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Heading for a Party? Dazzle it with these 6 Embroidered Kurtis

Heading for a Party? Dazzle it with these 6 Embroidered Kurtis

Heading for a Party? Dazzle it with these 6 Embroidered Kurtis

Weddings and festivities are never-ending, especially in India. And for every new occasion, for women, it’s a mandate to wear something unique and stylish. But the most important aspect for women is that the garment we wear to a party shouldn’t be repetitive. We don’t want to be seen at a party wear kurti or a dress that we’ve worn before. And to avoid that, we’d bundle up our wardrobes with a wide range of outfits.

Party days are not too far, and your wardrobe is waiting to be filled with a range of kurtas & kurtis. Party wear kurtis sets you in the mood to flaunt your style. But at the same time, these kurtis keep your traditional side alive. To become the perfect combination of classy and elegant, you can dress up in ethnic wear and slay the day.

There’s nothing better than flexible and elegant ethnic fashion, and that’s exactly what Shree – The Indian Avatar is all about. With Shree, you get party wear kurtis, designer kurtis, spectacular ethnic sets, and gorgeous dresses. All of these are fabricated using the finest quality of fabrics and intricate detailing. You’ll get kurtis with detailing like beadwork, paneling, handwork, sequins, and other types of ornamentations. Besides, the latest Spring Summer Collection has some amazing embroidered party wear kurtis that are perfect for different occasions.

Our designers have curated an aesthetic range of party wear kurtis for all the fashionistas out there. The range has everything that would suit you for every occasion, be it your close relatives’ wedding reception or a casual corporate party. The best thing about a party wear kurti, or kurti in general, is that it can be worn to any event. Plus, it can be worn with different types of bottoms such as leggings, jeggings, palazzos, or pants. You can choose a pair of bottoms that you feel comfortable wearing. That’s why kurtis are considered the most versatile garment. 

So, if you are planning to dress up in ethnic for the next party lined up for you, then here’s something that can make you look trendy! Check below a list of the top 6 embroidered kurtis that can be styled finely for your next party.

Come, take a look at some embroidered party wear Kurtis and some amazing ways to style them.

1. White Party Wear Kurti with Jacket

You’ve been invited to a holi party in your office recently, but you are falling short of ideas for what to wear to the party. Well, what could be better than a party wear kurti with jacket in white color?

Here’s a beautiful Holi-worthy white kurti with jacket which is perfect for your corporate Holi party. You can wear this with matching white-colored pants and a pair of white drop earrings.


online kurtis


If you look at some of the celebrity Holi party media coverage, you’d notice that most of them wear ethnic wear to these parties. You can replicate the same by getting this kurti for yourself. It’s a white-colored short kurti with a long jacket as an overlay. The long jacket falls to your calves that will match with your pants.

You can either wear it with your jacket like it’s done in the image. Or, you can remove the jacket and wear it like a short kurti with black jeggings or a palazzo. To style it better, add a black belt on your waist and flaunt your chic look at the party. The navy color embroidery right below the round neckline matches the boundary of the jacket. On a white base, the dark blue embroidery comes alive.

But that’s not just the only purpose of this party wear kurti. You can also wear it for a casual day out or a lunch date. After all, white always radiate your beauty!


2. Yellow Embroidered Party Wear Kurti

Your friend recently invited you to her mehndi function and there’s a dress code. Everyone is wearing ethnic! Well, you were all ready with your modern dresses but now, with the dress code, what to do?

Here’s the solution!

Functions like haldi and mehndi are most-awaited, especially for Indian women. Women prepare their outfits as diligently for these events as they do for the wedding event. And why not? In the years that pass, we tend to get back to memories like these and smile with tears in our eyes. And thus, we should do whatever it takes to make these occasions special. It all starts with choosing the right outfit.


online kurtis & kurtas

Since ethnic is the commonly-accepted dress code, you can go for a haldi colored party wear kurti with embroidery across the midriff. The embroidery has been intricate with different colors like blue, pink, orange, and more. These colors shine brightly on the yellow or lime base of the kurti.

You can pair your kurti with a pair of pink, blue, orange colored leggings or palazzos. Try matching your bottoms with the embroidery on top of the kurti. Besides, wearing a pair of heels or juttis would style you better. You can also wear a big kada in the color that you choose for your bottoms to perk it up more.

Enjoy that mehndi or haldi function with poise in this party wear kurti, and charm everyone around.


3Regular Pink Party Wear Kurti

What’s better than a regular party wear kurti adorned with embroidery for your next occasion? Though most of the party wear kurtis have a high amount of intricate detailing, Shree’s kurtis are slightly distinct.

