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Best Mother's Day Gifts in Lockdown to Express Your Care

Best Mother's Day Gifts in Lockdown to Express Your Care

Best Mother's Day Gifts in Lockdown to Express Your Care

Epic mothers deserve epic gifts. For all that she has done in all these years for you, a unique Mother’s Day gift is a must. Of course, it won’t be enough to thank her for all the sacrifices she has ever made. But it will acknowledge her for sure.

Mothers’ Day is around the corner. And due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations may have to cease for some time. Fancy brunches, elegant dinners, and movie dates with your mom will have to wait. But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating this beautiful day with your mom.

By now, we know that human beings can adapt to almost every situation. Kudos to us for moving on with our lives whilst battling with a global pandemic.

Just when we thought things around us are getting better and we are returning to our normal routines, life took a hit again. Surely, the coronavirus pandemic has made us realize how unpredictable human life is. It brings us back to how we should celebrate each moment of our life fully with whatever we have.

We’re sure that most of you must’ve had brilliant Mother’s Day celebration ideas in mind. Like spending some time at the salon while getting a pedicure with your mum. Or just a day out with your mom and grandmom. Some of us might have even taken baby steps to actually execute these plans by making advance bookings. But again, we never know what life has in store for us.

Mothers deserve to be appreciated, no matter what the situation is. And so, we shall not allow the pandemic to stop us from expressing our love and gratitude towards our mom.

Let’s come back to what we were discussing. What can you do for this Mother’s Day? The solution is indeed simple! Plan in-house activities if you live with your parents, and if not, then a simple call or facetime would do. Or perhaps, a unique Mother’s Day gift in lockdown will do the job.

Check below some of the brilliant gifting options from Shree.

Mother’s Week at Shree - Attractive Offers on Ethnic Wear

What do women of all ages love more than exciting offers and discounts? Nothing, we suppose! Women are known to be pro shoppers. Buying the best of products at the lowest possible price is what they are known for.

This Mother’s Day, choose a gift that communicates your gratitude and love towards your mother. And in this endeavor of yours, Shree will come to your aid.
Shree brings to you a wide range of elegant Kurtas, Kurtis, tunics, tops, ethnic dresses and sets that would account for the perfect Mother’s Day gift in lockdown.

Mother’s Day Gifts in Lockdown: Ethnic Wear at 50% Off

There is something about ethnic sets or dresses that set them apart from all other items especially when it comes to gifting purposes.

What makes an ethnic set one of the most sought-after garments in the industry is the fact that it eliminates any hassle of finding the right bottoms. You won’t have to find add-ons like dupattas or pants to pair them with. Garment combinations like ethnic sets make a woman’s life easy. And believe us, that’s what your mom needs too. The same goes for ethnic dresses too. You won’t have to find anything except for the accessories to go with it.

We already know how ready-made clothes have come to dominate the Indian marketplace, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. The main reason for this shift in trend is the Indian woman’s growing consciousness. Of course, with several Indian women paving their way to the top, they don’t have the time to mix and match. Plus, they prefer to wear something elegant, stylish yet comfortable and easy to maintain.

An ethnic set from Shree - The Indian Avatar would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift in lockdown. An ethnic set at Shree lacks nowhere in style and is made with breathable fabrics, suitable for casual as well as formal wear. What’s more is that the brand offers something for every woman, young or mature alike. And you get to buy as many ethnic wear styles for your mom at 50% Off. The offer is on for a couple more days; grab them before it’s too late!

Want to get inspired? Listed below are some ethnic wear styles you can go for this Mother’s Day.

Printed Kurta with Cigarette Pants

Printed Kurta with Cigarette Pants

A  printed rayon Kurta would make an ideal summer fit. Rayon has excellent sweat absorbent properties, so this is an ideal summer fabric. Short Kurtas with cigarette pants are very much in trend these days. Make your mum a part of the latest trends by gifting her something new. Gift her something new; something different from her usual outfits. Let her stand apart from the crowd and get a bundle of compliments this time.

Like what you see?

This mehndi green printed Kurta in rayon comes with a cigarette pant that falls well in contrast with the Kurta. The Kurta has an overall flared look with cute tassels attached to the strings on the waist. The Kurta boasts a V-neckline that is decorated with sequins.
The ethnic set provides unbeatable comfort combined with style, making it an ideal Mother’s Day gift in lockdown.

Floral Kurta in Cotton

Floral Kurta in Cotton

Cotton Kurtas are definitely a woman’s first choice. The comfort that the said fabric provides is unbeatable. If you wish to give your mom a garment that she wouldn’t be fussy about in the future, then a stylish ethnic set made with cotton should top the charts. Moms are very choosy about the outfits that they choose to clad in. In such a situation, it becomes increasingly important to choose a gift that she approves of. A cotton ethnic set would definitely be the safest option.

Like What you See?

