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HOLI Celebration: What to wear on Holi and How to Get Ready for this Colorful Festival

HOLI Celebration: What to wear on Holi and How to Get Ready for this Colorful Festival

HOLI Celebration: What to wear on Holi and How to Get Ready for this Colorful Festival

A dash of colors with a splash of water is coming your way. “Holi”, India’s most adored festival, is round the corner. It’s true that the months ahead are brimming with boredom and the monotony of hot weather. But Holi is here to make some of your days colorful. Imagine yourself wearing a white Kurta, all dipped in colors, holding a glass of bhang. Everyone out there is laughing loudly, drunk, and colored. Gujiyas are frying in the pan and little tots are pointing water guns at each other. There’s a wave of happiness mixed with colors and water shots everywhere. Did that bring a smile to your face?

If yes, then you are super ready for Holi. But is your wardrobe ready yet? Well, let’s dive into some fashion tips and tricks to help you become the Holi fashionista this time.

You may think of Holi as a festival that doesn't demand a lot of dressing up, but that's not true. Nowadays, dressing up trendy on Holi is as important as it is for Diwali.

Are you not someone who likes to stay locked up in a room while everyone out there plays Holi? If you are, then you may still dress up and sit locked up in your room, munching on gujiyas. But if you are not one of those, then you've landed right. Because like myself, you might also be worrying about finding Holi outfits that will make you look trendy. After all, you got to have the right Instagram Holi OOTD!

Worry no more! You may find solutions to all your problems right here. From my personal experience, I have curated a wholesome list of Holi Kurtas and outfits that will make your life easy. Now you don't have to go out searching for that perfect Holi ethnic wear. It’s right here!

Here are some FAQs about Holi, Holi outfits, and effective make-up & jewelry tips to help you prep up for the festival. Let us know in the comments which outfit you liked best, and how are you going to style it.

Why is it that during Holi, we prefer to wear white-colored clothes?

When you think of dressing up for Holi, what's the first color that comes to your mind? For most of us, it's White. It's the perfect color to wear on Holi. It's one of the most picked colors when women go shopping for Holi. Now the question is why?
Well, it's quite simple. You want to dress up in white because Holi is a festival that paints you in colors. So, you want to be the perfect canvas. And what's a better color for a canvas than white? Also, white makes you look peaceful and happy. It might not be as cheerful as the other colors, but it is pleasant and tranquil. Holi is about spreading happiness. Wearing white as a symbol of peace and having colors decorate your clothing as a symbol of cheerfulness completes the festival.
If you're prepping up to shop for the upcoming festival, then I’ve picked the two most amazing outfits from my Holi collection. I am sure that these outfits are bound to make you look trendy on Holi.

•  A Stylish Off-White Cotton Kurti will Make Heads Turn

It's true that wearing cotton-made clothes on Holi keeps you comfortable. With this off-white cotton Kurti, you get the best of both. You get the best fabric and the best color. What else could you ask for?

What makes this off-white Kurti a distinct garment is its floral stripes on each side. I love pairing up matching blue color earrings and bracelet with the design of this kurti. The texture in the middle adds a pattern mix effect to it, which might not be looking as great as it feels when worn. The floral stripes has a blue and yellow mingling that will help you pick your earrings with ease. For this one, you can pick a set of blue studs that will sparkle on your ears while your hair is up in a pony.

The Kurti will come out even more beautiful when you pair it up with a black bottom. Be it leggings, pants, jeans or palazzo, make sure to pick a bottom in black. Fit in a pair of sandals to go with it.

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•  Flared Tunic to make you Holi Ready!

If you like wearing tunics more than Kurtis, then here’s a great option that you can go for. Get a cotton tunic in white color for Holi so that while you look trendy, you also feel comfortable. Paired up with jeans, this would be the right outfit for Holi. And it's even better if it has a flared look to it.

You can choose a tunic such as the one in the image. This tunic has a flared look with an A-line silhouette so you can jump off playing with water balloons and look gracious at the same time. Bulging out texture on solid off-white color brings out the beauty of the garment. I’d suggest that you pick a black jeans or staple blue jeans to pair this up with. Though for Holi, I prefer picking a pair of leggings for bottoms. We all know the hardship of washing off color from denims. Leggings would be easier to wash afterwards!

If you're planning to attend a Holi party in this outfit, then add a sling bag to it. And for footwear, pick up a pair of block heels. Straighten up your hair and wear a hairband, and you're good to go for the day.

How can I look fashionable on Holi?

To answer this, I’d say that there’s nothing better than ethnic wear for an Indian festival. Looking fashionable isn’t quite hard for women like us. We know what to wear and how to wear. But what’s important is that our outfit matches the mood of the event. And so, I’d say that like Diwali, Holi is another perfect time to pick up an ethnic set. Holi mood is something beyond; it makes you feel drunk even when you are not. But if you want to keep in your senses while looking fashionable, then here are a few tips to follow.

• Make sure you wear white or off-white colored top or kurti. You can also pick up an ethnic set with minimal design like the one shown in the image.

