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Know your Body Type and Choose the Perfect Kurta

Know your Body Type and Choose the Perfect Kurta

Know your Body Type and Choose the Perfect Kurta

Do you know what your body type is? While you were busy trying to lose weight, did you ever wonder that maybe some of the weight was supposed to be there?

Well, that’s true. Body type affects your body weight greatly. This is why some of you are unable to lose weight from particular parts of your body. It’s irking, but it’s a part of your body and you can’t change that. Your body type requires you to have weight in particular parts. And there’s nothing that you can do about it, except for keeping it in shape.

Having said that; knowing your body type is important. Not just because it helps you accept your body as it is, but also because it will help you select the right clothing. It’s doubtless that Indian women love wearing Kurtas and Kurtis on numerous occasions. Kurta or Kurti is a garment that makes you feel at ease, regardless of where you are. During the current circumstances, when you’re inside your home day in and day out, Kurta is one comfy garment for you. But that’s not it. Kurta has been your best friend even when you were going out every day. You can style up this beautiful garment for different occasions. It is versatile in every sense.

A Kurta looks good on every body type, but don’t you sometimes feel that a particular silhouette shines better on you? Do you often find yourself picking up the exact same silhouette because it looks good on you? This is because particular silhouettes suit particular body types. There exists a perfect Kurta for your body type.

Unlike the conventional regular-cut Kurtas, the current fashion trend brings in Indo-western Kurtas. For those of you who don’t wish to look too ethnic, different new silhouettes have been introduced. Kurtas, curated at Shree, are a fusion of both modern and traditional. Our designers work hard to recreate a traditional silhouette with a touch of modern. After all, looking stylish, contemporary and traditional at the same time is today’s vogue! Our unbeatable collection comprises high fashion, top-quality Kurtas that come at unbeatable prices. And not just this, at Shree, you can find all types of silhouettes such as straight Kurta, A-line Kurta, Anarkali, and more.

Besides this, at Shree, we ensure that there exists a garment for each body type. But how to identify which is the perfect Kurta for which body type? Here you go!

1Regular Straight Hem Kurta

If you’ve bought a regular straight hem Kurta, then you won’t have to worry much about if it’ll suit your body type or not. A straight Kurta, more often than not, suits almost all body types. That’s the specialty of this type of Kurta.

While the silver lining of buying a straight Kurta would be its versatility to suit everyone, you have to see the con too. Is the print of the Kurta right for your body type? Is the fabric right?

Regular Straight Hem KurtaStraight Kurtas for Pear Shaped Body

While we tell you that a straight Kurta is nothing short of a blessing, you must know that it’s much more than a blessing if you have a pear-shaped body type.

A pear-shaped body means that you have a slim waist and neck, narrow shoulders, broad hips, thighs and legs. One of the silhouettes that make the perfect Kurta for your body type is regular straight hem. 

Right Print and Patterns

While a straight Kurta looks great on almost all body types, if yours is a pear-shaped body, you must choose the print right. You can go for a striped pattern; it’ll make you look slimmer. The geometric or abstract print will also suit you best. A button-down style, such as shown in the image, will give you an ideal corporate look.


2Handkerchief Style Kurta

Heard of a Kaftan? Handkerchief styled Kurtas are similar to Kaftans. While the Kaftan is a modern outfit, the handkerchief silhouetted Kurta is its traditional counterpart.

The best part of a handkerchief silhouette is that it can accommodate your body in the shape that you want. It won’t stick to your body to make you look heavy. At the same time, it won’t even look shredded apart.

Handkerchief Style Kurta

Handkerchief Hem Kurta for Curvy Hourglass Body Shape

Having an hourglass figure is no less than a dream come true! Isn’t it?

And if you have an hourglass body shape, then you needn’t worry about the silhouette that would suit you best. Almost every Kurta is a perfect Kurta for an hourglass body type. A handkerchief hem Kurta, if fitted from the waist, would allow you to flaunt your beautiful body. 

Right Fabrics for Handkerchief Kurta

The style of a handkerchief silhouetted Kurta is a falling type. It falls rightly over your body. So, for a silhouette like this one, rayon is the perfect fabric. Rayon fabric has a tendency to fall as per your body type. With a handkerchief style, rayon would go best.


3. A-Line Kurta

Women love experimenting with their looks, and that’s why the demand for different silhouettes arise in the Kurta market. Every woman wants a perfect Kurta for her body type. The task of finding the perfect Kurta becomes hard when you have an apple-shaped or banana-shaped body type. Well, an A-line Kurta is the right solution for your complaints.

A-Line Kurta

A-Line Kurta for Apple-Shaped Body Type

Having an apple-shaped body means having a round or circular shape. You have uniform waist, bust, hips, and shoulders. However, your hips and shoulders are bit narrow compared to other parts.

You might find it too hard to find the perfect Kurta that would suit you. And the answer to your query is an A-Line Kurta. The fitting around the waist and the flare below highlights your figure well in this type of Kurta. It accommodates your hip area well and gives you a refined shape. 

