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Spring Summer 2021 Launched NOW!

Spring Summer 2021 Launched NOW!

Spring Summer 2021 Launched NOW!

Summer is about to weave magic into your lives as Shree – The Indian Avatar is launching its gorgeous Spring Summer 2021 Collection. Fresh leaves entangled with blooming flowers come to life as summer arrives. Greenery comes back after the fall and you feel a little better about each long day. The hours don’t seem short anymore, and you have nights that are filled with sparkling stars in the clear sky.

Amidst a weather that makes you feel cheerful, a new collection of kurtas and kurtis, ethnic sets, dresses, and tops & tunics is going to make your summers even better.

The new collection will bring forth little of experiments and more of quality into the stock. The USP of the new collection will remain focused upon price, quality, and fashion. We are bringing forth an unbeatable range of Kurtas, Ethnic Sets, Dresses, and Tunics to match with the ever-changing demands of the fashion world.

Nowadays, women are preferring apparel that speaks for their outlook while providing them utmost comfort. Comfort has become a major requirement to be added to every woman’s closet. And thus, Shree has ensured that the new collection has each and every garment that provides comfort as well as quality. It has been our motive to deliver the three desirable aspects to our garments:

  • Unbeatable Price
  • Unbeatable Quality
  • Unbeatable Fashion 

Our fashion designers and backend team has worked upon these three aspects and developed an “UNBEATABLE” collection. This time round, something amazing is going to happen. You’ll find the trendiest apparel of high quality at the best price range. So, you get the best of three worlds in one!

Our kurtas and kurtis, tops and tunics, dresses, and ethnic sets are all made of the finest, breathable, and 100% natural fabrics. The new assortment display mind-blowing features like easy and breezy wear, comfort, soft fabric, classy designs and prints, beautiful patterns, unique necklines, and many others. And that is not all, this time, we’ve offered a range of summer color options like baby pink, grey, sky blue, mint green, aqua blue, etc. There’ll be a range of long length kurtas available in the new collection as well as shorter length kurtas since the short-length trend is back in fashion. Going by the demand of our customers, we’ve introduced thread-work, tassels, piping, tie-ups, and lots of other kinds of minimal and smart detailing in the garments.

Come, take a look at the first four themes that Shree is launching in its Spring Summer 2021 Collection.

Bianca – Breezy Silhouettes

A collection in white, Bianca is a breath of fresh air with classic and breezy silhouettes. Light tones of pink, mustard and similar colors have been used in the entire collection. What inspires the Bianca theme are natural elements. Hills, plains, flowers, greenery, and sunshine become the prime inspiration of this theme.

Bianca collection

The silhouette of the kurtis, included in this theme, is usually a regular straight cut one. There are side slits that form a knot with the help of a dori and end in cute tassels. The ethnic sets, under this theme, comprise of kurtis along with matching cigarette pants. The pants feature a floral pattern that matches with the borders of the kurti’s sleeves and neckline. Most of these kurtis have ¾ sized sleeves and mandarin collar necklines. The base solid color such as pink accentuates the floral design on sleeves and collar of the garments.

Summer is all about cottons and florals. The hot and humid weather pushes you to pick up a cotton kurta every morning. You don’t want to spend your day being sweaty, right? Cotton kurtas work brilliantly for people who sweat a lot, or even generally for everyone during the summer season. The weather requires you to wear light, flowy and translucent fabrics. Fabrics that provide you with enough room to breathe and move. That’s exactly what LIVA and cotton fabric used for garments included in the Bianca theme do! 

You can buy a couple of outfits from Bianca theme to make your wardrobe a little fresh and light. Wearing tonal colors make you feel supple and soothed up throughout the day. Check out the entire range of “Bianca” theme on our website.


Vasant – The Blooming Harvests

Vasant is another name for ‘Basant’. We’ve just gone past Basant Panchami, and have celebrated the arrival of the blooming harvests. It shall continue till Baisakhi, and is sure to inspire the budding harvests in the future months. The Vasant theme takes inspiration from Summer time harvests and bright sunshine during the months of March and April.

Bright yellows and open skies inspire the mood of this collection. Vasant, in short, welcomes summers with a lively range of floral patterns.    

Vasant collection

When you listen to the word “summer”, the color that would probably pop into your mind would be yellow or mustard. Although it’s a capsule collection, the garments remind you of the good days of Baisakhi and the onset of summers. Vibrant hues of yellow fill your mood with happiness and your outlook with a shine as bright as the sun. The wintery fog waives off and you get introduced to a new hope; the hope of sunshine. Mustard color brings memories of farms and blooming harvest, which is an auspicious sign.  

