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Make your Mother Feel Special with these Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Make your Mother Feel Special with these Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Make your Mother Feel Special with these Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers are special in their own way. They don’t ask for anything in return for the insurmountable love they give us. The moment you look at your mother, you know you are home regardless of where you are. Whenever you are low or feeling inconsequential, the only person to lift your spirits is your mom. And that is why she holds a special place in your heart. The feeling that we hold for our mothers is quite mutual; each of us can relate.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, don’t you wish to do something special for her? While your mother will always tell you to not spend a penny on buying gifts for her, deep down she’d love it if you buy one. And what’s the one thing that most Indian mothers adore the most? Are you thinking of ethnic wear too?

Well, most of our mothers display an ear-to-ear smile when they see a beautiful salwar kameez. After all, it’s an outfit that they wear to occasions as well as on an everyday basis. It’s a piece of clothing that they most relate to and feel comfortable in. Want some help selecting the must-buy mother’s day gifts online?

Check out these top must buy mother’s day gift ideas to help you find the best gift for mom.

1. Stylish Ethnic Set is the Best Gift for Mom

Stylish Ethnic Set is the Best Gift for Mom

A lady feels Indian when she wears an ethnic set. That’s the beauty of it. Wearing ethnic wear makes you feel more connected to our Indian culture. This is because salwar kameez or sarees have been in our culture for a long time now. And yet, nothing can match the grace and elegance these outfits bring even today.

Why Is an Ethnic Set the Best Gift for Mom?

Do you often see your mother picking an ethnic set or a Kurta in the morning while going to the office? Or even if she has to stay at home, do you often find her in a Kurta set or an ethnic set? Well, if that is the case, then you are in luck. An ethnic set like the one you see in the image can be a great mother’s day gift idea because most moms love wearing ethnic.

With Shree, there’s a huge collection of ethnic sets available at unbeatable prices. Go, check them out at the website and pick the one best suited for your mom!

2. Chanderi Kurta for the Most Beautiful Lady in the World

Chanderi Kurta for the Most Beautiful Lady in the World

What can be a better mother’s day gift than a beautiful Chanderi Kurta? Kurtas are women’s daily vastr. They love wearing Kurtas to the office, to a function and to their kitty parties.

Regardless of what your mom asked you to do, gifting her something special on Mother’s Day is a mandate. She’ll always tell you to save money and not spend much on her gifts. But gifting her a set of Kurtas will remind her how special she is for you.

Why is Kurta one of the Best Gifts for Mother?

Your mother may not tell you this, but she also loves to look fashionable. When everyone’s asleep, she looks at various styles and trends that are popular in fashion. And if you happen to take a sneak-peak into what she’s searching, you are most likely to find Kurtas and ethnic wear. So, why not fulfill her wish this mother’s day?

Gift her a Chanderi Kurta from Shree and prep her up for her next kitty party. Let her enjoy bundles of compliments coming her way!

3. A Dress to Remember: A Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea

We know what you must be wondering. Moms don’t usually wear dresses; why would you get her a dress as a mother’s day gift?

Well, FYI, that’s not true anymore! You might have not seen your mom in a dress so far, buying her a dress would be a great step. Breaking the conventions that are leading on for so long, let your mom dress up the way she likes. This mother’s day, gift her a dress from Shree and make her fall in love with herself again.

A Dress to Remember: A Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Ethnic Dresses for a Truly Indian Woman

We’re not suggesting that you don’t go for modern dresses while buying gifts for mom. But we know what most moms would love! Believe us, an ethnic dress is a way to lead her into being fashionable. Ethnic dresses, like the one in the image, are ankle-length and have a fit and flared silhouette. These dresses are usually made with poly-silk, Chanderi, or cotton material. You can pick the fabric as per what your mom would like. Intricate ornamentation and handwork adorn these dresses.

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Check out some amazing dresses at Shree and choose the best one for your mom.

4. A Green Poly Silk Ethnic Set That Your Mom will Love

Poly silk is a material that has a perfect finishing and an elegance that is unmatched. Your mom would love a poly silk Kurta or ethnic set from Shree’s exclusive collection. It’s a garment that she can wear to parties as well as to weddings. Even with minimal ornamentation, the fabric itself emanates opulence.

A Green Poly Silk Ethnic Set That Your Mom will Love

Love what you see?

Did you love the green poly-silk ethnic set shown in the image above? Well, that’s just a trailer of the wide range of ethnic wear available online. This ethnic set is made of top-notch poly silk material. It displays beautiful gold foil print all across it. The dupatta is adorned with a similar print; however, it has a net-like feel to it. The set comes with a pant. Dipped in dark green color, this ethnic set is a perfect mother’s day gift for your mom.

5. Ornamental Kurta for an Outstanding Mom

Kurtas, as mentioned above, are one of the best gifts for moms. They feel at ease while wearing a Kurta to an outing or even to a party. Besides, Kurtas are always in fashion. While your mom might have a range of Kurtas already in her wardrobe, we’re sure that a gift from you would stand apart. To make it special, gift her an ornamental Kurta from Shree’s exclusive collection.

Ornamental Kurta for an Outstanding Mom

Why Go for an Ornamental Print Kurta?

Ornamental Print was earlier used for hand paintings, porcelain plates and crockery, and for similar items like these. However, as time passed, the fashion sector picked this beautiful print from the domain of crockery. And it was an experiment well done. The ornamental print comes out beautifully on Kurtas and Kurtis. If you observe the image above, the blue and white ornamental print exhibits elegance and class. Your mom is bound to love this navy blue ornamental print Kurta from Shree. Don’t wait; get it for her now!