Most of the party wear kurtis that you’ll find at Shree has beautiful embroidery. The kurti that you can see below has a fine embroidery at the midriff that matches with the embroidery on the border of the hemline as well as the ¾ sized sleeves.

A party wear kurti like this can be worn with any bottoms; that’s probably the best aspect of it. But how to style it?

indian kurtis

Well, check the colors embedded in the embroidery and match your earrings, juttis, and bottoms with it. If you want to change your style for the upcoming event, you can pair this kurti with a cute faux diamond pendant. The round neckline of the kurti will enhance the necklace falling beautifully on your collarbone. Besides, the paneling at the front will add glamour to your outfit, especially if you wear it with a dupatta displaying the same design. For footwear, you can go for a pair of juttis or sandals with this party wear kurti.

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4Short Length Party Wear Kurti/ Tunic

Do you like wearing short length kurtis because long kurtis are too much for you? Well, here’s a tunic that you can choose blindly for your next day out or family event.

Short kurtis are usually denoted by the name “tunic”. At Shree, you will find a range of beautifully-fabricated tunics. One of the popular styles to look forward to in the Spring Summer 2021 Collection is the mustard tunic with embroidery.

The tunic, displayed here, has intricate detailing in the form of side tie-up across the midriff and tassels attached to the dori. The embroidery covers more than half of the midriff, but contrasts well with the base color. 

indian women kurtis collection

You can get for yourself a party wear kurti coupled with a pair of pants. With the tunic that’s shown in the image, you can buy a pair of red colored pants. The combination of mustard and red is, by far, the best for parties. While there’s a little to no requirement for you to add extra ornamentation or do something special to style it up, you should nevertheless have some options handy.

For instance, if you wear the tunic with a pair of red colored bottoms, you can complete your outfit with red earrings and a pendant. A sparkly mustard color bracelet will make you look charming, but if you choose to wear the bracelet you can leave out the jewelry. A light make-up will do great with this party wear kurti.


5Red Regular Party Wear Kurti

Isn’t red the color you end up wearing whenever you want to feel perked up or excited? Well, that’s the case with most women out there. Red makes you feel like a lady, and as soon as you put it on, you get a unique kind of confidence injected into you. Regardless of the way you style your red party wear kurti, it’s bound to make you feel great from inside out.

If you like dressing up sober, then this red colored party wear kurti will entice you the most. It’s a plain deep red color kurti displaying a self-texture that feels so good when you touch it. But the best part about this garment that makes it a party wear kurti is the golden embroidery in chunks over it. There are small bits of gold embroidery over the midriff along with a big bit of gold embroidery on one side near the border. The rest of the kurti is plain solid color including the ¾ sized sleeves.

online shopping kurtas

It may look quite simple when you look at the kurti, but when you put it on, the kurti comes out as extremely elegant. You can wear it to a casual corporate party with a pair of golden colored pants and high heels. Style it with a small golden color pendant or a pair of golden studs. Add a sleeveless embroidered jacket to it, and the kurti will become a wedding outfit as well!

It’s all about how you carry your kurti!


6. Party Wear Kurti-cum-Dress

Parties are all about fun and frolic. And what will be greater than a beautiful flowy kurti-cum-dress to wear in a party?

If you like wearing a fusion of ethnic and modern, then here is a perfect outfit for you. It’s a beautiful dress that can be worn as a party wear kurti. The dark teal color dress comes with a mustard color jacket as an overlay.

If you are a tall lady, this teal color dress can become a calf-length kurti that can be worn with a pair of jeans. Wear it with the jacket or without the jacket, the dress-cum-kurti will enhance your style. But if you like wearing it like a dress, then you can pair it up with high heels and a matching necklace to go with. 

ladies favorite garment

One of the best parts about this dress is that the mustard jacket that comes with it is a separate garment altogether. You can wear it separately with any of your other kurtis; it can grace up any garment amazingly.

So there are many ways to style this dress. Either you pair a teal color palazzo with the dress or wear the jacket with the dress alone. The jacket has a tie-up that helps you close it from the middle. The tie-up has intricate and beautiful tassels attached to it. You can also arrange for a mustard color bracelet to go with your outfit.

Now shine as bright as the sun with this teal and mustard color dress/ kurti! 

That’s just a list of 6 embroidered party wear kurtis; there are many others to look forward to. All of these are now ‘live’ on our website.

At Shree, you can also get the entire ethnic sets within a reasonable price range. So, you won’t have to spend time finding and selecting a matching pair of pants and dupatta. The ethnic sets often include a party wear kurti along with a pair of matching pants and a dupatta.

Stay tuned for more such style tips!

Keep shopping!

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