rayon, a top-quality Indian dress provides unmatched comfort and convenience. The bell sleeves add to the overall style of this dress. The dress also flaunts a dori that ends with a cute tassel design.

Over anything else, similar Indian dresses are what you need to enjoy a casual evening in the summer season with close friends and family.


Indian Dresses for Professional Environment

Professional settings demand elegance. Most organizations have a set dress code for their male and female employees. However, some allow you to wear casuals while maintaining the sanctity of the institution. In such a situation, it becomes very hard to choose the right clothes for office. However, Kurtas and Kurtis are a working woman’s first choice when she wishes to wear something stylish, elegant yet comfortable.

Not only that, Indian dresses also pose themselves as a great option for office wear and we will tell you why.

A top-quality Indian dress resembles a Kurta, which is the prime reason why it can be paired with your favorite bottoms. Be it leggings, pants or jeans, when the need arises, you can pair this type of dress with any bottom.  


Simple Indian Dresses for Professional Environment

High fashion Indian Dresses in navy blue shade seem to be the right choice when you are looking for the perfect office wear. It lacks nowhere in style and elegance. We cannot help but emphasize this enough that Indian dresses provide immense comfort and convenience for a long day. In fact, once you start wearing a dress to work, there is no other garment that you would want to wear.

It’s time to ditch those uncomfortable pants and shirts. Indian dresses, like the one shown in the image, deem fit for a healthy work environment. This is an ankle-length dress which flaunts simplicity as its style. Only the midriff displays some brilliant work with a tie up dori, ending with cute tassels in contrasting shades of off-white and light brown.

Most of Shree’s Indian dresses flaunt an A-line hem which fit all beautiful ladies with different bodies. Moreover, fabricated with rayon, such dresses are skin-friendly as they absorb sweat and keep you cool.


Indian Dresses with Jacket

There is no arguing the fact that Indian dresses with jacket make you look like the boss lady you have always wanted to become. Jackets add a sense of authority and power to your overall outfit. Thanks to American sitcoms for emphasizing on the effect that a cool jacket has on a character’s overall personality!

Give a woman the right Indian dress with jacket and she shall conquer the world. Now is your time to shine with that jacket of yours.


Like what you’re seeing?

Shree’s mustard & royal blue rayon printed dress with jacket is just the work outfit you’ve been looking for. This outfit has an overall rick look and flaunts a mandarin collar with sequin work on the front. The printed jacket is what lends this dress its overall versatility. The border at the arms and hemline of the dress is also noteworthy. The jacket is made from shantoon fabric and displays a beautiful print with cute tassels.


Indian Dresses for Formal Outings

Indian dresses for formal outings sound like a wonderful opportunity to turn heads and get those compliments. Women love compliments! We know this, and hence, an unbeatable collection in top quality and high fashion Indian dresses is here at your disposal.

Formal outings like weddings and other family functions provide you with an opportunity to put their best foot forward when it comes to fashion. And hence, it is very important to make a statement with the right outfit.

Kurtas and Kurtis, suits and lehengas are great, but if you want to look different, you have to be different. Indian dresses will help you become just that. Unlike lehengas and suits embedded with sequins and beads that make you feel uncomfortable, ethnic dresses, on the contrary, are the most comfortable yet stylish garment that you can come across.

Let us look at some Indian dresses that you can resort to for a formal outing:


Indian Dresses in Solid Colors

What is it about solid colors that they never go out of style? If you cannot decide what you want to wear for your formal outing, then a solid Indian dress seems like the safest option.

Solid Indian dresses are easy to pair with accessories like bags and add-ons like dupattas and scarves in contrasting shades. That is why they are one of the most convenient options to look for.

Get the look with our red poly silk printed dress, which flaunts a bright red hue that will make you stand out from the crowd. Embellished with sequins all over, this is just the ideal party wear Indian dress. The hemline is fabricated in such a way that it looks like a Kurta with skirt. The detailed print on the dress’ hem is noteworthy and adds to its overall ornamentation. Opt for a nude makeup look in combination with this dress and you are all set to steal the spotlight.


Indian Dresses in Chanderi

Kitty party with the ladies or your child’s parent-teacher meeting, whatever the occasion, make the best out of it with a suitable Indian Dress. Chanderi fabric makes a fashion statement in itself. Chanderi, being as majestic as a material it is, makes for a perfect outfit for auspicious pujas, office meetings, or casual outings. Hanging out with your ladies? A Chanderi dress makes the understated yet glamorous outfit you need in your life.

Indian dresses in Chanderi give you a rich look; they make you stand out from the crowd. These dresses usually display attractive prints and distinct designs. The dress in the image flaunts a mandarin collar with button-down style on the midriff. It has a slit in the middle which reveals the coral color of the dress. The colors used in the dress and in the motifs compliment each other by falling in perfect contrast.

It is good to try and update your overall look and wardrobe once in a while. Pamper yourself with our latest picks for summer. Find a long printed ethnic dress for all occasions only at byshree.com.

Happy shopping!

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