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Revamp Your Look with Amazing Printed Ethnic Wear

Revamp Your Look with Amazing Printed Ethnic Wear

Revamp Your Look with Amazing Printed Ethnic Wear

It’s true that one should never let go of their cultural roots. Our culture and traditions define what we are, after all! So, why let a wave of modernity redefine our ethnicity, right?

India is the most culturally diverse nation, and most of our cultures are defined by the clothes we wear and the food we eat. There are many other aspects, but clothing and food remain the primary factors that define our culture. It’s time we get back to our roots and embrace ethnic wear while maintaining our style. At Shree, we’re bringing back regality of ethnic wear with a range of spectacular printed ethnic wear, kurta sets, tops & tunics, and ethnic dresses.

Our ethnic sets are curated with love and care, and therefore, when you wear them, your confidence will boost up. You feel more in sync with yourself when you put on printed ethnic wear from Shree.

Ethnic sets come in different varieties, sizes, silhouettes, and colors. The most common and preferred silhouette for ethnic sets is a regular straight cut. While being colorful is always amazing, the printed ethnic sets at Shree are simple, light-colored and classy. Going for colors might be your style, but try wearing some of the plain colors to let your beauty come out gracefully. Be it an off-white salwar kameez dupatta set or a beige colored printed kurta set, ethnic wear will always make you feel beautiful inside out.

The everlasting charm of ethnic wear is never lost on Indians. For people living in India, fashion is all about ornamentation; be it in the form of garment adornments or jewelry ornamentation. Your outfit should display your Indian look when you are going to a wedding or a family function. Occasions like these call for a shopping spree for printed ethnic wear. And with festivals like Holi or Baisakhi being just around the corner, it’s time that you get your wardrobe ready.

At Shree, our designers work stringently to develop ethnic sets that help our consumers heighten their style quotient. They have studied consumer’s requirements thoroughly and based on that, they’ve created a collection that is unforgettable and unbeatable! The improvisation in the new Spring Summer Collection is quite visible, especially in terms of quality, pricing, and fashion. And isn’t that what we all desire?!

Buy authentic printed ethnic wear from Shree – The Indian Avatar to get your wardrobe ready for spring and summer. And it’s the perfect timing to shop too! Shree has recently launched a mind-blowing Spring Summer 2021 Collection.

Come, take a look at some of the designers’ pick from our amazing printed ethnic wear collection.


1. Peach Colored Printed Ethnic Wear

Peach color is a lighter shade of pink or orange, and women would agree that peach comes out as a graceful color. This is because when you wear a peach-colored ethnic set, it reflects your beauty even more; its lighter shade contrasts well with our skin tone. But that is not all. The color is just the base; there’s much more to it. You get a fine print covering the garment that emanates your style better.

 kurta sets

The printed ethnic wear in peach color comes with a regular straight-cut kurta with off-white-colored borders covering the ¾-sized sleeves and the hemline. You will see that the unique pattern on the kurta falls in sync with the design printed on the hem of the straight pants. Also, the round neckline of the kurta is decorated with a beautiful dori that displays tassels. Finally, a flowy dupatta adorned with peach-colored print adds elegance to your ethnic set.

So, why not get this perfect printed ethnic wear for your next festival gathering? Choose a matching pair of earrings to go with it and of course, a pair of heels for footwear. With a little bit of touch up, you are all set for your party.

Since it’s a regular kurta set, you can wear it for your casual or corporate outings too. Pair it with juttis if you are picking this printed ethnic wear as a casual outfit. That’s because heels might make it look a tad bit too much. And complete your style by wearing a matching set of earrings.

As you can see, ethnic wear sets like these are complete value for money because they can be molded well for all sorts of events.


2Beige Printed Ethnic Set

Beige color has gradually become a favorite of the youngsters, and one can’t blame them, right? It’s the classiest color in existence! If beige is truly your vibe, then this beautiful beige colored printed ethnic set will make you fall in love with ethnic wear all over again.

The color does not make you look all shiny and glittery, but it makes you look elegant and classy. And these days, fashion is all about sophistication and style. That is exactly what the beige printed ethnic wear gives you.

party wear ethnic sets

Ever heard about Alpana? It’s a Rangoli-like design made with rice flour or chalk powder. If you’ll look closely at this printed ethnic wear, you’ll observe the sparkling white rangoli pattern. That’s the Alpana pattern. At Shree, we have a specially curated collection by the name “Alpana”.

With beige as the base color, the white print reflects even better. Besides, the border on the ¾ sized sleeves, as well as hemline, ensures that the design comes out nicely. The kurta has a round neckline with cute white ruffly tassels attached to it.

With this printed ethnic wear, you also get a pair of cigarette pants with side slits at the hem. Overall, bits and pieces of design elements and fabric quality makes this ethnic set a comfortable yet fashionable garment. If you’re looking for events to wear it to, then we can suggest some. Get this printed ethnic wear set for the upcoming Maha Shivratri puja. Or you can also get it for a housewarming party.


3. Sky Blue Printed Ethnic Set

The summer season is here, and the sky is getting bluer and bluer with each passing day. As the days get hotter each day, fresh breeze of wind is awaited even more. Amidst the peak of summers, what soothes your eyes the most is sky blue color.

