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10 Types of Stylish & Trendy Kurtis to Have in Your Wardrobe

10 Types of Stylish & Trendy Kurtis to Have in Your Wardrobe

Over the years, we’ve seen the fashion landscape of ethnic wear travel from Kurtas to Kurtis. Long length tunics have transformed into short length tops. And ethnic dresses have become more likeable to women than modern dresses. Yet, there’s one garment that has managed to remain close to women’s hearts even now, and that is “Kurti”. Thanks to its versatility, Kurti has been a go-to garment for every woman. Waking up every morning, women tend to get confused while choosing a garment to wear. It's hard to choose from the many options of apparel they have in their wardrobe. Kurtis solve this confusion with a snip!

As the summer season approaches, the demand for different types of Kurtis bubble up even more. Be it short Kurtis, long Kurtis or designer Kurtis, all types of Kurtis are the perfect summer garments. Kurti is the first garment that women tend to pick for their everyday wear in summers. For women who stay at home, Kurtis comes out as a comfy garment because it gives them enough breathing space. On the flip side, various types of Kurtis are popular amongst office-going women too. That’s because Kurtis comes out as a transformable garment. It’s an AM to PM garment. It lets you stay in your comfort while looking fashionable and stylish.

Holding a meeting in the office today and don't have anything corporate to wear? You can put on a peppy striped Kurti for your meeting. After all, striped Kurtis emanates a casual as well as corporate look. You can be wearing a Kurti in the morning to your office. And you can carry the same Kurti overlaying it with a jacket to a party in the evening. That's how versatile it is.

Building upon the same, we, at Shree, have developed a stylish yet comfortable range of different types of Kurtis. The new 2021 Spring Summer Collection features adorable Kurtis.

What’s new in the new collection?

Well, the new collection is offering exceptional quality, high fashion, and great prices. And that’s not all, the range is quite large for you to select from. Shree doesn’t make empty claims upon their garments. And so, when we say that the prices, quality and fashion are all unbeatable, it’s true!

Pick some of the finest kurti designs from the latest Spring Summer Collection. Have these top styles in your wardrobe to be summer ready.

Here are the top 10 types of stylish & trendy Kurtis to have in your wardrobe!

1. Dark Teal and Mustard Regular Kurti

A fresh breath of mustard intermingles with the grassy dark teal to form this beautiful kurti. With intricacies seen never before, this mustard Kurti is your go-to apparel. You can wear it to your friend’s mehndi function, Basant Panchami or Baisakhi celebration. These types of kurtis are popular amongst Indians particularly because of what they depict. The combination of mustard and green bring back memories of days spent amidst nature. 


This particular piece belongs to Shree’s “Vasant” collection. It’s a bright and vibrant theme that celebrates the onset of the summer and spring season. Our designers took inspiration from the blooming harvest and the bright sunshine. And they brought forth cheerful pieces like these.

Dark Teal and Mustard Regular Kurti

Look of the Kurti

It’s an ethnic set that comprises a regular straight cut kurti matched up with a stylish palazzo. The USP of this kurti set is its placement design. If you’ll notice closely, you’ll see the dark teal color of the palazzo reflecting in the placement on the kurti. A dori tie-up in mustard adorn the teal green base. Heavy tassels hang from the dori, enhancing the beauty of the garment. The kurti has ¾ sized sleeves and a round neckline, which is a pretty simple design. Yet, the look it emanates is that of a trendy kurti.


2. Grey Floral Kurti

When bright yellow merges with grey hues, a classy attire is formed. This deep grey kurti is amongst the trendiest types of kurtis available at Shree. Despite the grey color of the kurti, the yellow floral motifs don’t fade away. They look lively, in fact. Since it’s a long kurti, you can pair it up with a straight pant as well as a palazzo. It’ll look great on a casual day out or even for a birthday party. 


