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Transform Your Office Look with these Tunic and Kurta Styles

Transform Your Office Look with these Tunic and Kurta Styles

It has been a while since we’ve been focusing on Kurtas for casual outings and Kurtas for occasions. But have you ever wondered how an office wear Kurta can be the perfect outfit for a professional setting? The current trend in India demands women to wear shirts, pants, and even blazers to the office. As classy as this sounds, a similar dress code is not quite comfortable for everyday wear. No doubt, people look up to casual Fridays with all their heart!

Women have come a long way. We have fought oppression in different forms to get our basic rights and claim what’s ours. And when it comes to correlating fashion with comfort, women’s fashion has evolved over time. It has been subject to numerous transformations to become what it is today.

In earlier times, women wore tight corsets or belts. The reason was to fit into the ideal standards of beauty prevalent at the time. This was prevalent not only in India but around the world. Women’s bodies have been subjected to opinions by society from times immemorial. In the past, many women succumbed to these barbaric fashion norms imposed by society. But thanks to those who fought and brought us what we have today.

Modern women have a voice; one that cannot be ignored. A modern woman is conscious of her choices; she knows what she wants and how she wants it. The same can be said of a modern woman’s fashion choices. She wishes to wear something that would make her look admirable. Not to match society’s standards but to set her own. At the same time, she does not wish to compromise her comfort for a modern aesthetic.

To talk about the so-called ethnic dress codes would be mind-numbing. There are many dress codes implied on women in a professional setting. Most often, a professional setting poses questions about women's dressing. We cannot defy or go against the decorum of an institution. But what we can do is, we can opt for a more comfortable, stylish, and elegant dressing option.

Kurta and its female counterpart Kurti have remained in the markets for since long. It dates back to the Shunga period in the 2nd century BC when only men wore Kurtas in the South Asian region. Some believe that Kurti has descended from the tunics of this period.

Now, Kurtis & Kurtas are available in different styles and designs. Manufacturers have curated ethnic wear to suit a modern woman’s needs. For instance, a pocket wala Kurta is a recent innovation. Women at Shree felt the desperate need for pockets in our office wear Kurtas. Most often, we’d realize the importance of a pocket when we are in need to keep something in a pocket. And we attempt to put our belongings in the non-existent pockets of our Kurtas.

But, if you are looking for an office wear Kurta, you may need to narrow your options down. To help you while you are at it, let us look at some prints and designs that would be suitable for an office environment.
Office Wear Kurta Prints That You Can Go For

 Striped office wear Kurta
 Abstract printed office wear Kurta
 Solid colored office wear Kurta

However, if you do not wish to wear Kurtas every day, as a breather, you can opt for a stylish yet elegant tunic. Tunics are short Kurtas or long tops that would make an appropriate yet stylish everyday office wear. Tunics are best-suited for young girls and women but can be worn by beautiful women of all ages. All you need is the right one.

Let us have a look at some office wear Kurtas and tunics that would make a perfect fit for your daily wear professional wardrobe.

1. Office Wear Kurta with Palazzo

Office Wear Kurta with Palazzo

Nothing can really beat the elegance of a solid office wear Kurta with palazzo. A solid garment may look plain but minimal detailing here and there would make an outfit worth watching. Professional settings demand a simple yet elegant outfit. And which other outfit can compete with the elegance of a solid Kurta with palazzo?
The best part about wearing a solid office wear Kurta in a professional setting is that it does not make you or your outfit appear as distracting. It creates an effect of smoothness and highlights your features more than it does your outfit. Plus, the palazzo gives you optimum comfort while you sit for hours in the office.

Choosing a solid office wear Kurta may appear like an easy task to do. But according to our goal, which is dressing modishly yet appropriately for office, we may have to narrow down our color options a bit.

Research says that the colors that we choose to wear can greatly affect our mood. It may even have an impact upon how other people choose to respond to us. What’s interesting is that colors can even change our heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. This was discovered by researchers, Keith Jacobs and Frank Hustmyer in 1974.

Which Solid Office Wear Kurta Should You Wear?

Listed below are a few silhouettes you can opt for in your office wear Kurta:

Regular, straight-cut silhouette
Fit and flared silhouette
A-line silhouette
Long straight silhouette

These are simple silhouettes that don’t attract much emphasize upon you, which is exactly what you want in a professional setting. They fall in sync with the corporate environment, and make you look appropriate.

Which Solid Office Wear Kurtas Should You Avoid?

Listed below are some silhouettes that you should avoid wearing in a professional setting for they may give a different impression about your personality.

Angrakha silhouette
Indo-western silhouette
Kaftan silhouette

We advise you to not choose these types of silhouettes for office wear because these are clearly party wear. They make you look chic and peppy. An outfit for office wear should look right in the corporate environment.


2. Office Wear Short Kurtas or Tunics

Office Wear Short Kurtas or Tunics

Don’t wish to wear Kurtas every day to the office? But neither do you wish to fit into uncomfortable shirts and trousers? We have the right solution for you. Tunics and short Kurtas can prove to be a breather from the usual office wear. By office wear, we mean office wear Kurtas and ethnic sets.

Why Should you Make a Switch to Tunics?