6. A Red Tunic for your Mom’s Kitty Parties

Believe it or not, red is a color made for women. It adds class and beauty to a woman’s attire. You may not love red but you can never ignore red. The color implies beauty and love in its essence. Besides, we’d all agree that our moms love red a lot. In fact, most married women in India love wearing the color red. So, why not get your mom a red tunic as the perfect mother’s day gift this time? She’d love being the attraction of every kitty party!

A Red Tunic for your Mom’s Kitty Parties

Tunics for a Stylish Mom

If your mom likes to be updated with the latest trends, she’d love this red tunic from Shree. It’s simple and comfortable yet beautiful and striking. It’s a fit and flared tunic with placement between the midriff and embroidery adorning it. Beautiful tassels add finishing to the embroidery. Get this red tunic as a gift for mom before it gets out of stock because it’s one of the best-sellers.

7. Stylish Gift for Mom: A Dupion Kurta

Do you often find your mom complaining of not having something simple yet classy to go to casual outings? Well, here’s something that will make the perfect gift for your mom this mother’s day. A dupion Kurta paired with black pants or skirt makes a great outfit for your mother.

Stylish Gift for Mom: A Dupion Kurta

What is a Dupion Fabric?

Dupion is a type of silk fabric that has a plain weave crisp. It is manufactured using fine silk threads that create lustrous surface. Though it is a type of silk, it’s not as soft as silk. In fact, Dupion is one fabric that is rough yet extremely lustrous. It’s a kind of fabric that can be worn to parties where you don’t want to extra.

A pink dupion Kurta like the one in the image is a garment that your mom can wear to her friend’s baby shower. She won’t look overly dressed or underdressed in a Kurta like this.

8. Gift your Mom a Dress with Dupatta for her Office Parties

Does your mom often wants to skip her office parties? It may be because she doesn’t have the right dress to wear to corporate parties. Well, Shree is here to provide a solution to all of women’s dressing problems.

Pick a dress with dupatta from Shree’s exclusive dress collection and get her prepped up for that party. Gift her a stylish dress from Shree as mother’s day gift so that the next time there’s a party in her office, she has something outstanding to put on.

Gift your Mom a Dress with Dupatta for her Office Parties

Love this Dress with Dupatta?

If you loved the dress that is shown in the image, you’ll adore the rest of the collection too. This dress comes with a stylish yet lightweight dupatta; it’s more like a stole. The dupatta has tassels hanging to it. With a simple A-line dress, a dupatta looks fabulous. Besides, a dress displaying geometric pattern is absolutely chic. It’ll make your mom look distinct from everyone else in a party!

If you are decked up with amazing Kurtas, ethnic sets and dresses for your mom, here are a few more options to explore. You can add these products as additional gifts along with ethnic wear. Make this mother’s day a wonderful day for her with these gifts.

9. Watch: A Special Gift for Mom

If your mom is a working woman, then there’s nothing better to gift her than a watch. Go for Titan or Timex to buy the mother’s day gift online. Regardless of what people would say, a watch is a luxurious gift that looks sophisticated. A classic watch is much more than a tool that tells time. It speaks a lot about your personality.

But let’s not confine it to working women. You can also buy a watch as a mother’s day gift for your mom if she is a homemaker. Some moms love watches!

A Guide to Buy Women’s Watches

Here are some popular styles to look for when buying watches for moms:

• Smart Watch: You know your mom too well if you choose to buy her a smart watch. Not every woman is into smart watches. But when someone is, she would like nothing better than a smart watch. Be it a traditional smart watch or a sporty one, she’d love this mother’s day gift too much.
• Skeleton Watch: Don’t feel troubled with the name. These watches have an exposed dial that exposes the skeleton. Lots of watch manufacturers have built the feminine version of the skeleton watches.
• Floral Watch: A favorite of women, floral watches can be the best gift for mom. The straps of these watches are plain while the dial has a floral print inside it.
• Printed Watch: It’s a bold watch with different types of prints on the strap. So, if your mom is a fashionista, get her a printed watch as a mother’s day gift.

Adding any of these watches to your list of gifts for mom would make her extremely happy.

10. Find Cosmetics Under the Best Mother’s Day Gifts Online

Now that you’ve selected a perfect Kurta or ethnic set for your mom, add some cosmetics to your gift bag! There’s nothing new in the fact that all women love dressing up and looking great. Apart from choosing the right dress or Kurta, women spend hours choosing the right make-up that’ll go with it. Cosmetics have become women’s best friends nowadays. Also, choosing cosmetics as mother’s day gifts online or mother’s day gift in lockdown would be easier for you. Great cosmetics products are available on websites like Nykaa or Purplle.

Types of Cosmetics to Buy for your Mom

Here are some different types of cosmetics that your mom will love:

• Morning & Night Clean up Combo consisting Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer
• An eye-shadow palette
• An Eye-liner and Kajal Combo
• Pack of Lipsticks (make sure to choose the right shades)
• Hair care package
• Personal care package

All women are different and so are their choices. Some mothers will love an ethnic set as the best Mother’s Day gift. But some might like a watch or cosmetics to decorate her home. But all women will love a combination of these. You can also go for some great bottoms like palazzo, leggings, pants, cigarette pants, etc. with the Kurtas. At Shree, a wide range of bottoms are awaiting you!

Do you know what the best part of looking for Mother’s Day gifts online or offline is? There’s no one who knows your mother better than you do. And thus, you are the perfect person to select the best gift for mom.

Shree brings to you a plethora of options to look out for. So, if you are surfing for Mother’s Day gift in lockdown or the best gift for mom, you are at the correct destination. With Shree, you can make your work easy and check out some great Mother’s Week offers to avail.

Stay tuned for more Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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