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Be Classy and Comfortable with these Trendy Cotton Kurtas

Be Classy and Comfortable with these Trendy Cotton Kurtas

Be Classy and Comfortable with these Trendy Cotton Kurtas

Has the soft breeze of the summer season touched you yet? The harvest is fresh, the sun is shining brighter, and the closet is getting lighter. Your tops, tunics and Kurtas are back while the jackets have returned to the winter closet. But are you going to wear the same old outfits? Of course, not! It’s time to shop for new summer outfits.

While buying Kurtas in summers, what's your first choice of fabric? Is it chiffon or polyester? Most of you would say that it’s neither of these. The comfiest fabric in this season is Cotton.

If Kurta is your first pick in the morning, the fabric that you should choose for summers is Cotton. That's because cotton makes you feel comfortable in the hot weather. It keeps you cool and doesn't leave out sweat stains on the fabric for long.

Cotton Kurtas are the best summer garments. And we all have our own reasons. Some love wearing Cotton Kurtas because they are comfortable. Some wear them because they make them feel slimmer. Whatever the reason be, Kurtas made of cotton hold a special place in women's hearts.

At Shree, we understand the dire need for women to have comfortable clothing in summers. And thus, our designers work hard to curate a collection that suits our customers' needs. Our everyday wear Cotton Kurtas are our customers' favorite picks. As a brand focused upon Kurtas & Kurtas, we suggest you to wear only Cotton fabric when it's hot out there.

When you hear Cotton, do you often think that there'll be something simple and sober? Well, that's not true. Despite being a simple fabric, you will be able to find a large variety of Cotton clothes in the market. Stylish, trendy, and everyday wear; with Shree's Cotton Kurtas, you get all in one.

Come, check out some of the latest designs in Cotton Kurtas and pick your favorite.

1. Off-White Floral Printed Cotton Kurta

Imagine a hot and humid day. Little droplets of sweat sparkling on your forehead. Drops of sweat dripping down over your clothes as you walk by. Wherever you go, sweat follows you. Because that’s what summers do to you. Would such weather entice you to wear a chiffon or georgette kurta? Not at all, right?

That is why Shree has brought forth a stylish collection of Cotton Kurtas at your disposal. Cotton makes you feel free, easy, and breezy when you wear it. Here’s a beautiful Cotton Kurta designed to make all the wonderful women out there feel comfy in summers.

Off-White Floral Printed Cotton Kurta

Look & Feel of the Kurta

From our finest range of off-white cotton Kurta range, most women adore this one the most. What you see above is a classy piece displaying a wine-colored floral pattern. It’s a regular straight Kurta, showcasing large floral motifs scattered all across it. The sleeves have ¾ length. They replicate the design that’s spread across the Kurta. With a round neckline and buttons around it, this regular Kurta works pretty well.


Shree's "Bianca" theme inspires this off-white Kurta with a wine floral pattern. Bianca is a story of fresh pastel colors and breezy silhouettes. It showcases light tones of mustard, pink and off-white. Natural elements like flowers, plains, greenery, and sunshine inspire the collection.

How to Style It Up?

Style your off-white wine Kurta with a wine-colored palazzo or a pair of straight pants. Although we'd say that the palazzo would go best with this Kurta. Most straight silhouetted Kurtas look beautiful when worn with a palazzo. Also, add some adornments to your look. Jewelery like silver earrings and a bracelet will complete your look.


2. Orange Navy Geometric Cotton Kurta

Minimalistic fashion has evolved over the years. Earlier, it was all about simplicity and sobriety. But now, fashion has transformed into modernity. And thus, consumers have begun to appreciate patterns like geometric and abstract.

Here's an impressive piece from Shree’s new collection. It's a geometric print cotton Kurta, displaying a medley of blue and orange colors. Patterns of geometric shapes intermingle, repeat, and create a beautiful print.

Orange Navy Geometric Cotton Kurta

Look & Feel of the Kurta

What could be better than a simple cotton Kurta and a geometric print on it? This is a stylish regular Kurta having a straight cut hemline. The Kurta has roll-up ¾ sized sleeves and a mandarin collar neckline. Hand-woven buttons adorn the mandarin collar. The geometric print in orange and navy colors create a nice pattern. 100% natural cotton material of the Kurta will keep you comfortable through the day. So, you can get this easy and breezy Kurta to wear during the peak of summers.


Doubtless, the inspiration for this piece is “Pattern Mix”. Shree’s Pattern Mix theme is all about mingling lots of shapes and patterns. The orange and navy geometric cotton Kurta has another option available with us. You can also get it in brown color.

How to Style It Up?

You can wear this geometric pattern Kurta with a pair of navy-colored jeggings. Though you can wear it with a palazzo or a pair of leggings as well, we would recommend that you go for a pant or jeggings. Also, style it up with orange-colored earrings. Get a pair of high heels to go with it.


3. Cream Printed Cotton Kurta

Colors like cream, baby pink and mint green are happy colors. These colors are a treat to your eyes. This is why you love wearing clothes dipped in these colors in the summers. It makes you feel light yet cheerful. And for the beholders; it makes them feel good too. 

Here's a special cream colored printed cotton Kurta that will become your favourite. The garment has a gold foil print to add a pinch of luxury to it. A simple cream color garment becomes trendy and stylish with the gold foil print.