Ethnic sets are not everyone’s cup of tea. But neither are shirts and blazers. In such a situation, looking elegant in a professional setting may pose certain challenges for you. Tunics help you overcome this so-called dilemma by providing an outfit option that provides a perfect balance between style, look, and comfort.
What sets a tunic apart from other outfit options is the fact that it can be easily styled and paired. Throw a stylish tunic with your classic blue jeans, jeggings or even leggings. It’s guaranteed that the resultant outfit will give you heart eyes.

Get Yourself a Top Fashion Tunic from Shree

Revamp your wardrobe with stylish office wear Kurtas and tunics from Shree. Love what you’re looking at? Our Off-white tunic is made with high-quality cotton dobby, a fabric that promises comfort combined with style. The tunic features versatile bell sleeves that add to this piece’s specialty. The zig-zag striped pattern makes this tunic a suitable office wear Kurta.


3. Office Wear Kurta in Floral

Office Wear Kurta in Floral

Ever thought of adding an element of cuteness to your regular wear Kurtas? Obviously, a pinch of cuteness won’t hurt. An officewear Kurta adorned with subtle floral motifs or even stripes would make the perfect outfit for a professional setting. Kurtas do not compromise comfort for style. And what could be better if the office wear Kurta is pocket-friendly too.

It has been observed that many women refrain from purchasing trendy Kurtas solely because of the price tag. But what if you came across a Kurta that you love, the perfect style, design, fit and fall, all at a budget-friendly price?

You can shop from an unbeatable collection of office wear Kurtas at an unbeatable price now. Thanks to the ever-dynamic fashion industry; we have a lot of options, styles and designs to choose from. And Shree is all set to give you all of that!

Floral texture add a touch of grace to the overall ornamentation of a Kurta. It gives a girly look to the outfit. So don’t worry if you are someone who feels that a Kurta can only be graced by mature women. There is something for everyone.

Love what you see?

Our unbeatable collection of Kurtas, as we suggested earlier, offers something for everyone. This grey office wear Kurta replicates the age-old floral design. Though it's only a cotton fabric made kurta, the touch and feel is such that you will feel as if you are wearing a soft cloth. What adds to the beauty of this piece is the cute floral motifs in yellow. They go well with the overall design. Upon close observation, you would see a flare in the middle. That’s done to make the Kurta fit you better.


4. Office Wear Short Kurtas or Tunics

Office Wear Short Kurtas or Tunics

We have talked about the convenience and comfort provided by tunics as office wear in the past. A tunic is that one garment that is suitable for literally every situation that exists. On a casual day out with the girls, you can pair your tunic with leggings and a cute sling bag. In a professional setting, you can pair your favorite tunic with jeans or even your regular office trousers.

When in doubt, you can always rely on a tunic as the ideal outfit option. Tunics are available across various platforms and marketplaces, varying in length, style, hem, and even colors or patterns. For office use, we would suggest you opt for a solid tunic or one adorned with subtle motifs or patterns. We would advise you against purchasing tunics made with body-hugging fabrics.

Why to Get a Textured Tunic from Shree?

A solid tunic belonging to Shree’s latest unbeatable collection would help you update your wardrobe and beautify your usual office look. Made with dobby cotton, the tunic as shown in the picture flaunts a solid sea green color. It's a flared A-line tunic. With ¾ roll-up sleeves, this tunic has a round neckline with a button-down design. The texture and print enhance the touch and feel of the tunic. Furthermore, the design on the midriff differs from the print of the entire tunic.

5. Office Wear Kurta in Stripes

Office Wear Kurta in Stripes

What can be more suitable for professional settings than a striped office wear Kurta? Stripes are an impression of class. More so, striped patterns lend your overall outfit a sophisticated and classy look. However, it is more important to consider the fabric with which your office wear Kurta is made. Fabrics like cotton and rayon are in high demand when people look for comfort in aesthetic. In fact, you must switch to cotton and rayon striped Kurtas if you are looking forward to a pleasant day at office. Let’s face the fact, almost all of us rely on public transport for travelling to and from the office. In such situations, it becomes increasingly important to opt for outfits, precisely Kurtas and tunics that are considered appropriate. But they should not leave out on aesthetics and style as well!

How to Wear Stripes to Suit Your Body?

Everyone knows how crucial a role our clothes play when we wish to conceal or highlight certain parts of our body. Before actually purchasing a striped office wear Kurta, it is important to know why you want a striped Kurta. Also, think about how you expect it to look on your body. For this to work, you must have a clear vision or goal. We say this because horizontal and vertical stripes have different tendencies. For instance, vertical stripes make your body look slimmer. The horizontal ones seem to widen your body, adding a couple of pounds to you.

An office wear Kurta is a safe option to go for when you are looking for an outfit you are not sure about. You can always choose a corporate look when you wish to try something new but safe. Kurtas are no doubt an Indian woman’s favorite piece of garment. So why not tweak them a bit according to our taste and wear them at the office?

Don’t be in a dilemma! You can always rely on Shree’s unbeatable collection of high-quality office wear Kurtas.

Bid your office outfit woes goodbye with Shree’s unbeatable collection in office wear at unbeatable prices. Shop online at Shree and stay in touch with your fashion quotient!

Happy Shopping!

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