The grey floral kurti is a part of Shree’s “Foil Foliage” collection. The Foliage theme speaks of the beauty of floral motifs and nature as a whole. It extracts inspiration from natural elements like leaves, plants, and flowers. And therefore, you’ll notice tiny floral designs spread across in mustard color over the kurti.

Grey Floral Kurti

Look of the Kurti

This grey Kurti has the most common silhouette. It displays 3/4 sized sleeves, a mandarin collar neckline and a straight hemline. And thus, it can go with any kind of bottoms; be it a palazzo or a pair of leggings. The midriff has a piping covering the neckline and the front buttons.


3. Black Striped Kurti

If you like wearing kurtis to office, then here’s a great one to keep in your wardrobe. Available in 3 colors: black, yellow and blue, this striped kurti is a must-have for office-goers. If formals don’t suit you much, then this kurti will come as a respite. You can wear it as a straight cigarette pants to complete your outfit. 


The stripes are meant for casual and corporate wear. So, this piece doesn’t have a specific inspiration but it is a part of Shree’s “Texture” theme.


Black Striped Kurti


Look of the Kurti

The black striped kurti has a trendy look. It’s one of those garments that you always end up wearing when you don’t find something suiting your mood. The kurti has a regular straight cut, ¾ sized sleeves, and a mandarin collar neckline. The vertical stripes are complemented by the colored buttons on the neckline.


4. Green Jaipur Kurti Set

The green ethnic set is amongst the popular types of kurtis found at Shree. Green is a calming color to wear during the summer season because it soothes the eyes. So, getting a green-colored kurti is actually a smart idea at this point.

This ethnic set features an exquisite design, not just on the kurti but also across the dupatta and the salwar. If your friend has recently invited you to a housewarming or kitty party, then here's the deal. Get for yourself this ready-to-wear apparel that will cover you for the event. 


Slightly inspired from the rich culture of Jaipur, this ethnic set falls under Shree’s “Jaipur SKD” theme. You can see a special touch of Rajasthani culture depicted in the floral print on the Kurti. So you get a combo of both floral and Jaipuri design in one.

Look of the Kurti

The ethnic set comprises a straight Kurti, a stylish salwar, and a graceful dupatta. The Kurti and the salwar have a floral design. But the dupatta remains simple. The kurti has ¾ sized sleeves, a straight silhouette, and a round neckline. Designer borders on the sleeves and the hemline enhance the look of the kurti.

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5. Sea Green Embroidered Short Kurti

Call it a short kurti or a tunic, this sea-green embroidered kurti is like a magnet for women. On top of the subtle sea-green color, the colorful embroidery reflects beautifully. The embroidery covers more than half part of the midriff.

You can wear this tunic on occasions like date night, a family get-together, or casual lunch.


Inspired from Shree’s “Bandhani” collection, the sea-green tunic is a solo rockstar. You can wear it with the simplest of bottoms because the embroidery of the kurti is an ornament in itself. Bandhani means “Bandhan”, which depicts tying-up knots. Our designers have curated this beautiful collection to inspire you to tie-up bandhans.


Sea Green Embroidered Short Kurti


Look of the Kurti

It’s more of a tunic than a kurti, but you can also call it a short kurti. The sea-green color comes out nice with pink, white and yellow embroidery. The tunic has a V-neckline, an A-line silhouette, and 3/4 sized sleeves. It's a wardrobe essential!

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6. Off-White Frock-Like Kurti

How would a combination of a frock and a kurti look like? Sounds amazing, right? Well, here’s a frock-like kurti in off-white color to give you the best combo of frock and kurti. It’s a fit and flared kurti with a mid-waist tie-up.

You can wear this flared kurti to a Holi party or casual day out. White always look great in the summers!


How’s does a game of “Shatranj” depicted on a kurti? Amusing it is! But also, that’s what our designers have done to this beautiful off-white kurti. Motifs inspired by the game of Chess have been incorporated into the design of the kurti. Super classy!