What can be said of the beauty of fresh floral prints? This off-white and teal cotton floral Kurta comes with matching pants that are also made of cotton. Suitable for casual as well as formal wear, this Kurta seems to be elegantly adorned with floral motifs all over. The Kurta flaunts a round neck with cute button-down style, adding to its ornamentation. Even the pants are covered in similar floral motifs that go well with the Kurta.
If your mother is usually inclined towards simple and subtle garments, then this piece will definitely make the best Mother’s Day gift in lockdown.

Mother’s Day Gifts in Lockdown: Ethnic Wear Starting at ₹ 199/-

Shree - The Indian Avatar brings to you a chance like never before. Ethnic wear including Kurtas, tunics and dresses, all are starting at ₹ 199/- Now that’s something, isn’t it? Grab your best fits or your mother’s gifts while the deal is still LIVE. Don’t know why you should make the most out of this deal? Let us show you what you will be missing if you don’t.

Printed Tunics in Cotton

Printed Tunics in Cotton

There are days when one does not feel like wearing a Kurtas. Or there are days when one wants to try something new. On such days, a stylish tunic would be something you would want to resort to. And thus, you can gift your mom a trendy tunic with maybe a pair of jeans that she can wear to her office.

A tunic is that one garment that is suitable for literally every situation there exists. On a casual day out with the family, you can pair your tunic with leggings and a cute sling bag. And in a professional setting, you can also pair your favorite tunic with jeans.

When in doubt, you can always rely on a tunic as the ideal outfit option. Tunics are available across various platforms and marketplaces, varying in length, style, hem and even colors or patterns.

Like What you See?

Shree’s geometric print tunics are made with high quality cotton fabrics. The rich geometric prints make these tunics ideal for gifting purposes. The tunic you see in the image has a V-shaped neckline that goes well with the ¾ sleeves. The bright blue hues make this tunic an ideal piece for the summer.

Abstract Printed Kurta with Jacket

Abstract Printed Kurta with Jacket

Stylish Kurtas never go out of style, and Kurtas with jackets are enough to make a statement. Gift your mom a stylish Kurta this Mother’s Day and insist her to revamp her wardrobe.

Jackets with Kurtas are symbolic of class. The garment holds the power to change the way a person looks just by updating their style statement.

Like What you See?

This Kurta, with an attached jacket, features a round neck that is enhanced with sequins. The jacket has a knotted Dori with cute tassels, adding to the versatility of this piece. The Kurta portrays a combination of solid green with abstract print. Besides, the hem of this Kurta is such that it falls perfect overall body types.

Bought her a gift from Shree but still feel something’s missing from your gesture? Well, there’s something more that you can do.

Keep her, yourself, and your family members safe by staying in and spending some quality time together. The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. But let’s not leave our hopes behind. Plan out some light-hearted and fun activities with your mom this mothers’ week.

What you can do is that you can design a cute timetable or a seven-day schedule for Mother’s Day online, and fill the slots with fun in-house activities aimed at pampering your mother during mother’s week.

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Lockdown Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

Fancy Brunch for Mom

Gather your family members in the kitchen and prepare a luscious brunch for your mother before she wakes up. Make her favorite dish with some scrumptious modifications or make her try a new cuisine. Convince her to take a day off and enjoy the pampering.

Movie Time with the Fam

Bollywood or Hollywood; a movie night with some popcorn is always a good idea. Plan a family movie night on Mother’s Day eve. Watch movies centered on motherhood and express gratitude towards your mother.

To make the most out of it; take a basket or bowl and ask all members of your family to dump their mobile phones into it for minimal distractions. To add more fun into this movie night, bring some popcorn in- salted, cheese or tangy tomato. Try something new and make this experience a gesture your mother remembers.

Movies you can Watch with Mom

1. Mother’s Day
2. Mamma Mia
3. Wine Country
4. Mom
5. The Incredibles 2
6. Room

Bake a Cake with Mom

Looking forward to a great bonding time with your mother? Baking a cake with her seems like just the right option. The world knows it, and you too, that baking goods, be it cupcakes, cookies and cakes bind people together. Make the most out of this lockdown and spend loads of quality time with not only your mother but other family members as well. Bake cakes and other tasty treats for yourself and your family and try to have a good time amidst all chaos. After all, your time is the best gift for your mom.

Gift Her your Love

This Mother’s Day, make an impression of love and gratitude with a unique Mother’s Day gift. Looking for a Mother’s Day gift in lockdown can be tough. You can neither step out to visit your nearby marketplace nor get online gifts timely at home. In a situation like this, a brand that is still delivering on time is all that you can rely upon. That is why you’d love to explore the great offers that are up on Shree’s website.

What Makes the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift in Lockdown?

If your google search history reads, Best gift for mom” or “Mother’s Day gift online”, then you have come at the right place. Listed below are the few items that would account for just the perfect Mother’s Day gift in lockdown.

Explore some of these options and pick gifts from Shree's exclusive range. And you're covered for this Mother's Day. You can also give your mother a tour of Shree's collection on the website. And let her choose all that she likes. Avail heavy discounts on each piece, and make her happy in all manner.

Wish you all a very happy Mother's Day!

Keep shopping, stay safe and stay healthy.

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