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How Can I Look Like a Stylish Girl at Home?

How Can I Look Like a Stylish Girl at Home?

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Work from home or work from anywhere has quickly become the common trend amongst the millennials. Men and women across the world are working from anywhere except for the office, and we have the coronavirus to thank for this. Unfortunately, at the behest of the virus, a lot of lives were lost and the economy suffered heavy losses. But the ability to work from home or work from anywhere was something that came as a silver lining with this virus.

Well, working from home is a blessing, of course. But it is also something that could bore us out sometimes, which is why millennials like us have invented work from anywhere or workation as we call it. And for workations, one needs stylish and trendy outfits. That is a given!

One could work in their pajamas at home but that is not the case with a work from anywhere situation, which is why it becomes imperative to buy appropriate outfits for workations. That’s where Shree comes in. We’ve been listening to women’s requirements when it comes to work wear, and therefore, we’ve designed a gorgeous collection.

There are multiple ways to style up your outfits meant for Work from Anywhere. And to get a gorgeous collection for such a situation, you can go for Shree’s Work from Anywhere collection. There are also many Work from Home outfits available in this collection. To know more, explore the collection in detail and make sure to add the best ones to your cart! The stock is quickly running out from this amazing collection. And if you are wondering about how to style the outfits well, then go on and read more.

Powder Pink Solid Kurta from a Work from Anywhere Collection

If you like wearing unique outfits, then here is something perfect meant for you. Get this gorgeous powder pink solid kurta from a charming work from anywhere collection at Shree. Wear this powder pink solid kurta by styling it in the best manner.

Go for this powder pink kurta from Shree and allow yourself to look even better while working from anywhere or working from home. The solid kurta comes with a unique design having a soft white snowy frill upon the frontline of the kurta as well as the midriff.

Some amazing features about this kurta include high level of functionality in the form of a pocket on the side of the kurta. Give yourself the benefit of functionality by buying this lovely powder blue kurta from Shree. Wear it with a pair of white leggings or a baby pink colored leggings; or you can also wear a comfy pair of pants or palazzos. It’s going to become your favourite work from anywhere collection.

Olive Paisley Printed Kurta for your Work from Anywhere Meetings

If you are someone who loves to wear Anarkali kurtas, then go for this amazing olive paisley printed kurta for your Work from Anywhere. The olive green color along with paisley print allows you to look stylish in your own way. Besides this, the flowy silhouette of the kurta, or the A-line silhouette, brings more grace to it so that you look absolutely stunning whenever you wear it. Make sure to wear cool accessories with this paisley printed kurta.

Wear this olive-colored paisley printed kurta with either a pair of leggings or pants or palazzos. Accessorize with silver-toned or junk jewelry go for flats for footwear, and wear a hair band to keep your hair open. Look the best version of yourself in this olive green colored paisley printed kurta at your office or at a corporate meeting. But that is not to say that you can’t wear it for a casual day out. Wear it to any occasion you want, but with style.

Navy Blue Floral Printed Kurta for your Office Wear

The color blue is usually worn to depict calmness, coolness, and tranquility. Therefore, usually, in institutions, educational institutions, or offices, the uniforms are colored blue. But you are not someone who wears uniforms, right? Well, here is a navy blue floral printed kurta that is going to be appropriate office wear for you. Go on and check it out below.

The kurta in navy blue comes with a mandarin collar neckline with ¾ sleeves and a long straight hemline. It depicts a button-down design which is an exemplification of an ideal office wear kurta or corporate kurta. The beautiful floral design imprinted in white upon the navy blue kurta exhibits perfection. So, all you need to do is style it up nicely and wear it for your work from anywhere.

Maroon Solid Kurta for your Google Meets or Zoom Meets while working from anywhere

Imagine yourself sitting amidst beautiful hills on a retreat in the Himalayas in a hotel balcony that overlooks a beautiful hilly view! Now think of yourself wearing this gorgeous maroon solid kurta and sitting on the balcony with your laptop and a cup of coffee. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Well, even for a work from anywhere situation, you must have the right outfits handy with you.

What if your co-worker or friend peeps in and takes a candid picture of you working? You wouldn’t want to look simple or gaudy in that random picture of yours which could become an insta-worthy post, right? Well, to avoid such situations, dress up nicely and opt for a lovely maroon solid kurta from Shree – She is Special. Accessorize beautifully with this kurta and be ready to look special even in a random picture clicked by your friend.

Mustard Floral Printed Kurta for a Working Girl at a Cultural Location

If you are someone who likes to work from a cultural location such as Rajasthan or Gujarat, then go for this amazing mustard floral printed kurta from Shree – She is Special. It is a V-neck long straight kurta with quarter length sleeves that can be paired with white leggings or any other white bottoms.

Style it well by adding a statement watch to your attire and go for flats or block heels for footwear. You can keep your hair open for a more elegant look with this kurta. Be ready for a surprise meeting anytime.

Hope you’ve gotten some amazing styling tips from this article. Read more such tips and tricks of styling up kurtis, kurtas, tops, tunics, dresses and more.

Happy shopping with Shree!

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