• Make sure you oil your hair and tie them up nicely. Even with an ethnic set like this, tied-up hair would look nice. But make sure they are drenched deeply in oil to protect them from the harmful effects of Holi colors.

• Want to wear make-up? Well, get a dermatologically-safe moisturizer. Although my grandma has advised me to put on coconut oil on my face too, I prefer a moisturizer. Coconut oil doesn’t suit many skin types. So, you can pick a moisturizer that suits your skin and apply it graciously before you put on make-up.

• When it comes to make-up, you can go for a matte lipstick because it stays for long even when a splash of water is thrown at you. But before applying the matte lipstick, plump your lips with some lip gloss to keep them moisturized. Plus, matte will form a protective layer over your lips.

• Wearing eye-liner would be a bad idea, so you can instead go with kajal for eye make-up. You can also go for an eye-gel shadow with a metallic color for it to last long. All in all, my advice is that you keep your eye make-up as simple as you can!

• An easy-to-blend highlighter that has a creamish texture will go best for your Holi make-up. You can also pick L’oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation to protect your skin. It stays on your skin for longer.

Wondering What to Wear on Holi?

A jeans, kurta and dupatta is your best pick for Holi. This is something that most women prefer, regardless of their age. Of course, our mothers would still not wear a jeans but there’s always something available for everyone. I know that floral prints are in trend these days but how about picking up a garment with ornamental print? Doesn’t that sound nice and different?

You can pick up a frock-like flared kurta like the one in the image to stand out from the crowd on Holi.

Thinking of what to mate it with? Well, personally I’d mate this frock style kurta with a black color pant. As you can see, this kurta doesn’t require an additional dupatta.

Jump around in this beautiful kurta and play Holi with full flow! With this, you can pick up a thin pendant or a pair of dangles for jewelry.

Which Dress is best, according to me, to look trendy on Holi?

Holi is no doubt a cheerful festival. Even those who are not in a cordial relationship tend to forget everything and play Holi together. Amidst a happy mood like that, dressing up becomes an essential part. This is why I’ve brought a set of Holi outfits to make the day more memorable. Changing of at least two dresses is a must on Holi. One that you wear in the morning, and one that you change after playing Holi. I have some peppy ideas for you to pick for each.

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a kurta with jacket. The best part about this kurta is that it can be donned into two garments. What I am planning to do is that I’d wear the short kurti while playing Holi. Once I’m all bathed up, I’ll wear a blue or navy colored kurta inside and top it up with the jacket. Believe me, it looks mind-blowing. For bottoms, you can get a pair of leggings and a pant, both in white color. So that once you are done playing Holi in your white leggings, you can replace it with the pants and hold on to your style.

How to Prep Up for Holi?

Now that you know what you are going to wear on Holi, let’s take you through a trail of prepping up tips. Like all our other Indian festivals, prepping up for Holi is a task of its own. You have to get a lot of stuff ready if you’re planning to play Holi on Dhulendi. Here are a couple of wise tips to prep up for Holi.

• Oil your Skin and Moisturize It

One of the desi nuska of keeping your skin protected from Holi colors is oiling it before moisturizing it. You can pick coconut oil for the same. The moisturizer on top will be a shield for your skin.

• Oil your Hair

This is a basic advice that our parents always give us. But here’s a procedure that you must follow before Holi: Wash, Condition, Oil. If you don’t want to look greasy, you can pick up a baby oil too.

• Lock up your Contact Lenses

Holi isn’t a great time to wear contact lenses. The colors can get into your eyes and destroy your lenses, lending a great deal of allergy to your eyes. Instead, wear your glasses and hold a wipe to keep them clean.

• Find a Purple or Black Colored Nail Paint

Remember those multi-colored nails you got after last year’s Holi? Well if you want to avoid that this time, paint your nails dark. Pick a black and purple nail paint.

Jewelry Tips for Holi

Most women don’t wear much jewelry on Holi for the fear of getting it harmed from the colors and water. But I’ve come out with a solution for this. Here are some excellent tips for you to choose the right kind of jewelry for Holi this year.

• If you are wearing a plain white kurta with minimal floral design such as the one shown in the image, a set of silver bangles will do great with it. Though this Kurta is also a great after-Holi garment, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear it while playing Holi.

• If you are fond of bangles, pick sets of meenakari bangles or glass bangles for Holi. Those bangles leave off the color and the dirt stains easily.

• Decorate your oiled-up hair with crystal pins to make them look less greasy and more stylish. And if you don’t want your hair to look greasy, as mentioned before, you can always oil them with baby oil.

• The traditional red or pink earrings will add color to your otherwise white outfit.

• Like minimal jewelry? Get a pair of oxidized earrings and neckpiece. The set will look gorgeous on white.

Now be ready to wash off your fears and fill your life with colors this Holi season. Dress up and look trendy for Holi. Follow these tips and tricks, and be ready to welcome a train of complements. Want to get white-colored outfits for Holi? Well, shop with Shree and choose your favorite piece for the festival.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi in advance. Keep shopping, dressing up, and enjoying every festival with style.

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