The main color hues used in the collection are mustard and dark teal. Besides, you can find dresses, kurtis, and ethnic sets under this theme. The silhouettes that you’ll get to see are A-line, fit and flared, and regular straight cut. With dark teal or black as the base color, the dresses or kurtis under the Vasant theme come out beautifully. There are intricate detailing like contrast piping, contrast plackets, handwork, beadwork, sequins, contrast paneling, and tie-ups in the garments. You can pair these up with contrasting bottoms. For example, you can mate your dark teal color dress having a mustard jacket with a pair of mustard color pants.

So, say hello to sunshine and wear your shine on your sleeves!


Pastel Floral – Fineness of Floral Print on Pastel Colors

Large scale floral patterns scattered with a touch of spring on pastel summer tones. A combination of both floral print and pastel colors makes up the ‘Pastel Floral’ collection. The theme comprises of watercolor delicacy that gives the entire assortment a fresh summer feel.

pastel floral

Shifting weather always bring a certain amount of uncertainty to your mood. What refreshes the mood often is the beauty of nature or earthly elements around. Delicacy of rich floral pattern mixed up with delicate fabric brings about the Pastel Floral theme.

Florals and pastels merge together to form one of the most popular collections in the Spring Summer 2021 Collection. It would include A-line kurta silhouette as well as regular straight cut silhouette. The collection includes kurtas and ethnic sets, all dipped in florals. Ethnic sets would also be featuring golden impressions that will come out nicely on pastel colors. There are intricate detailing like pearls, beadwork, metallic leaves, and golden paneling that cover the kurtas and ethnic sets. Fabrics like 100% cotton, jacquard cotton, cotton dobby, and LIVA fabrics are used.

There is a lot of usage of pink and gold tones that highlight the floral aspect of the theme even further. A-line kurtas usually come with gota work on the sleeves as well as the neckline. Patterns like ornamental, geometric, stripes, and more are used in this collection, which adds an extra charm to the theme.

So, be ready to bloom like flowers with this beautiful collection.


Privie – An Exclusive Collection

As the name goes, the Privie theme is Shree’s own exclusive collection. It’s something that Shree embodies; something that is personal and quite exquisite.

The range is all about glitters, immersed in rich colorful fabrics with a varied range of surface ornamentation. Usage of Chanderi fabric adds rich and premium look to the garments that are featured in this collection. Printing and ornamentation in this collection is excellent, and therefore makes it a festive-worthy wear.

Privie collection

The garments, under this collection, are available in both regular and A-line cut silhouette. There are exceptional neckline detailing like beadwork, sequins, handwork, tie-ups, and many more. Placement prints all across the range brings it in sync with the other themes in the Spring Summer 2021 Collection.

The Privie collection is mainly designed to cater to our consumers’ festive wear requirements. Our designers have used summer pastel colors such as lime yellow, peach, lime green, aqua blue, and various others. With Privie, Shree places a new summer palette with golden beige on display. Intricate detailing like dori tie-ups, tassels, side tie-ups, and much more.

Under Privie collection, you’ll be able to find both kurtas as well as layered dresses. The layered dresses are especially included in the collection to add some party-wear, wedding wear outlook to the theme. Gold and silver are used in high amount. It helps highlight the festive mood even more.

You can choose from a lot of options from the Privie theme for your upcoming event from our website.

So, be ready to be Privie with Shree’s excellent assortment.

If you’re wondering about what’s more in store for you, then you should hold your horses for a mind-blowing collection coming on-board. The new collection will have more of quality into the stock. We’re using natural and breathable fabrics like 100% cotton (in various forms like Jacquard, Dobby, Structured), LIVA fabric, and more for the SS21 collection.

Besides this, a rather extensive detailing will be adorning the garments in the form of handwork, blanket-stitching, machine embroidery, and more. We’re focusing mainly on straight cut or A-line Kurtas; however, you’ll also find Fit and Flare tunics, kurtas, and dresses in the new collection.

All you have to do is keep your eyes glued to the upcoming blogs and Shree’s Instagram/ Facebook handles to know more about our collection. One of the highlights to mention about the new collection is that the products in the collection gives the consumers a combination of unbeatable ‘Price’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Fashion’. It’s an unbeatable collection that will be hard to get elsewhere. So, this is the time for you to fill your wardrobes with an optimum range of kurtas and kurtis, tunics, dresses, and ethnic sets. And while you are at it, be assured that the collection will give you some extra attention on each event that you wear it to. Be it a party or a casual puja at home, kurtas from the new collection will quickly make you the highlight of every event. Be ready to get some amazing complements too!

If you want to know the names of some other themes that we’ll be launching soon, then here you go:

  • Bandhrang
  • Mudran
  • Pattern Mix
  • AM To PM
  • Turkish Delite
  • Inked Indigo, etc. 

There’s a lot more in stock for you in the latest Spring Summer Collection of Shree – The Indian Avatar. So, stay tuned to know more and get more!

Stay Safe, Stay Updated, and Keep Shopping with us.

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