Off-White Frock-Like Kurti


Look of the Kurti

It’s one of those kurtis that you should have in your wardrobe, ready to be worn to your sudden party plans. The Kurti has a simple silhouette with 3/4 sized sleeves and a round neckline. But the flare at the bottom makes the piece unique. A tie-up mid-waist gives you that perfect fit. Besides, there’s a placement print in the middle that falls in sync with the rest of the pattern.


7. Pink Floral Kurti

Florals are the essence of summers. The touch and feel of the flowers make the hot weather much bearable. Well, if that’s what you feel too, then let this pink floral Kurti decorate your wardrobe.

The best part about this kurti is its floral jacket, which makes it a “Two Looks wali Kurti”. You can wear it without the jacket to your office. Or, you can add the jacket on top while going out with your friends the same evening. Easy, right?


This Jacket Kurti falls under Shree’s “Pastel Floral” collection. Tiny but cute floral motifs spread out on pastel pink color makes this kurti an adorable garment.


Pink Floral Kurti


Look of the Kurti

This pink floral kurti is a perfect garment for the summer season. Why?

Because the look of this kurti is bright and happy. It gives you the right kind of vibes for this season. If we talk about the kurti, it has ¾ sized sleeves, a straight silhouette, and a mandarin collar neckline. While it’s pretty simple, adding up a designer jacket on top accentuates its looks further.


8Blue Short Solid Kurti

A short kurti is a must-have in the summer season because it goes with everything. You may wear it with a Patiala salwar, a pair of straight pants, or even jeans. This dark blue kurti is perfect for your day-to-day wear. Put it on for your important days in office or at home when a special guest is coming! 


This blue solid Kurti is a part of Shree’s “Privie” collection. It’s an exclusive theme that comprises garments made of unique material and design. The brooch adorning the neckline of the Kurti is an exclusive addition to it.


Look of the Kurti

If roll-up sleeves, mandarin collar, and a straight silhouette doesn’t suffice for you to get this blue kurti home, then a stylish brooch will. The solid blue kurti has nothing to emphasize upon except for the adornment on the neckline. But that one bit makes it a great party kurti that you should definitely have in your closet.


9Off-White Kurti Set

Let’s be honest about this! No matter how much we women love shopping, there’s nothing better than getting a complete set. We’d love to get an ethnic set with which we only have to match up our jewelry and makeup. That’s exactly what this off-white kurti set does for you.

You can choose to wear this ethnic set to a Punjabi wedding, since those are held during the day time. The off-white color reflects your beauty better when you wear it during the day.


These types of kurtis fall under Shree’s “Alpana” collection. The rangoli culture inspires this beautiful collection, depicting white motifs of rangoli. Alpana is a rangoli made with rice flour or chalk powder, which is why white is the prime color in these kurtis.


Look of the Kurti

The ethnic set comprises a regular kurti, straight pants, and a flowy dupatta. The kurti has ¾ sized sleeves and a mandarin collar neckline. Motifs of Alpana design decorate the dupatta while the pants remain plain white.


10. Pink Floral Kurti

Here's another wardrobe essential. This light pink color Kurti will give you the bubbly look that is much desirable in summers. The bright pink color lets you shine even bright in this garment. Get it for your friends’ day-outs or casual outings. Style it up with a pair of matching earrings and a thin silver bracelet, and you are good to go!


By the looks of it, you’ll be able to guess that this particular piece is a part of Shree's “Pastel Floral” collection. Pastel pink color and floral motifs come together to form a trendy kurti.

pink color and floral kurti

Look of the Kurti

The pink floral kurti has ¾ sized sleeves, a round neckline and a straight silhouette. It’s a long kurti, and so, you can pair it up with a pair of cigarette styled pants. The entire kurti is adorned with floral motifs that define elegance and grace.

Now get these and many other different types of kurtis at Shree – The Indian Avatar. Explore a classy range of kurtis and kurtas at our stores and the website.

Be yourself, be classy, and be a Shree!

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