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How to Look Beautiful and Stylish in Ethnic Wear?

How to Look Beautiful and Stylish in Ethnic Wear?

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If you have been asking yourself this question for quite a while now, you should know that there is no sure-shot way to look beautiful and stylish in ethnic wear. But fun fact is that you don’t even need a sure-shot way to look beautiful in ethnic styles. Why?

Well, ethnic wear is meant to make you feel classy and elegant regardless of how you carry it. But of course, you must learn how to style your garments as per the ongoing trends. After all, which woman doesn’t like to look charming and perfectly Indian in Indian ethnic wear?

We all love dressing up in luxury and looking authentic, for which we find the perfect coordinates and mix and match them up to create the best look for an event or occasion. But that does not mean that we have to splurge all of our fortune on clothes, right? As the festive season is lined up, we are here to bring forth some gorgeous outfits for you to look stylish and beautiful in.

Embracing all, it all comes back to choosing the right outfit that suits your body type, style and personality while carrying it all with grace. The coordinates are also equally important when styling an ethnic wear. For instance, you can’t wear a short kurta with palazzos and expect it to look good and stylish. You must wear something more fitting with a short kurta such as a pair of pants or trousers or even jeans.

Well, you must fret not, for we at Shree are here to give you some exceptionally useful tips on styling gorgeous kurta to look most beautiful and stylish in ethnic wear. Here’s how.

Wear an off-white floral dress with grace and style this season.

There are many ways by which you can style up an ethnic dress, but we are here to give you some of the best styling tips. So, go on, and read ahead.

Firstly, be sure of the fabric that you opt for. For the summer season, always go for fabrics like cotton, muslin or rayon (also LIVA). Silk and poly silk are also good fabrics but keep them reserved for the festivities only. Let’s take you through a beautiful off-white floral dress that would be your perfect summer wear outfit.

This off-white and blue floral dress is ideal for this season, especially because it caters to your daily wear requirements as well as casual wear requirements while keeping you comfortable. In terms of color and fabric, this dress is perfect because summers call for hues of whites and blues the most. Since this dress is made of 100% pure cotton, you won’t have to worry about the ease of wear when opting for it at all.

You can style this dress up by following these tips:

  • Wear orange-colored accessories to complement the embroidery of the dress.
  • Go for block heels with this dress.
  • Wear a statement watch to give yourself a nice persona.

Look pretty in a short navy floral printed kurta from Shree

This is your time to look your prettiest self. Go for this short kurta in navy blue color from Shree’s extensive range of summer outfits to get the ideal corporate personality or casual wear personality.

For casual or corporate attire, we’d suggest that you don’t incorporate a lot of glitters and glimmers. Elegant prints coupled with pretty embroidery are what would give you the look that you would love to adopt. Try to not opt for big florals or huge prints if you wish to give yourself a casual or office look. If you are buying this short kurta from Shree, then don’t forget to style it up nicely. Read on for some useful tips.

If you are taking a break from the usual ethnic styles and opting for this short kurta, then here’s how you can style it up.

  • Go for the right bottom wear with this short kurta. The bottoms could be pants or trousers or even a pair of jeans.
  • If you want to carry your outfit well, you must pick the right footwear. For example, with this short kurta, go for block heels or statement heels.
  • Accessorize yourself subtly to bring out the beauty of the kurta.
  • Look stylish in open hair. Remember, whenever you wear ethnic, hairstyle is of paramount importance.

Feel festive in a red ornamental kurta from Shree’s amazing summer collection

This season’s special, a red ornamental kurta, is about to get into your wardrobe or closet. Why are we so sure? Well, we know this garment is absolutely irresistible. The red ornamental kurta is women’s favorite.

If you are trying to look beautiful, classy, and stylish in ethnic wear, always opt for the outfit that fits you well. A perfect fit is underestimated! Fitting could make or break a garment, and this fact is especially true for ethnic wear. So, go for the right fitting, perfect length, and well-tailored garments. You don’t have to fret at all when buying ethnic wear from Shree. The fitting and fabric are what Shree is revered for.

Well, if you’re buying this red ornamental kurta, don’t forget to read some great tips on styling it.

Most women opt for a red ornamental kurta when they plan to go to a party or an important event, mostly functions. But what’s the best way to style this outfit? Let’s check.

  • Go for the right bottom wear with this ethnic wear. According to our styling experts, these kurtas look absolutely amazing with a pair of leggings. But choose the color wisely.
  • Keep your hair tied up in a plait with this ethnic wear to get the perfect Indian look.
  • Wear a red-colored Kada on one of your wrists.
  • Wear matching gold-toned earrings and a pendant set to accessorize with this outfit.

A dark maroon floral kurta set to enhance your personality in ethnic this season

If you wish to get an ethnic outfit that would enhance your personality even more, then the best one to go for is this dark maroon floral kurta from Shree – She is Special.

Layering well is another important aspect of looking stylish and appropriate in an ethnic set. According to what has been observed, two of the best ways to layer up ethnic wear are dupattas or ethnic jackets. Want to know how to style up these kinds of outfits in the best manner? Well, read on.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy this dark maroon floral printed kurta jacket and comfort pant set, then here’s what you should do to style it up.

  • Go for flats or simple block heels for footwear with this ethnic set.
  • Don’t opt for a dupatta with this ethnic wear. It’s a complete no! The jacket would do its work of overlaying your ethnic set.
  • Go for simple accessories with this ethnic set. Don’t overdo your look.
  • You can also wear the kurta without the jacket, and this would become a completely new outfit.

Well, after reading this article, we’re sure that you would look most beautiful and stylish if you choose to follow the styling tips mentioned above. Surf for more outfits from Shree – She is Special to look more stylish and beautiful. Also, ensure your comfort while buying outfits from Shree. There will be abundant of those available.

Happy shopping from Shree!

Look beautiful and classy!

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