Cream Printed Cotton Kurta

Look & Feel of the Kurta

Gold on cream can add an extra pinch of style to your outfit. That’s what this cream colored kurta from Shree does. If you find minute detailing appealing, then this cotton Kurta is a perfect garment for you. The kurta has been adorned with gold foil printing technique that makes it a party-wear garment. Besides, it features an ornamental placement print. On a straight hemline, the ¾ sized sleeves and round neckline look graceful. Shiny piping across the placement print ends in a tie-up.


The breezy cotton Kurta in cream color is a perfect garment to pick for your important events. It’s a part of Shree’s “Kanika” theme. The theme comprises a range of flared dresses and Kurtas, all in gold and silver detailing. The story expresses exquisite motifs from rich Indian art and architecture. It displays a mesmerizing look. 

How to Style It Up?

A cream colored Kurta like this doesn’t need heavy ornamentation. Yet, when it comes to pairing up, you should be careful. Take into consideration the gold foil print and pair it with deep golden color pants. Complete your outfit with a light set of drop earrings. 


4. Pink Geometric Cotton Kurta

Remember those beautiful, soft cotton Kurtas that your mom used to wear when you were younger. Women earlier preferred cotton Kurtas with simple designs for daily wear. And simplicity is getting back in trend. Nowadays, women are getting busier with their household and office work. And thus, they like wearing something comfortable at all times. But that doesn’t mean they will go out of fashion.

This pink colored Kurta from Shree will bring back lots of memories from your childhood. Replicating the old-school design into a modern outfit hasn’t been easy. But it has been interesting. It will become your first pick as soon as you get it home. The soft cotton fabric won’t feel heavy on your body in the hot weather.

Pink Geometric Cotton Kurta

Look & Feel of the Kurta

This cotton Kurta comes with a pink color base and a geometric print adorning it. The geometric print is new in the fashion industry, but the style of the Kurta will take you a couple of years back. The straight cut silhouette goes well with the ¾ sized sleeves of the pink kurta. Besides, it has a round neckline embellished with pearl adornments. The fabric of the kurta won’t fade or bleed even after several washes.


This is another piece from Shree’s “Pattern Mix” collection. You’ll notice many lines and shapes intermingling in the design. A simple bottom will go best with this pattern mix print.

How to Style It Up?

To style up this cotton Kurtas, you can pick up a magenta or white color palazzo or a pair of leggings. Though it’s not a party-wear garment, you can always pair it with some ornaments and make it designer wear. You can wear it as corporate attire if you add a watch to your look.


5. Off-White Ornamental Printed Cotton Kurta Set

What if we tell you that you can buy a cotton Kurta that comes with straight pants? Now you won’t have to go shopping for a bottom to go with your Kurta. Yes, that’s true! Kurta Sets are getting a lot more popular amongst women these days. Some women don’t like wearing a dupatta with their ethnic set. And thus, this ethnic set comes like a respite to them.

This off-white ornamental printed cotton Kurta will make you feel special. Yes, it will make you feel most like yourself. The set will look so good on you that you will find yourself standing in front of the mirror for hours.

Off-White Ornamental Printed Cotton Kurta Set

Look & Feel of the Kurta

This beautiful ethnic cotton Kurta with straight pants will make your summers breezy. By the looks of it, you will find it hard to believe that the Kurta is cotton made. But that is true. The Kurta as well as the bottom are cotton-made, and so, these are durable. It has ¾ sized sleeves and a regular straight cut hemline. Besides, the kurta has a round neckline and comes in different sizes.


This beautiful Kurta belongs to the "Ink Indigo" theme from Shree. Ink Indigo is all about exploring blues and whites at their best. The display of special effects of ink makes the garments look special.

How to Style It Up?

Since it is an ethnic set, you don’t have to go looking for a bottom. The indigo color of the Kurta and the pants will match the best with white drop earrings. Also, get a pair of block heels for footwear.

If you are one of those who likes to wear short kurtas or tunics, then we have many options available for you as well. Check one of them below:


6. Mustard Cotton Tunic

The color mustard reminds you of sunshine and farms of mustard leaves. It’s a color that makes you feel cheerful, especially when you are the one wearing it. Besides, it brings out your beauty and makes you look appealing.

At Shree, we have a huge range of mustard Kurtas and tunics that makes you shine like the sun during the summers. This particular tunic is like a short cotton Kurta. It makes you look young and graceful. You can get this for your daily wear needs, casual outings, and date nights.

Mustard Cotton Tunic

Look & Feel of the Kurta

If you are looking for a trendy tunic or a short Kurta, then this one is your best pick. The summer season call for colors like mustard, cream, and mint. This mustard cotton solid tunic is the latest fashion trend. 100% natural cotton fabric makes the tunic easier to carry and comfortable for you. This tunic has ¾ sized sleeves that are foldable and have tucks attached to them. It has a round neckline and a button-down design followed by an A-line silhouette. This combination works when you wear it with a pair of jeans. Now get this solid color mustard cotton tunic for your everyday wear needs.


The mustard cotton Kurta belongs to the “Texture” theme introduced by Shree. The theme is simple and sober yet features a beautiful bulging out the texture. When you touch it, the design will feel great. It also looks good when you stand in the daylight.

How to Style It Up?

You can style the mustard cotton Kurta with a pair of black color jeans or leggings. You can also wear it with tight jeggings because the flared look of the Kurta will fall nice over it.

Cotton Kurtas like these are in the trend these days. You can find many more such Kurtas on our website. Browse through the new summer collection and find your best pick.

Stay healthy, be happy, and keep shopping with Shree!

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