Shree brings to you a graceful sky blue printed ethnic wear to make your summer days calm and peaceful. Blue tends to feel calming and cooling to the eyes of the beholders. And when you put on this classy ethnic set, the base sky-blue color of the garment makes you feel soothed till the core.

printed ethnic sets online



But that’s not the only USP of the sky-blue ethnic set. This ethnic wear comprises a sky blue regular straight cut kurta and a white-colored straight pants. The plain white color of the pants contrasts well with the sky-blue color of the kurta. Besides, the dupatta comes out as a combination of both colors, displaying an off-white base and sky-blue print.

The printed ethnic set displays excellent adornments like long dori with attached tassels, side piping, and more. The garment might look simpler than how it looks when you wear it. Dress up for the next function at your home, and you’ll notice it by yourself. When worn in a day function, the outfit is going to give out your cultural alliances perfectly.

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4Grey Colored Printed Ethnic Set

When the skies are bluest and the grass is a little greener, the greys are what we look around for. Shree listens to every mood, which is why it’s here you get the best printed ethnic wear of the season. A grey-colored ethnic set is unique and unseen elsewhere. Most people wear colorful ethnic sets, but this grey colored printed ethnic set is best for those who want to look unique.

This ethnic set includes a regular straight silhouetted kurta, a pair of straight-cut pants, and a stylish dupatta. While the set might look simple, it comes out most graceful when you wear it to events like engagement parties, receptions, pujas, and corporate outings.

ethnic wear for women

The kurta displays a brown-colored floral print and has a round neckline adorned with white buttons. The light teal colored border across the waistline and ¾-sized sleeves match with the border that is highlighted on the hem of the pants. The chic dupatta adds more grace to the printed ethnic wear with its light brown motif print and flowy style.

If you are planning on wearing this beige colored printed ethnic set, then you should start collection your matching sets of jhumkis to achieve that perfect ethnic look. A style that you desire is out there; all you have to do is grab it before the stocks get over.


5. Coral Colored Printed Ethnic Set with Palazzo

Want to be the highlight of a party? Well, this is the time for you to make your style statement out there.

Coral-colored printed ethnic wear looks gorgeous especially when you adorn it with some exquisite ornaments like pink-colored dangle earrings or a silver bracelet. Since the ethnic set comes with a palazzo, you can easily wear it with a pair of juttis or flats. It’s a perfect summer wear garment; there’s nothing better that you can find in summers to make you feel easy and breezy.

online printed sets

The coral-colored kurta has ¾ sized sleeves, a mandarin collar that paves the way for button down design, and a regular straight cut silhouette. There’s a middle slit in the kurta and tiny dark coral-colored tassels on the button-down design. The floral design on the kurta with the paneling in the middle looks quite attractive.

The palazzo displays a geometric print that contrasts uniquely with the floral print of the kurtas. Although this ethnic set doesn’t comprise of a dupatta, you can surely add one to style it up even better.

The coral printed ethnic wear from Shree comes in another color: Indigo Blue.


6. Cream Colored Printed Ethnic Set

Summers are approaching, and so are the sweaty days. Imagine the sun shining right at the top of your head. Well, the weather is about to get that nasty. When the scorching heat is getting worse, no event sounds very inviting, right? But that’s the weather we are looking ahead at.

Amid such a hot weather, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple cotton cream colored kurta to wear? In fact, it would be even better if you get a pair of straight pants and a dupatta along with it. That’ll save you the time to choose and match bottoms for your cotton kurta.

Here’s a chic cream-colored printed ethnic wear set that comes with a regular straight cut kurta, a pair of off-white palazzo, and a flowy dupatta. The kurta and the dupatta have geometric pattern printed upon them. It’s a print that looks quite pretty on the cream base.

The printed ethnic set that you see below is one of Shree’s best-sellers. In the Indian ethnic wear category, it’s one of the most admired selection. Women love to wear it for their housewarming parties, kitty parties, and even on pujas.

Make the most of your printed ethnic wear by adding up beautiful earrings, bracelet and other types of jewelry. Since it’s a cream-colored outfit, you are free to ornament yourself with fancy jewelry.

Revamp Your Look with Amazing Printed Ethnic Wear

After all, it all comes to the fact that an ethnic set makes an Indian woman look beautiful regardless of the time or event. So, grab this cream printed ethnic set today before it gets too late.

Ethnicity resides within you, and it’s your attire that defines it to the outside world. That’s why Indian women prefer to put on ethnic whenever they are attending a function, a wedding celebration, or a casual party with their family.

Shree brings to you the finest printed ethnic sets in its new collection. So, now make your summer and spring seasons better with these styles. Pack up your old wardrobe and revamp it with this amazing printed ethnic wear. But always remember, ethnic wear is incomplete without your grace and smile. Wear a smile before you wear these ethnic sets, and there’s no one that could be as beautiful as you.

Already wishing you were in a store, buying these gorgeous ethnic sets for the approaching summers? Well, we’ll save you some time and effort here.

Stay in your bed and order from our website; get the ethnic set delivered right to your doorstep. All you need to do now is swipe through the latest Spring Summer Collection of Ethnic Sets and choose your favorites. Add them to your cart and place your order today!

Keep shopping, be yourself, and be a Shree!

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