Chanderi or Cotton; Rayon or Poly Silk

Yes, that’s a hard choice. All four of these are great fabrics, and suit especially well with an A-line silhouette. However, for an apple-shaped body, the clear choice is Chanderi. Chanderi fabric stays perked up and doesn’t stick to your body. Because we know that a fabric sticking to your body is the last thing you’d want. The second best fabric to go for is Cotton.


4Flared Kurta for Every Occasion

If you’ve always been a fan of the ghera in a traditional outfit, then the flared Kurta will take your heart away. Which woman doesn’t love some flare in her traditional dress? Be it a dress, a lehenga, or a Kurta, flare makes it more aesthetic and classy. That’s also why Anarkalis are so popular.

Flared Kurta is quite similar to the Anarkalis. The only difference is that the fabric is lighter and softer in a flared Kurta.

Flared Kurta for Every Occasion

Flared Kurtas for Pear-Shaped Body

The first silhouette that would suit a pear-shaped body the best is a flared hem. And another one in the list, as we’ve mentioned above, is a straight hem.

A pear-shaped body has a broader bottom, and thus, a flared Kurta is a perfect Kurta for you. The flare that comes after the midriff gives a well-rounded shape to your bodice and help cover the broader aspect of it well. In fact, it would give you an aesthetic look.

What to Pair it Up With?

If you’re going for a flared Kurta, and looking for some options in bottoms, then here are some great ones:

  • Fitted leggings
  • Churidars
  • Pants
  • Jeans


5High-Low Kurta Style

Smartness lies in understanding your body, listening to its demands, and choosing the perfect Kurta to adorn it. And that’s why, regardless of your body shape, there’s a perfect Kurta out there for you.

Most women who have a banana-shaped body or a lean structure would find it daunting to search for an ideal garment. Well, here’s the right solution for you. The High-Low style has been made for your body type. It suits your body the best.

 A High-Low Kurta Style

High-Low Kurta Silhouette for a Banana-Shaped Body

Having a banana-shaped body means having a straight and lean structure. Your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are uniform but have a leaner outline. Kurtas having straight or A-line silhouettes might make you look slimmer, and that’s the last thing you’d want.

Thus, a High-Low hem makes a perfect Kurta for your body shape. The silhouette looks the same as the Handkerchief hem. However, there’s a better finishing to the hem in this one. 

Patterns To Choose

If you have a banana-shaped body or a petite framed body, you can go for the High-Low Kurtas. But what patterns or prints would suit you? Here are some options:

  • Horizontal Stripes
  • Ornamental Print
  • Floral Print
  • Large-scale Abstract Print


6. Asymmetric Kurtas to Bring Symmetry to Your Look

We’ve always believed that God made our bodies in perfect symmetry. But do you know that there’s always a slight tinge of asymmetry in all our pairs. It’s scientifically proved that our bodies are not entirely symmetrical.

Well, there’s nothing better to bring excellent symmetry to your look than an asymmetrical Kurta!

Asymmetric Kurtas to Bring Symmetry to Your Look

Asymmetric Kurta Style for Apple-Shaped Body

An Asymmetrical silhouette makes the perfect Kurta for an apple-shaped body. But it’s also great for a pear-shaped body. An asymmetric Kurta will have an uneven hemline and will fall aesthetically over your body. Wearing such a Kurta with a pant would make you look chic and beautiful. You can also enhance your look by throwing on a jacket or overlay over the Kurta.   

Prints to Choose

If you’re buying an asymmetric styled Kurta for an occasion, here are some of the best prints to choose:

  • Abstract Print
  • Ornamental Print
  • Large-scale Scattered Floral Print
  • Geometric Print


7. Fit and Flare Kurta: The Latest Trend

The latest trend in the ethnic fashion world is to grace a fit and flare Kurta. This type of Kurta can be worn to birthday parties, anniversary functions, kitty parties, and similar other occasions. Wearing a fit and flare Kurta can make you look ten times younger. And every woman deserves to look young and beautiful!

Fit and Flare Kurta; The Latest Trend

Fit and Flared Kurta for Hourglass Body Type

Yes, every Kurta suits an hourglass body shape. But a fit and flare Kurta looks exceptional on such a body shape. It will enhance your bodice like never before!

The fitting across the waist and the flare beneath brings out a little child in you. It gives your outfit a frock feel. And if you don’t mind, you can don this type of Kurta as a frock too. With a fit and flare Kurta, you get the best of both worlds! 

What to Pair it Up With?

If you’re wearing a fit and flare Kurta, the best bottoms to go for are leggings. Nicely-fitted leggings or churidars with such a Kurta will make it a trendy outfit. Don’t go for palazzos or salwars with this kind of Kurta. Lose bottoms won’t go well with the fit and flare style. Finally, add some accessories like earrings and a bracelet, put on your best pencil heels, and you’re good to go.

Now that you’re aware of multiple body types and the kind of Kurtas that would suit them, it’d be easier for you to choose. You can take a tour of our website, jumping from one category to another. And keep picking the best Kurtas or any other kind of ethnic wear from an unbeatable collection.

Keep shopping from Shree. Stay at home, stay healthy & safe!


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